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With Asian Paints’ Interior Design Service, a tailor-made solution that offers design expert consultation, personalized designs, unparalleled project management and hassle-free execution, you can transform your space into the home of your dreams.


Get the right assistance for all your painting needs

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Find decor inspiration and popular colour schemes in our ideas gallery.


What are the different types of interior walls?

Interior wall painting or interior wall textures to give the desired looks it deserves. Choose a shade from a vast range of coloured paints or explore from various textures & designs offered by Royale Play.

What is textured paint used for?

Wall color textures are customizable, and the wall textured paint can be tinted with any colorant to achieve desired shade as per taste. These textured paints designs are made up of lime-based, stone-based raw materials offering excellent workability and freedom to create intricate and delicate wall texture designs

What are the range of interior services by asian paints?

You can select any product amongst Royale, Apcolite & Tractor as per your choice to transform your wall into a beautiful landscape & Royale Play textures like Archi concrete, Calcecruda clays, Rustic and metal wall texture patterns etc.  to give special effects to your interior walls. 

1. Interior Wall Paints

Be it interior wall finishes or interior wall Textures, Asian Paints offers the best that is available. You may choose to add glamour to your wall with interior paints like Royale Glitz or give the creative touch to your wall with Royale Play Mineral.

2. Inteiror Wall Textures

Asian Paints Royale Play wall texture paint designs bring to life the innate beauty of Concrete, Clay, Stone, Rusted surfaces, and Metal, creating design aesthetics that are innovative and inspiring. With these modern wall textures, every wall and every house speaks a story of its own

What are the advantages of asian paints interior wall paints?

• All emulsion paints give a smooth finish and soft feel to the wall. They come in lovely shades and are long lasting

• All emulsions are washable which makes them easy to clean and keeps the walls new

• All our products have no added lead

• Royale range of products have low VOC and antifungal & antibacterial properties 

• Apcolite range comes with advanced stain guard & fire retardance

Home & Commercial Spaces Interior Wall Colours & Textures


Asian Paints offers a vast range of interior paints & wall textures for home and commercial spaces. You can choose from Royale, Tractor and Apcolite Emulsions based on your budget and requirements. Beautify your homes with our textured interior paints- Royale Play. Inspired by various themes from around the world, this water-based line of textured wall paint is just a little more special than the rest. Pick from a large variety of textures and add a creative touch to your home.