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To keep your homes beautiful for a longer period of time, you need more than just painting of walls. Some of the common problems include dampness, water seepage, cracks, algal growth etc. Use SmartCare range of products for interiors and prevent waterproofing leakage problems from creating havoc with the beauty of your home.


What are the reasons for dampness in the interior walls?

Leakage from pipes running through shafts, kitchen and bathroom are most common source of dampness in interior walls. At times the source of leakage might be a crack on the terrace from where water enters the structure and accumulates on the interior wall, showing as dampness. Places which have a high ground water level are bound to have a higher chance of dampness in their walls as water from the ground seeps into the walls resulting in walls getting moist and even causing structural damages in the form of cracks.

What is the solution to treat walls inside the house?

For best results, interior dampness has to be dealt with comprehensively. First all active sources of water like leaking/cracked pipes should be identified and fix. Cracks and gaps from adjoining walls such as kitchen, bathroom and terrace should be fixed. Finally, for heavy dampness, use products like Damp Block 2K, which come with the assurance of upto 3 years company backed warranty. If you’re getting your house painted and don’t see any major dampness, then use products like SmartCare waterproof putty and SmartCare Dampsheath Interiors. These are specially designed to keep dampness away and since they are used instead of ordinary primer and putty, these come with marginal incremental cost.