Explore Personalised Tables & Desks For Your Home

At Beautiful Homes, our constant perseverance is to push the envelope when it comes to diversity and choices. We aim to capture the imagination of every customer and bring out the best for each of them. Our wide range of tables are creatively designed across different shapes, sizes, materials and usage to ensure that nobody is left out. Explore our wide range to find the perfect fit for your situation. 

Shop For Table By Shape

Whether it's a get-together, a work from home setup, dining or a table for creative projects, we’ve got it all covered. Browse our tables by shape to get the most out of your table for every situation. 

Round Tables

Elegant, classical and intimate - explore the Beautiful Homes round table collection that consists of coffee tables, dining tables, center tables and accent tables. Created using the best quality wood to ensure that both the furniture and the beautiful memories that surround it last for a long, long time!

Square Tables

Perfect for seating a small intimate group of people or being the centre table for a well laid out room, our square tables provide that perfect sense of balance and symmetry with a touch of class with a fine selection of materials and finishes including marble tops and high quality wood fixtures. 

Rectangular Tables

Ideal for hosting larger groups, rectangle tables accommodate more people than round tables and can even be placed along the walls of the house when required. Perfect for tea tables, work desks and dining areas, these tables offer maximum utility with a conventional and highly popular appeal due to their versatility and endless applications.

Shop For Table By Material

Imaginative and intuitive - browse through the Beautiful Homes’ table collection by material to discover endless combinations that can be tailored to suit your need, exactly the way you want it. Available across a wide array of materials such as glass, marble, wood and metal - customizable down to the finest detaill.

Wooden tables

Distinct and Dignified - Wooden tables add a touch of grandeur and elegance to any room. Moreover, solid wood tables are extremely versatile and have countless applications within your Beautiful Home. To top it all off, durability is a key feature that will ensure that your furniture grows along with you for a long, long time. Explore our wide range of pure wooden tables as well as other material combinations.Perfect for dining, coffee tables, bar tables and work furniture sets.

Glass Tables

Few materials bear the charm and allure of glass tables. Add a touch of magic to your room with our stylish range of glass tables that will uplift the aesthetic of your room instantly. Perfect for center tables, coffee tables and dining tables because of their versatility and countless design choices. 

Marble Tables/Table Tops

Luxurious and grand - marble tables make a statement like no other material can. A symbol of indulgence and richness for generations, marble tables are always in fashion thanks to their iconic appeal and prominent presence that can transform any room. Explore our collection of fine marble top tables that can be used as accent tables or even as centre or dining tables.

Metal Tables

The epitome of functionality, metal tables are durable, easy to maintain and create a strong impact in your room. Also great for outdoor furniture, metal tables are great as statement pieces as well as decorative tables. Malleable and versatile, our metal table collection features a series of modern designs that will create memories that will last along with the furniture for a long time. 

Customized Tables

When it comes to your Beautiful Home, why settle for anything less than perfect? Give yourself complete freedom when it comes to selecting that perfect table that meets every criteria on the list. Browse across our range of centre tables, side tables, office tables and dining tables and customize them down to the finest level including size, material, shape and finish.

Shop For Table By Type

Study Table/Desks

The importance of a good work desk is usually underestimated. When it comes to study room furniture or a good home workstation, the desk becomes the most integral element around which your entire workflow is built. . Browse through the Beautiful Homes office furniture collection and pick a desk that suits both your work and your personality - from luxurious and sturdy solid wood pieces to lean and sophisticated  modern style desks. 

Dining Table

Dine in style with our vast collection of dining tables available across a wide range of material choices and shapes. Get the best in comfort and style and choose from  smaller, intimate setups to larger setups that can allow the whole group of family or friends to come together for special occasions. Also available in customizable configurations to suit your personal requirements.

Computer Tables/Laptop Tables

Specific designs for specific uses! Our laptop desks are designed especially keeping modern work requirements in mind. Get the best designs, materials and finishes across a wide range of sizes suited for both small and large workspace requirements. Get the most out of your office furniture with Beautiful Homes, today

Side tables/Bedside Tables

Use it as a nightstand, small cabinet or a small table for your home decor - bedside tables are a must-have in every bedroom! Get a luxurious wooden finish table or a modern solidwork piece that gives your room an edge - the bedside table gives your room that subtle uplift it needs whilst simultaneously offering the perfect sized solution for small items or night time essentials!

Coffee tables/Tea Tables

The perfect central element for your seating room furniture, get a coffee table that not only adds style and visual appeal but great utility to your living room! From luxurious wooden and marble finishes to sleek metal structures, browse through our wide range of side tables and give your living room the uplift that it truly deserves!

Dressing Tables

The silent but extremely useful heroes of your room - the perfect dresser can be an absolute lifesaver! Pick from our selection of larger units that are great for your master bedroom to our compact units that offer sleek looks with futuristic designs that ensure every inch is utilized to give you maximum utility coupled with the right amount of beauty. Dress up your Beautiful Home today!

Console Table

Console tables are usually a type of side table that is placed and fixed against a wall. These tables are highly versatile in use and can add great value to any room. Consoles have evolved drastically from their traditional use and are making their way steadily into modern room furniture setups. They demand attention despite their non-intrusive structure, making them ideal for your Beautiful Home!

Wall mounted/Foldable Tables

Modern solutions for compact homes! Our wall-mounted and foldable table units are the perfect fit for rooms that demand utility despite challenges in terms of space. Elegant solutions that are cleverly engineered to ensure that you get the most out of your furniture. These tables are becoming increasingly popular due to their high level of functionality at a cost effective price without a compromise on style.