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    Explore our painting and décor services

    Get hassle-free project management and execution when it comes to building your dream home with a tailor-made service.



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    What are Paint Finishes? 

    Paint finishes describe textures and the sheen of the final layer of paint applied to a surface. Paint finishes include types like:

        ● Matt Finish Paint: Gives a flat, non-reflective surface and an overall smooth appearance.

        ● Stucco Paint Finish: This finish is rough and resembles plaster.

        ● Satin Finish Paint: Provides a soft, somewhat shiny finish.

        ● Concrete Finish Paint: This finish resembles concrete.

        ● Faux Finish Paint: Creates decorative, imitative effects like marble or wood.

        ● Glossy Paint Finish: Very reflective and shiny finish.

        ● Matte Finish Paint for Walls: A coat fairly similar to matt, having deep and non-glossy features.

        ● Textured Paint Finish: Adds a tactile surface suitable for creating visual interest and hiding imperfections.


    Factors to Consider while Choosing the Right Paint Finish

    Choosing the right paint finish involves several factors:

        ●  Colour Richness 

    Different paint types affect the richness of the colour. Matte finishes absorb light, offering deep, rich hues, while glossy finishes reflect light, making colours appear brighter.

        ●  Coverage

    Different paint types vary in coverage. Matte finishes often require fewer coats for complete coverage, whereas glossier finishes might need multiple layers for an even look.

        ●  Washability 

    Satin and gloss finishes are much more washable than matte or textured finishes in most paint types.

        ●  Desired Finish Look 

    The choice between textured paint, paint with a matte finish, satin finish paint, gloss paint finish, matte finish paint for walls, and shiny paint finish will depend on the kind of look that is desired to be achieved. Glossy finishes are vibrant and shiny, while matte and satin offer more subdued elegance.

        ●  Budget 

    Paint finishes types can impact the budget. Glossy and speciality finishes like faux or textured paint tend to be more expensive than standard matte or satin finishes.  

    How can the Paint Finish Selection Tool by  Asian Paints Help you?

    The Asian Paints Paint Finish Selection Tool helps to choose the right finish by guiding you through various paint types, such as textured paint, stucco paint finish, faux finish paint, glossy paint finish, and matte finish paint for walls. This tool helps you get an idea of what it would look like in different lights and surfaces, all to make this process much more associative for you. Moreover, the tool suggests recommendations in view of specific requirements for durability, washability, or aesthetic preferences; all this goes to help you achieve the desired look efficiently and within budget.

    FAQs on Paint Finish Selection
    Which paint finish is easiest to clean and maintain?

    When we select paint finishes one of the main problems is cleaning and maintaining it. However, glossy and satin finishes are the different paint types available that are easier to clean and maintain due to their smooth surface finish. 

    When should I use a satin finish in my home?

    A satin finish is durable and easy to maintain. Because it's easier to clean spills and stains from satin finish walls, usually it is used in high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways.

    What paint finish is recommended for trim and moulding?

    Semi-gloss or high gloss paint finish types are recommended for trims and mouldings in your house because they are hard-wearing and easy to clean while being stylishly shiny.

    What is the difference between matte and flat finishes?

    Matte and flat finishes are both part of the non-reflective paint finishes. Matte is however more durable and stain resistant compared to flat finishes, due to which matte paints are preferable for more active areas.

    What are the different types of paint finishes available?

    There are different types of paint finishes available in the market. A few types of popular ones include - Textured, Matt, Stucco, Satin, Concrete, Faux, Glossy, and Matte finishes. All these finishes offer distinct properties along with features.

    How do I choose the right paint finish for my walls?

    Consider what your room's function will be, how you want it to look, how easy it should be to clean, and your budget when choosing the best paint finish for your walls. Different paint finish types offer a wide range of durability and aesthetic appeal levels.

    How do I choose the best paint finish for exterior surfaces?

    For exterior surfaces, select finishes that withstand weather conditions, such as semi-gloss or satin, offering durability and resistance to moisture and UV rays.

    Can different paint finishes be used in the same room?

    Yes, different paint finishes are applied within the same rooms to create some visual interest and show off some features, like glossy paint on trims and matte on walls.

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