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Terrace & Tanks

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Why choose Asian Paints while waterproofing for terrace?

Asian Paints has been the pioneers and leaders in the Paint Industry since 1942 and now it is one of the leaders in the waterproofing industry as well. Today, Asian Paints has developed a range of more than 200 waterproofing products and solutions. With intensive research and technological prowess, Asian Paints provides one of the most effective ranges of roof waterproofing treatments. With the promise of waterproofing with warranty, Asian Paints provides long lasting solutions for terrace or roof waterproofing solutions. Through a combination of Asian Paints Safe Painting & Waterproofing Service as well as expert network partners across the country, Asian Paints SmartCare is able to address all types of terrace and roof waterproofing problems.

Terrace Waterproofing

As per consumer research & existing knowledge, Terraces are one of the most vulnerable parts of the house when it comes exposure to rains. It is prone to water leakage thus leading to dampness in the interior ceiling and walls. This leads to degradation of the structure and destruction of your home’s décor. Hence, it is very important to have an effective terrace waterproofing solution by enveloping the entire exterior structure of your house and provide a long-lasting solution for your homes.

Roof Waterproofing Solutions

Asian Paints SmartCare provides roof and terrace waterproofing solutions with warranty and following are the best solutions available for roof and terrace waterproofing.

1.       SmartCare Damp Proof Ultra: An innovative fiber reinforced elastomeric liquid which provides the ultimate waterproofing with 10 years of waterproofing warranty* and upto 12 degrees Celsius of surface temperature reduction*.

2.       SmartCare Damp Proof: An innovative fiber reinforced elastomeric liquid which provides excellent waterproofing with 8 years of warranty* and upto 10 degrees Celsius of surface temperature reduction*. 

Why and when to use terrace waterproofing solutions?

1.       Your terraces and roofs are often filled up with water during monsoon. This leads to water leakages in the house. Hence, it’s a good practice to get waterproofing for terrace done for your roofs before monsoon arrives.

2.       Your roofs have developed cracks due to which water seeps in and causes dampness in the ceiling and interior walls.

3.       Your interior walls and ceilings are getting damped due to water leakages from the roof.

4.       While you are constructing your new home, it’s best to have a long-lasting ceiling waterproofing product applied to your roofs and terraces as well to make your home durable and protect your interior décor.

5.       To avoid health issues because of dampness inside homes

6.       To protect the structure from damage due to water seepage

Terrace and Tanks

Terrace and tanks are the two most vulnerable spot of homes. Damp proof your roof and prevent unwanted leaks with SmartCare solutions by Asian Paints. We help stop water ingress not only from terraces, but also tanks.

Roof Waterproofing

Your roofs are most exposed to the harsh weather conditions which includes rain and changing temperature. This leads to cracks in the structure, through which water gradually creeps in the structure making it weak and ruining the interior walls and décor associated to it. Hence, it is very important to have roof waterproofing done to protect your homes from the water leakage. Asian Paints SmartCare brings to you a wide variety of roof or terrace waterproofing products and a professional waterproofing service to help you protect your home from any kind of leakage problem.