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The kitchen is the heart of your Beautiful Home and also one of the busiest areas in the house. Building out a kitchen requires a detailed plan that ensures long term needs are accounted for whilst optimising your day to day tasks. Wooden racks, tall units, pantry storage, bar units, seating, tables and most importantly - storage! Each element requires special attention and luckily enough, we at Beautiful Homes have created a collection for kitchen furniture that has no dearth of options to ensure you get the best of both worlds - utility and striking visual appeal. 

Main Components of Modular Kitchen Furniture

In order to get the most out of your kitchen furniture, start witih the basics and branch out towards elements that uplift its functionality and aesthetic. A sturdy, spacious kitchen table is a must for your daily needs, alongside the most underrated aspect of every kitchen - Modular cabinets and storage units. Discover our wide collection of tall kitchen units, wooden racks and cupboards, kitchen trolleys pantry cabinets and crockery organizers to ensure there’s a perfect fit for every element in your Beautiful Home! To top it off, check out our collection of bar stools, chairs and island units to give your kitchen that extra edge.

Kitchen Cabinets

Permanently built in or completely modular units - no kitchen is complete without cabinets! Get endless choices of material, designs, configurations, finishes and sizes with our detailed Kitchen Furniture Collection. Opt for tall kitchen units to create ample space for various kitchen equipment and ingredients or our pull-out pantries that are perfect fo managingr your spices and essentials without eating into too much floor space. Our corner and wall units are thoughtfully designed to maximize efficient space utilization and the modular crockery units will ensure that you never have to waste time looking for that perfect bowl again!

Kitchen Islands

There’s hardly a better use of space than to create a kitchen island! Our free-standing islands not only offer that perfect element of beauty with various styles that can be used to compliment or contrast against the rest of the kitche, but also where the family can come together. What’s better is it doubles up as additional cabinet spaces so that you never have to waste time creating space for your equipment or supplies.

Bar Stools & Chairs

With great food comes great conversation! Catch up with your family and friends over a hot meal in your kitchen or sit back and relax with some casual conversation over drinks at night. Ergonomically designed for a great mix of style and comfort, our versatile range of kitchen bar stools and chairs is created to appeal to every age and personality.

Racks & Shelves

With a growing number of houses in metropolitan cities being built as compact spaces, our diverse range of racks and shelves solve the ever growing problem of utilizing small kitchen areas well. Modular, easy to install and shift, our wooden racks are timeless and designed to uplift the look of your kitchen space without intruding into spaces that could hamper day to day activity. 

Tables & Trolleys

Surfaces can always be a shortcoming in modern kitchen setups where there’s a large mix of elements coming together. The Beautiful Homes kitchen furniture range features a selected range of tables and trolleys that are handpicked to be ideal candidates for kitchens that require  spaces for congregation and arrangements or need a little bit of mobility to bring it all together.

Different Kitchen/Modular Kitchen Units

Tall Units

Especially designed to suit a vast majority of popular kitchen furniture layouts, our tall kitchen units consist of long, vertical units that go from the floor towards the ceiling making the best use of your kitchen and are also considered one of the best options for modular kitchen storage. Enjoy a hassle-free experience of storing large quantities of supplies without creating a mess every time. Available in stylish colors and luxurious finishes.

Pull Out Pantry

Another one of our specialized products that maximizes space usage and creates accessible solutions for large unit storage. This large sliding unit is a must-have in modern kitchen sets where the objective is to always utilize space in smart ways which enhances both the functionality and personality of your kitchen.

Wall Units

Don’t let your appliances and crockery sets lie exposed and get elegant storage solutions for your Beautiful Home.  Reimagine your kitchen and find the perfect seamless integration of all your items  without needing to constantly bend and rearrange constantly! Available in numerous designs, orientation styles, sizes and finishes, the Beautiful Homes Kitchen Wall Unit collection offers one-stop solutions for all your culinary needs!

Base Kitchen Units

The skeleton of every kitchen furniture set relies on base units for their tremendous application and versatility. The backbone of your kitchen, our base units offer superior depth compared to wall units and will lay the foundation for a well-organized, stylish kitchen that brings a smile to your face, every time you enter.

Corner Units

When we say we have solutions for every corner of your home, we mean it! Our specialized team of designers  have created ergonomically designed, elegant kitchen corner units that are every organizer’s dream! Choose from a series of rack styles and unit designs and rediscover the joy of setting up your Beautiful Home!

Which furniture is best for kitchen?

By far, solidwood is the most reliable  and common material for most kitchen furniture structures. The key to a well-organized, beautiful modern kitchen is to have sufficient wooden racks, base units and overall storage solutions to ensure there’s a place for every item. A kitchen table is a great idea for extra surface space or opt for a trolley where mobility is key! A tall unit or pull-out pantry is an ideal fit for when you are trying to save space.

Which are the best kitchen furniture units for a small kitchen?

A trolley is a great idea for when you need an extra surface but portability is key! A tall unit or apull-out pantry is an ideal fit for a space where you want to make the most out of every corner. Additionally, kitchen wall units and corner units make the most of spaces that are easily wasted in most cases.

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