Living Room Furniture


Living Room Furniture

Explore Personalised Living Room Furniture at BH Stores

Bring in that spark of excitement within your Beautiful Home with our Living Room furniture range! Browse through our specialised selection of modern living room furniture that caters to every need - from small spaces that need elegant, modular solutions to large, sprawling spaces that are looking for that perfect luxury statement piece that adds life to the room! From seating and tables to lights, upholstery and decor, we’ve got you covered across every corner of your home! 

Main Components of Living Room Décor & Furniture

When it comes to your living room furniture, it’s all about getting that balance right. Using a mix of subtle elements with accent pieces to add contrast can work really well, or even use stunning statement furniture as the centrepiece for the entire setting. However you choose to style the room, make sure you’ve covered your bases with our extensive range of living room furniture sets -  Sofa/Couch, Coffee Table, Media/Entertainment Table/Console, Side Tables, Accent Chairs, Overhead Lighting, Table Lamps, Curtains and Drapery, Home Decor Elements, Cabinets and Cupboards  


The quintessential living room element and the star of the space - the sofa usually ends up defining your room as the largest piece of living room furniture. Choose the luxurious Luxembourg or the modern-style Rio, with detailed customization across comfort, seating, legs and even configuration as you explore our exclusive collection.

Side Tables/Coffee Tables

The perfect central element for your seating room furniture, get a coffee table that not only adds style and visual appeal but great utility to your living room! Also browse through our wide range of side tables and give your living room the uplift that it truly deserves!

Accent Chairs/Chairs

Make sure you get an accent chair in your room - it adds balance to the space, creates extra seating and can even be used in pairs to create a cosy corner. Get the best in accent chairs with abundant upholstery choices to suit every mood, personality and setting! 

Tv Unit

Get the perfect TV unit that allows you to seamlessly integrate your entertainment systems within your living room in an organized manner with no messy wires or extensions sticking out right in the middle of your comfort zone. Explore vibrant, modular designs that encapsulate your personal sense of style only with Beautiful Homes!

Cabinets & Cupboards

Picking storage solutions for your living room can be tricky business - you’re never sure about how much space you need or how you choose to organize in a small living room space. Luckily enough, we’ve taken care of that! Get elegant, modular solutions to suit your personal storage needs with Beautiful Homes. 

Curtains & Drapes

The life of every space, your upholstery selection can completely transform the mood within your living room! The Beautiful Homes upholstery range offers countless choices across materials, qualities, patterns and colors with diverse application across upholstery, blinds and drapes so you never have to compromise on how you envision your living room furniture.

What's the Difference Between Wardrobe and Amirah?

A wardrobe is a large or tall cupboard that can be used for hanging or storing clothes and can be integrated within your room as a built-in feature that is attached to the walls. An almirah, however, is a free-standing, independent cupboard or wardrobe that isn’t attached to any walls.

What is the most comfortable living room furniture?

Comfort is contextual - based on your body type and the kind of seating it requires. Whilst most prefer a softer comfort, others swear by a hard comfort choice that aids proper posture. Luckily enough, you can choose the exact seating and comfort you require with the customizable sofas at Beautiful Homes!

How Many Doors Should Your Wardrobe Have?

Whilst the most popular choice always remains the classic two-door wardrobe, there is no definitive right answer. Wardrobes are designed to suit your personal needs, based on volume coupled with the way you want to organize it. You can also opt for different door styles and go for sliding doors instead.