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Bathroom water leakage and wall seepage are one of the most critical areas of a home, where there are constant sources of water. The lack of adequate waterproofing in these areas can lead to variety of problem like dampness or paint peeling on adjacent walls or ceilings below. Stop the seepage and leakage of water from deteriorating the condition of bathroom walls with SmartCare range of products for bathroom dampness.


Which areas in the bathroom need waterproofing?

Bathrooms are among the most leakage prone areas of the house. Multiple surface with flowing water means that bathrooms require specialized waterproofing systems to prevent leakage from surfaces for years to come. Some of the most common sources of leakage are – leaking pipes and drains, cracks or gaps between tiles, gaps between tiles and other fittings like taps, basins etc. Products like Asian Paints Dampblock 2K and Smartcare Tile Grouts are some of the most frequently used solutions for solving waterproofing issues for the long term.

What is the cause of dampness in bathroom walls?

Some of the most common causes of dampness along bathroom walls are Leaking pipes, gaps between multiple fittings, cracked tiles, improper or old grouting between tiles. More often than not, the dampness reflects on the walls adjoining the bathroom such as bedroom wall. The best solution for such issues is to use Asian Paints Dampblock 2K and Smartcare Tile Grouts for solving waterproofing issues for the long term.

How much time should be spent after waterproofing to use the bathroom?

Traditional approaches require complete demolition and subsequent refurbishment of the bathroom, taking several days. However modern solutions like Epoxy Tile Grouts can be applied and the bathroom can be made ready for use in just a few hours. 

How long does the bathroom waterproofing last?

Ordinary quick fix solutions such as cement plus ordinary chemicals can only last for a few months. On the other hand, products such as Asian Paints Smartcare Damp Block 2K, and Asian Paints Bathroom waterproofing membrane are specially designed for terrace waterproofing and come with a company backed warranty of upto 3 years. While the initial cost might seem a bit more, the overall performance over the next few years makes it worth the investment.