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Terrace & Tanks


Terrace and tanks are the two most vulnerable spot of homes. Damp proof your roof and prevent unwanted leaks with SmartCare solutions by Asian Paints. We help stop water ingress not only from terraces, but also tanks.


Why leakage in terrace occurs?

Terraces are the most exposed part of building which has to endure all types of weather conditions. Weather conditions plus ageing of structure can cause minor cracks invisible to the naked eye. These allow water to pass through. Formation of cracks can also occur by improper curing, clogged drainage pipes and damaged terrace slab. Leaking pipes and over-head tanks are another common source of leakage from the terrace. 

How do I avoid leakage from terraces?

First regularly check for active source of leakage such as leaking pipes and tanks. Use good quality waterproofing products which provide reliability of performance. Here we recommend usage of SmartCare Damp Proof which is a fiber reinforced elastomeric liquid applied water proofing membrane. It is formulated with select elastomeric and resilient acrylic polymers and reinforcing polyester fibers. Upon curing, it forms a thick, seamless, durable membrane thus offering ultimate waterproofing which upon curing forms a thick and durable membrane and prevents leakage.

How frequently does terrace need waterproofing?

It depends on the quality of the solution being used. Ordinary quick fix solutions such as cement + ordinary chemicals can only last for a few months. While these come with a small cost, frequent waterproofing leads to a very high lifetime cost. On the other hand, products such as Asian Paints Smartcare Damp Proof are specially designed for terrace waterproofing and come with a company backed warranty of 6 years. While the initial cost might seem a bit more, the overall performance over the next few years makes it worth the investment.