Ceiling Lights

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Venturing into yet another avenue of home styling, we at Beautiful Homes bring to you unparalleled forms of elegance through lighting solutions. We have journeyed through years of iconic and classic brilliance to disruptive and sensational beauty to discover the very essence of what truly captivates people's attention and to bring to you the finest lighting fixtures you and your home deserve. Browse through our detailed range to pick whatever you heart is set on to to turn the aesthetic of your dreams into a reality.

Collection of Ceiling Lights at BH Stores

Our majestic collection of ceiling lights is unsurpassed and the quality promised is unparalleled.  With a focus on handpicking a balanced range of the most opulent to the simplest, our Ceiling Lights collection has been designed imaginatively and is based on the idea of inclusivity and genuine innovation. It is  what makes each of these styles so charmingly wondrous while providing a selection wide enough to alignwith your very own personal style and preference.

 False Ceiling Lights

False Ceiling lights are downlights fixed on the ceiling by cutting a perfect square or circle, depending on the shape of the light selection and wiring to which is concealed inside the ceiling thus giving a clean and clutter-free experience. False Ceiling Lights have lately, in the last few years been a major hit in households across the country. The combination of wire clutter being concealed into the ceiling, their low power consumption yet larger than life output makes it a great choice. Long lasting and extremely easy to install. 

 Bedroom & Office Ceiling Lights

Browse through our holistic collection of Ceiling Lights for Bedroom and Offices. WIth lots of options to chose from, we bring to you some of the finest offerings in the Bedroom and Office Ceiling Lights range. Ceiling lights offer something that basic tubelights and bulbs simply cannot. They are low cost to run and give a better price to performance ratio. Additionally, ceiling lights can help your room look bigger based on its positioning

Ceiling Lights for Living Room & Balcony

Handpicked selection of Ceiling light designs that can be used for your living room and balcony. Ceiling Lights are definitely the way to go for hassle-free, functional lighting mixed with beautiful visual appeal. LED Ceiling Lights offer a great life expectancy as compared to the incandescent counterpart, and their heat generation is to the minimum. Let us help you guide and pick what best suits your home and your needs. 

Kitchen & Dining Room Ceiling Lights

Think beyond  the same old lights in the Kitchen or in the dining room. Check out our diverse and refreshing offerings of a wide variety of Kitchen and Dining Ceiling Lights to spice up your culinary experiences. Celebrate the endless romance of elegance and chic with Ador Lighting or evoke classical brilliance with the Royale range.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Transform your bathroom mood with our functional and mood lighting designed especially for your bathrooms. Bathrooms are one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of any household and it needs to be treated just as importantly as the other rooms. Bathroom Ceiling Lights which come in various designs are perfect to spruce up for that perfect bathroom.

Decorative Ceiling Lights

Lights that lead with design over functionality come under the category of Decorative Ceiling Lights. These lights provide great utility but the designs that they provide, are fashionable, trendy and tremendously imaginative. We at Beautiful Homes can help you choose the right design to elevate the style factor of your home based on your personal style preference.

Modern & Fancy Ceiling Lights

With quick innovation around the light designs, there are plenty of options which suit every budgeting need for Modern as well as Fancy Ceiling Lights. Ceiling lights are bound to make a statement, and with an ecclectic offering at our BH stores, we promise to make you drool. From vintage and classy to fun and exciting, there are light designs to match your personality as well as of your home. 



Collection of Ceiling Lights By Type & Shape

Lights can  come in all shapes and sizes and our collection is magnificent in this regard. There is plenty to choose from and here we can help you get the most out of your budget. Choosing the correct lighting is sometimes a daunting task and we provide you with a simple and straight-forward method. Browse through all kinds of Ceiling LED light designs available, whether they are hanging ceiling lights, Ceiling spotlights, Rope ceiling lights, or geometric cut designs, even wooden and smart solution designs. Something for every situation.

Hanging Ceiling Lights

A pendant light or commonly referred to as a Hanging Ceiling Light is a high-end decorative lighting that is mounted on an indoor ceiling, either false ceiling or plain classic one. One thing which is always kept in mind is whether the Hanging Ceiling Light is hung by wires or iron supports, it should never be hung too short, hindering normal sight or dazzling. It should be an ideal length to give a very aesthetic appeal to the beauty of the overall interior of home decor. 

Ceiling Spotlights

Ceiling LED Spotlights are mainly energy-saving lamps and LED lamps, and the direction of its light source can be moved around. In terms of decorative effects, spotlights are extremely flexible and they do not require much depth in the ceiling, giving way for a shallower false ceiling. Spotlights look absolutely gorgeous and with the ease of functionality that they bring, they look phenomenal in most decorative situations.

Rope Ceiling Lights

A fantastic and eye catching light design, Rope Ceiling Lights will instantly add a vintage look to any room of the house. The bulbs in this particular style of light, compliment the design and aesthetic perfectly. The ropes add to the charm and character of the light design as well as the setting it is put in, and is sure to make a statement in any kind of a room. The varied shapes of these kind of Rope Ceiling Lights, add to a very interesting and charming aura. The Rope Ceiling Lights are a mashup of the latest with the vintage to blend it into a perfect recipe.

Square & Round Ceiling Lights

Currently the most popular design, these geometrical shaped Ceiling Lights, whether Square or Round, are famous for a simple reason. Their basic yet impactful design and their great ability to add to the minimalistic coolness to any sort of a room. Very power friendly and very elegant, this is undoubtedly the to-go option for many consumers looking either for a first time purchase or simplifying the lighting situation at their homes.

Wooden Ceiling Lights

With new and improved designs coming out quicker than ever, thanks to the light designers across the world, using Wood as a material in the ceiling lights was not so long ago unheard of. Wooden ceiling lights are increasingly gaining popularity and for a good reason. They ooze class like no other material. Wood has always been the epitome of vintage bests and to this day, it is the most preferred material in various Home Decor situations thanks to the material being environment friendly and always eye-catching.

Smart LED Ceiling Lights

With modern technological development, Lights have evolved at an incredible pace. While you can do everything on your smart gadgets these days, why not add smart lighting options for your house as well? With the Smart Ceiling Light options offered by our team at Beautiful Homes, these are truly the next-gen innovation any tech-savy consumer would jump on. Their slick designs, multiple light options, ease of connectivity and usage, it makes these Smart Ceiling Lights an easy option for truly future proofing your surroundings.

Which lights are best for false ceiling?

Ceiling Lights for a False ceiling are all LED based designs so their working is exactly the same. Depending on the area the lights need to be installed, there are great options for multiple use. Check out our selection at the BH Store for an informative experience.

Which ceiling lights are best for home decor ?

Modern LED lights of different variants are tremendously safe when talking about usage in all formats. They are as saCeiling lights are extremely versatile for all possible solutions. Depending on the need and the utility, choosing the right material is probably the main thing you need to look for. Further narrow it down to the room for which you need to choose, varied styles can be used to match your decor. Smart LED Ceiling Lights are futuristic and wooden Ceiling lights can be both modern or rustic, and both are great options depending on what your need is.fe as any other light source which is available in today's date. In fact, LED lights have a benefit in one regard, they do not produce any Ultraviolet rays while some other type of lights still use and LED lights are sometimes used in healing and therapeutic procedures as well.