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Explore Personalised Bedroom Furniture at BH Stores

Get the best in designer bedroom furniture only with Beautiful Homes. Explore a wide range of beds, wardrobes and tables that will take your personal sense of comfort and style up to the next level. A delicate balance between modern styles mixed with classical luxury to give you that cozy, calm feeling of serenity - customized to suit your specific needs for your master bedroom, children’s rooms and even your bedroom storage requirements - all under one roof!

Main Components of Bedroom Furniture

Our extensively customizable bedroom furniture sets are imaginative and purposeful to ensure that you get the best of functionality and beauty in the perfect ratio. From modular bedroom furniture to the latest in designer furniture, our bedroom collection covers every corner of your room from numerous dressing and side table designs that are perfect for decor and utility,  to beds that will completely transform your space to  closets and storage solutions that account for the smallest to the largest needs. Start your journey towards your dream home right here!


Beds are one of the most critical areas for your well-being - and that’s why you deserve the best! Discover endless customization with our modular, easy-to-install beds with a vast range of choices for headboards, comfort and a wide array of materials and finishes. Get the best in wooden, luxury, modern and contemporary designs with queen and king size options for your master bedroom, children’s room and more only with Beautiful Homes.


Always the tricky section of your bedroom - setting up wardrobes and closets for your new bedroom can be a painstaking and confusing task. At Beautiful Homes, we intend to offer you the highest level of service and absolute ease of planning with our modular and readymade wardrobes that range from walk-ins that are well suited for large spaces to sliding door wardrobes that goes perfectly well in a small bedroom that requires intelligent use of space. 

Dressing Tables

The silent but extremely useful heroes of your room - the perfect dresser can be an absolute lifesaver! Pick from our selection of larger units that are great for your master bedroom to our compact units that offer sleek looks with futuristic designs that ensure every inch is utilized to give you maximum utility coupled with subtle beauty. Dress up your Beautiful Home today!

Bedside Tables

Use it as a nightstand, small cabinet or a small table for your home decor - bedside tables are a must-have in every bedroom! Get a luxurious wooden finish table or a modern solidwork piece that gives your room an edge - the bedside table gives your room that subtle uplift it needs whilst simultaneously offering the perfect sized solution for small items or night time essentials!

Storage Cabinets

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from our years of experience setting up countless Beautiful Homes - there’s never enough storage! Our modular storage cabinets come with a plethora of design, material and sizing options that are curated keeping the needs of every Indian home in mind - from a small bedroom which needs intelligent storage solutions to large spaces that require multiple storage units.

What types of woods are best for bedroom furniture?

The answer to this is simply based on your need, preference and budget. Whilst materials like white cedarwood offer high durability at lower costs, materials like oak, rosewood and mahogany are truly timeless with strikingly captivating looks. The key is getting the balance right to suit your style, space and spending! 

Which furniture is best for bedroom?

The easiest way to find out what is the best kind of furniture for your room is to first establish the look you want to achieve. While solidwood is highly durable, you can also use a combination of different materials to give your room a more minimal appeal with a high-contrast palette.

What is complete bedroom set?

When it comes to bedroom furniture sets, the choices are endless. Ensure you have every need covered - a comfortable, stylish and durable bed, sufficient tables for your lights, essentials and decor, a comfortable chair and a spacious wardrobe that adds to the visual appeal of the bedroom.

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