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What is interior waterproofing?

Every bit of your home is crafted and designed with love and enormous effort. Designing the interiors of your home is much more than just paint and furniture. When built with no attention to detail and merely constructed to look good, your home is fated to fall prey to the nightmare of water leakage, seepage, damp walls, paint peeling, and the growth of mould and mildew. To escape this havoc of a lifetime that will damage your beautiful home interiors, you must get interior wall waterproofing. For interior waterproofing, you can explore the SmartCare range of Asian Paints interior waterproofing products. These incredible waterproofing solutions for interior walls will protect your home against leakages, seepage, dampness, and other water-related issues.

What causes dampness in the internal walls? Is there any solution to it?

Your home interiors must be constructed using some of the best internal waterproofing products that ensure no dampness or leakages inside your home. However, there are a few things that can result in dampness. One of the major causes of dampness is poor ventilation because if the moisture doesn’t escape the room, it will eventually result in damp walls, which makes internal wet area waterproofing essential. A few other reasons include roof leaks, leakages from an adjacent bathroom, leaky plumbing lines, poor quality construction, inadequate internal wall waterproofing, and the presence of salt in the sand or plaster used to make the wall. The Asian Paints SmartCare range is a one-stop solution to all your interior wall waterproofing concerns.

How to Treat Damp Walls Internally?

Damp patches are often an outcome of the impact of rainfall or any source of water leakage in the space. These damp patches can be treated with the SmartCare Damp Sheath Interior, which comes with a 1-year warranty. You can also make use of SmartCare Waterproofing Putty, which comes with a 2-year warranty.

1. If the damp patches are an outcome of regular seepage issues, the SmartCare Damp Block 2K would be your best bet to treat them. This coating comes with a 3-year waterproofing warranty.

2. The groundwater contains dissolved salt, which is often absorbed by the bricks. This water later evaporates, leaving behind salt deposits that result in dampness on the walls. Using internal wall waterproofing solutions like the SmartCare Damp Block 2K along with SmartCare Vitalia would be the best decision you could make.

Why Do You Need Wall Waterproofing?

Internal wet area waterproofing for bathrooms as well as interior basement waterproofing is a must, as these spaces are at the highest risk for leaks and excess wetness, causing severe dampness in the space. Using waterproofing paint for interior walls and other relevant products for waterproofing walls inside can protect your home from dampness, the growth of mould and mildew, and paint peeling. Using the best waterproof paint for interior walls will not only maintain their outlook but also enhance the durability of your home.

Why Choose Asian Paints Internal Waterproofing Products?

Asian Paints has been one of the pioneers and leaders in the paint industry since the year 1942 and has soon become a leader in the waterproofing industry. With a range of about 200 waterproofing products and solutions, Asian Paints has built trust among customers and provided incredible waterproofing solutions with a warranty to thousands of homes. Let’s look at some advantages of interior waterproofing products:

  1. The SmartCare Damp Sheath Interior is an interior waterproofing primer that can be applied before waterproofing paint for interior walls for enhanced protection against dampness on wall surfaces. This coat comes with a 1-year warranty.
  2. Other than using the best interior waterproof paint, you must use the Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Block 2K coating, which comes with a 3-year warranty. It is a high-performance waterproof coating that prevents water seepage through walls.
  3. While using waterproof paint for damp walls interior parts is important, you must ensure that you add SmartCare Vitalia to the cement plaster as it can help prevent dampness on the walls. This interior wall waterproofing product is an integral liquid waterproofing compound curated with an advanced formulation and superior plasticizing additives.
What is the best waterproofing for interior walls?

The SmartCare Damp Block 2K is the best interior wall waterproofing solution. This two-component, high-performance coating is an incredible wall and internal wet area waterproofing solution that can help tackle problems like efflorescence and water seepage. This product comes with a 3-year waterproofing warranty, which makes it an ideal pick to use with the waterproofing paint for interior walls of your home.

Can you waterproof walls from the inside?

Yes! You can waterproof walls from the inside by using products like SmartCare WaterProof Wall Putty, and SmartCare Vitalia. For enhanced protection against water-related damage and problems, you can use waterproofing paint for interior walls as well as the SmartCare Damp Block 2K coating. All of these products will protect your home from dampness, leakages, and the growth of mould and mildew inside your interiors.

Is waterproofing required for walls?

Yes! Interior wall waterproofing is a must to protect your home’s interiors from dampness, leaks, seepage, and the growth of mould and mildew. These not only damage the overall outlook of your home but can also weaken the structure and hamper the durability of your home.

Can you waterproof interior with paint?

Yes! Using a waterproofing paint for interior walls of your home when used along with an appropriate waterproofing coating such as the SmartCare Damp Block 2K can protect your home against dampness, leaks, and any other water-related issue.

How long does interior waterproofing take?

Interior wall waterproofing can take anywhere from a day to a week. This time varies from home to home depending on the area, type, and depth of the foundation, as well as the number of cracks and repairs that need to be made.

Interior Waterproofing

To keep your homes beautiful for a longer period of time, you need more than just painting of walls. Some of the common problems include dampness, water seepage, cracks, algal growth etc. Use SmartCare range of products for interiors and prevent waterproofing leakage problems from creating havoc with the beauty of your home.