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Beds are one of the most critical areas for your well-being - and that’s why you deserve the best! Refuse to compromise and discover endless customization with our modular, easy-to-install beds with a vast range of choices for headboards, comforts, storage units and a wide array of materials from rich rosewood, timeless teak wood and sturdy oak  to modular metal frames that cater to your exact specifications. Get the best in classic, luxury, modern, modular and contemporary designs with single, queen and king size options along with poster beds and hydraulic beds for your master bedroom, children’s room and more only with Beautiful Homes.

Range Of Beds For You at BH Stores

1. Single/Double Beds - To each their own - browse through our incredibly diverse range of beds - available in both styles 

2. King and Queen Size Beds - Don’t compromise when it comes to comfort! Opt for our Queen and King size beds and sleep like royalty!

3. Wooden Beds - Long Lasting and beautiful - wooden beds have a charm that no other material can replicate

4. Folding Beds/Hydraulic Beds/Trundle Beds - Make smart use of your space and get creative with our folding beds, hydraulic storage beds and trundle beds 

5. Poster Beds - Elevate your bedroom with elegant poster beds that are sure to make a statement 

6. Other Beds - Discover endless choices across different sizes, shapes, materials and configurations

Single/Double Beds

Sleep sound for years to come with our high-quality beds that are thoughtfully designed to ensure every night is just as peaceful as the last. Explore an incredibly diverse range of wooden and metal beds that cater to every need - available in multiple sizes with your choice of finish and comfort. Select our single beds that are ideal for compact spaces where the key factor is functionality or opt for the double bed to ensure you and your partner can enjoy tranquility in style.

King & Queen Size Beds

Don’t compromise when it comes to comfort or style! Get the best designs made using best-in-class materials at affordable prices with endless customization to cater to your personal needs.Get the perfect king size bed that makes an impact on your master bedroom or get creative with your children’s room with our queen size beds. The choices never end at Beautiful Homes!

Wooden Beds

Long lasting and beautiful - wooden beds have a charm that no other material can replicate. Take your pick from a wide range of wooden beds made using walnut, oak, teak, rosewood or pine and birchwood. Each material offers its own benefits - laid out all under one place for your convenience at Beautiful Homes!

Folding Beds/Hydraulic Beds/Trundle Beds

When it comes to building a modern home, the key to a well constructed home is being able to make smart use of your space. Get creative with our wide range of compact, modular beds including folding beds, hydraulic storage beds and trundle beds that will not only add beauty to the room but also serve functional purposes of storage and additional bedding. 

Poster Beds

Indulge in our luxurious poster beds that offer the ultimate melange of comfort, style and privacy. Elevate your bedroom with our handpicked range of elegant and timeless poster beds that are sure to redefine your bedroom experience with a hint of grandeur and royalty.

What are the different types of Beds?

Beds have been around for centuries and been the subject of constant evolution and upgrades. Popular choices in the market currency are single beds, double beds, queen beds, king beds, poster beds or compact beds such as futons and daybeds.

What materials are the best for a Bed?

Best can be relative so the first thing you need to establish is your personal needs before identifying the best bed suited to that need. Popular choices for durability and visual appeal are wooden and metal beds but there are also a large number of takers for upholstered beds that offer comfort and a plethora of choices.

What are the different sizes of Beds?

Beds are available in single, double, full, queen and king sizes. The best pick for you would be based on the personal needs of the people using it. 

What is the difference between a Double Bed, Queen Size Bed, and King-size Bed?

THe difference is that of dimensions primarily. A single bed is typically 36” x 78”, a double bed is typically 48” x 78”, a queen bed is 60” x 78” and a king bed is 72” x 85”. 

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