Explore Personalised Study & Home Office Furniture at BH Stores

In this rapidly evolving word where you must constantly adapt and find solutions, a home workstation is becoming an increasingly essential need. With offices moving towards remote working structures and digital mediums becoming primary modes of communication, our range of office furniture is thoughtfully designed to ensure you are at your comfortable best even in the most stressful times - whilst looking your absolute best! Explore the Beautiful Homes Office Furniture range.

Main Components of Home Office Furniture

Work From Home Desk

The importance of a good work desk is usually underestimated. When it comes to study room furniture or a good home workstation, the desk becomes the most integral element around which your entire workflow is built. . Browse through the Beautiful Homes office furniture collection and pick a desk that suits both your work and your personality - from luxurious and sturdy solid wood pieces to lean and sophisticated modern style desks. 


The crux of your work from home experience - the chair is the key to a comfortable and focussed environment. Just looks aren’t enough, as the chair must also provide comfort and utility. Our assorted range of chairs is created keeping every type of individual in mind to suit both modern, active professions that require long hours and classical styles that demand both comfort and grandeur. 


Another basic that drives productivity and efficiency, our office storage furniture collection is thoughtfully curated to enhance easier accessibility with the right amount of flair. Pick between our stylish compact units or our statement pieces that will add striking value to your room whilst providing much needed storage space to ensure your desk always remains clean!

Laptop/Computer Table

Specific designs for specific uses! Our laptop desks are designed especially keeping modern work requirements in mind. Get the best designs, materials and finishes across a wide range of sizes suited for both small and large workspace requirements. Get the most out of your office furniture with Beautiful Homes, today!

What is WFH furniture?

When it comes to creating the perfect home workstation, there are a few essentials on the furniture list you must consider - A good, reliable work desk that can keep up with your needs, A smaller corner desk or study table for secondary use, a comfortable chair that suits your body type and enough storage shelves and units.

What are the types of office furniture?

Your office furniture fundamentally consists of three verticals that will ensure you have a productive and efficient setup - First are the desks, depending on your usage and need for an office desk, study desk or laptop desk. Secondly, a chair that is best suited for your comfort and lastly, sufficient storage that allows you to organize in a hassle-free manner.

Which material used in home office furniture

A majority of your office furniture is created from solid wood or metal, with some elements of plastic and glass that help bring a balance between looks and utility.