“Design is in our DNA.  Like the duality of the intertwining dynamic DNA strands we ,too, are experienced yet young, responsible yet dynamic, aspirational yet for everyone, rooted yet creative, stable yet energetic, traditional yet modern.”


The research and technology centre has a diverse team which is 200 employees strong. There are 23 doctorates comprising 30% full-time scientists, which ensures the best talent for cutting edge research. The diversity in specialised disciplines, educational institutes, regions, gender and age groups brings varied nuances to any collaborative initiative. It has the right blend of young talent in the pipeline groomed for attaining scientific prowess, and a very experienced leadership team with sound experience in domestic and international locations.

The work ranges from regular support to product development and fulfilling short term business goals on one hand, to long term projects with an objective of developing newer chemistry platforms to attain functional excellence in coatings on the other. Sharing information openly, freely and across hierarchy is encouraged to facilitate innovation. Idea generation forums are organised to generate ideas and scrutinise them for potential conversion into meaningful product propositions. Employees are given opportunities to drive projects independently and handle scalability from manufacturing to the point of use.

There is a strong emphasis on innovation – where team members are given freedom to experiment, and also supported with adequate resources and time for these. The research and technology centre in Turbhe is resourced with the latest state-of-the-art instruments, which empower our scientists for characterisation and analysis of complex phenomena in coatings, and helps predict performance cycles in the severest of environmental conditions and multiple substrates.

Research and technology is a learning organisation, where people are supported in their development efforts through appropriate training programmes to help develop functional and managerial competencies all the time. Continuous learning opportunities such as exposure to national and international conferences, academia networking, short term stint in international units, career enhancement through PhD enrolment programme, and cross-functional exposure leads to a breadth of learning. Come, join us and experience this!


APL has always encouraged me to take new initiatives. Any kind of support required to excel and bring about a change is provided.

Prachi Kulkarni, Officer II Administration

Asian Paints has an open work culture. One can interact with any level of hierarchy with respect to any work and openly discuss the matter. 

Renjish Nair, Officer Administration