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Human resources at Asian Paints has been partnering the business through strategic initiatives for decades now. People lie at the heart of what makes Asian Paints unique. This translates into all people processes – be it the way we invite new employees to join, or help them craft a career – an underlying commitment to fairness, transparency and care. We are the ‘custodians of culture’, balancing changes required for an evolving business context, with core principles that make us unique.

Asian Paints is renowned for its sound industrial relations across all plants, where union settlements have always been linked with productivity improvements. 

The robust grievance readressal system across the organisation means that ‘justice is done, but also seen to be done’. From 2009, there has been a focus on growth and inclusive participation for all cadres in the plant, which has seen operators take up supervisory roles and grow in their careers. This has translated into a new approach for labour settlements as well - outcome based and not activity based. The ‘5S’ approach to employee relations encompassing communication, welfare, growth, and inclusive participation is pioneering in enabling sustainable industrial relations.


Business HR

Work closely with line managers to run all people processes – recruitment, learning, performance, engagement. You would independently design and execute HR interventions which addresses core business needs.


Plant HR

Be in charge of all people-related activities at the plant, be it recruiting, training, managing contractors, career development, and statutory compliance. The excitement mounts when the union negotiations approach or when the factory inspector visits!


Corporate HR

Handle recruitment, learning, talent management, organisation development, performance management compensation and benefits, and employee relations across the organisation. Gain expertise in a process, as well as exposure across business functions.



Here are a few milestones in the HR journey at Asian Paints:


HR at Asian Paints offers a long term career for HR professionals with opportunities to move across different HR roles ranging from Business HR partner, International HR, Industrial Relations, Learning and Development, Strategic Manpower & Talent Acquisition, Total Rewards and Diversity & Inclusion. One takes accountability of key priorities right from the beginning of one’s career, learning and growing with a strong peer network. 



Leadership Speaks





The journey in AP has been so rewarding and exciting because of the challenging assignments that I have been involved in as a part of my role and otherwise. It is amazing how the organization lets its employees explore in order to maximise their potential.

Sumeet Nayak, Human Resources


The first 8 months at Asian Paints has been as enriching as it has been stimulating. With the autonomy provided and the open culture ingrained within the company, Mondays don’t seem bad and I’m glad to share the space with so many good-natured and fun people at AP.

- Aadharsh M, Human Resources


I joined Asian Paints’ Sriperumbudur plant in 2017. Coming from an IT background, my stint at a manufacturing location was a complete revelation for me. The experience of managing multiple stakeholders helped me develop leadership skills and grow as an HR Professional.

- Kiran Pattathil, Human Resources

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