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How do I apply the Asian Paints Wall Sticker?

○       Applying the Asian Paints Wall Sticker is child’s play. Quite literally. It’s a joy to both put up, and behold.

Start by identifying your favourite wall. Clean the surface to remove any dust or stains. Now, comes the fun part.

Every wall sticker comprises several individual pieces. Like a jigsaw puzzle. Using the guide provided on the bottom right side of the sheet, identify how the pieces go together and arrange them on the wall accordingly. Voila! Your wall is now the resting ground for their favourite superheroes.

Watch the video below for a visual walk through of the process.

Are the wall stickers removable?

○       Easy application. Easy removal. That’s the name of the game when it comes to Asian Paints Wall Stickers.

You can remove and reapply the wall sticker within the first five minutes of applying it. After that, you can remove it anytime you want, but can't reapply it on a different surface.

Every Asian Paints Wall Sticker is printed on high-grade PVC, that gives it a beautiful glossy finish and ensures its longevity. And the special glue on them ensures that they do not peel off the paint or damage the wall while removal.

How to remove a wall sticker?

○       We understand that making mistakes is integral to getting better at something.

So, say you stuck a wrong piece at the wrong place during application. Or you’ve finished applying the wall sticker, but feel like changing the look of your room

Simply start from one corner and gently peel it off. Our special glue ensures that it peels off the wall easily without damaging it. You can now reapply it at your desired spot.

Do note that the wall stickers can only be reapplied if it was peeled off within 5 minutes of application.

For more information, watch the video.

How long do the wall stickers last?

○       Short answer. A very long time.

Asian Paints Wall Stickers are printed on high-quality PVC, using a UV printing technique that gives them vibrant colours and an extended durability.

So, unless you feel like you want to give your room a makeover, there’s no way these wall stickers are going to peel off on their own. And even when you do eventually peel them off, the special glue ensures that it comes off easily without damaging your walls.

Now, that’s what you call a win-win.

Do the wall stickers lose colour over time?

○       A thing of beauty lasts forever. Those are not our words, but that sure is the spirit with which we approach our wall stickers.

Superior quality inks and top notch UV printing technology are used to manufacture our wall stickers; giving them that distinct beauty you love, and the longevity you expect.

We ensure that each and every Asian Paints Wall Sticker is nothing short of a piece of art. An art that will stay on your walls as long as your walls stay.

Do wall stickers damage the walls?

○       No. Asian Paints Wall Stickers do not damage your wall.

Each wall sticker comes with a special glue that makes it easy to apply and easier still, to peel off. It doesn’t peel the paint off or cause any other damage to your wall.

But there are a few things to keep in mind before applying a wall sticker on your  walls. Do not apply them on a damp wall.

In case of a newly painted wall, wait for at least 10 days before you apply them.

Taking care of these little things will take you a long way.

Do wall stickers remove paint?

○       Every Asian Paints Wall Sticker is designed to better your walls and not batter them.

From the high-grade PVC material to a top-notch UV printing process. From the superior quality HP inks to the special glue. Each element goes hand in hand in bringing your walls to life.

Ensure that you don’t apply it to a damp wall or a freshly painted one. In case of newly painted walls, wait for 10 days before applying the wall stickers on it.

Thus in the event of removing them, the special glue ensures that it doesn’t peel the paint along with it.

Does the adhesive change the wall’s colour?

○       Asian Paints Wall Stickers add colour to your walls. Not change or remove it.

It’s special glue ensures its longevity and easy and damage-free removal. While the adhesive does not damage the wall, you will notice a slight difference in the colour of the wall that was covered by the wall sticker, as compared to the rest of it.

This difference is a result of the rest of the wall being exposed to the natural elements, as against the part covered by the wall sticker.

If anything, the Asian Paints Wall Sticker helps preserve the original colour of your wall.

DOs & DON’Ts

●       Do not apply on damp walls.

●       Do not apply on freshly painted walls.

●       Do not apply on any part of your skin.

●       Do not stretch the sticker while applying it on the wall.

●       Do not peel off the sticker from the wall very fast. Peel it off gently.