Chandelier Lights

Explore Chandeliers & Jhumar For Your Home at BH Stores

Chandeliers, also known as Jhumars, once considered to be the centerpiece of palaces and castles found their way into homes because of the royal attachment to it. You can find various styles of chandeliers in a lot of homes even to this day. At Beautiful Homes, we provide you with a modern, more innovative take on the Jhumers which have long been a part of our rich heritage. You can explore a vast range of budget friendly to the most extravagant pieces of Chandeliers according to your taste and your budget. We are happy to assist you in choosing the right materials and style which match the upscale persona of your personal aesthetic as well as that of your home.

Collection of Chandeliers at BH Stores

Keeping with the traditional usage of Chandeliers in huge dining rooms and living rooms, we at Beautiful Homes have come up with unique designs to accomodate to any room of the house you can think of including the Bedroom or to even garnish your workspace. Chandeliers never go out of style and we use it to our advantage and aim to provide you with the best possible experience in selecting the right fit. 

 Chandelier for Living Room

Living Rooms are primary areas to install Chandelier fixtures and for good reason. It's one of the best ways to illuminate a larger area with one single unit of light source as it contains multiple tinier light sources in itself, and they look elegant and organic at the same time. Choosing the right chandelier for the living room is as important as choosing the right furniture or the curtains for the same. 

Dining Room Chandeliers

Why dine under normal and uninteresting lights when you can dine under the rich lighting of Dining Room Chandeliers like the royalty you deservedly are? Plenty to choose from, Dining room chandeliers are extravagant and add great value to the overall mood and appeal of the room. Timeless and everlasting, spruce up the dining room with the tastefully curated selection at Beautiful Homes.

Ceiling Lights for Living Room & Balcony

Handpicked selection of Ceiling light designs that can be used for your living room and balcony. Ceiling Lights are definitely the way to go for hassle-free, functional lighting mixed with beautiful visual appeal. LED Ceiling Lights offer a great life expectancy as compared to the incandescent counterpart, and their heat generation is to the minimum. Let us help you guide and pick what best suits your home and your needs. 

Kitchen & Dining Room Ceiling Lights

Think beyond  the same old lights in the Kitchen or in the dining room. Check out our diverse and refreshing offerings of a wide variety of Kitchen and Dining Ceiling Lights to spice up your culinary experiences. Celebrate the endless romance of elegance and chic with Ador Lighting or evoke classical brilliance with the Royale range.

Bedroom Chandeliers

The need to embellish the personal space to make it prettier and efficient is a long standing dream which humans have been trying to perfect since times immemorial. We bring you a fine opportunity to get one step closer to realizing that dream. Bedrooms are a place of privacy and relaxation and with the inclusion of the bedroom chandeliers, we assure you would always have a bright moment at the end of every day.

Laptop/Computer Table

Improving productivity and efficiency has a simple solution- add some lights around the work table and you would see the difference yourself! No need to work in a dull and somber environment when you can improve the quality of light by installing modern chandeliers designed especially for your workspace.

Chandelier Lights/Jhoomar

LEDs being power efficient and light on the budget make an interesting combination and innovation to Chandelier Light fixtures. Jhoomars are considered vintage and old but we have reimagined them to seamlessly integrate into modern settings. Choose from an ecclectic range of materials and designs to shape your room according to your personal preference.



Collection of Chandeliers by Type

The materials used to actually construct the Chandelier or Jhumars are as important as the design they carry. There are plenty of popular materials used in the making of the perfect chandelier to match your needs, these include materials like Crystal, Wood, even Glass. Explore a vast range of antique, traditional, Modern, minimal and futuristic designs available at our BH Stores

Modern & Traditional Chandeliers

As mentioned before, the love of jhumars has been a part of our culture since time immemorial, and to this day, there is no surprise that traditional jhumar designs are still widely popular amongst most customers. However, we refuse to curtail our offering down to a single style - we have plenty of choices for people who prefer futuristic and modern design as well.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal is a revered material around the world for home decor. It is beautiful, elegant and opulent. and the Chandeliers in the crystal setting look nothing but royal. They make a statement which is impossible to ignore and constantly play with the environment of your room with abstract refraction patterns and intricate shadowplay.

Wooden Chandeliers

Wood, the most common and popular material for building home decor fixtures is an absolute classic. Wood Chandeliers are durable, they look rustic and provide an extremely warm and cozy setting. Wood has always been the king of balance between rustic and elegance with affordable prices and trusted longevity

Antique & Glass Chandeliers

The phrase Old is gold never goes out of style. Retro is all the hype these days whether it is cars, video games, or furniture and decor design styles. Antique Chandeliers give a very comforting vibe and remind us of the simpler times in this fast paced world we now we live in.

What are the different types of chandeliers?

There are various examples of different styles and types of Jhumars available. These include antique Chandeliers, glass chandelier, modern and traditional chandelier. They could be sorted by shape, rectangular chandelier or circular. Some unique designs such as staircase chandeliers are also available.

What are chandelier lights?

Chandelier in simple terms means a large, decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles. Chandelier Lights on the other hand are LED lights in place of the classic styled bulbs. Chandlier Lights are extremely budget friendly as the LED power consumption is to the minimum.

Which is the best chandelier for home décor?

The best chandelier for home decor is the one that matches your personal taste. With a range of available options, it's always wise to pick up something you resonate with because we stand by the quality of our products and aim to always deliver the best possible quality in every aspect.