Explore HVAC Services at BH Stores

With our constant drive for innovation and new horizons, we at the Beautiful Homes are proud to present comprehensive HVAC solutions for your home. 

Our expert guides and technicians will help you with repair, service and installation of any HVAC equipment you might have opted for, for your home, office or industrial use. HVAC services are extremely important in today's ever-changing climate and adverse weather conditions. We provide you with a one-stop solutions to all the issues you might face eventually. HVAC services we provide, also improve the efficiency of the products. HVAC has become a necessity in all walks of life, whether it is the Air-Cooler/Conditioner at your home or office, or the Ventilation systems installed in commercial spaces. There is no modern construction complete without the use of HVAC system.

What is HVAC System & How Does It Work

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning or in short HVAC systems provide indoor or vehicular environmental comfort. HVAC systems are a necessary without which the life of an average person seems extremely grim. HVAC is a subsystem of modern mechanical engineering which follow the exact principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics. HVAC technology provides extremely healthy thermal conditions in and around us whether it is indoors, in offices or even in our cars for a daily commute. In simpler terms, HVAC systems move air, and you know how important that is.

Common HVAC Issues

There are a number of common issues which can occur using HVAC systems which we at BH Stores can help provide solutions for. Some of the most day-to-day issues occur because of lack of maintenance. Dirty filters are the most common cause which result in ineffeciency and diminishes output. The HVAC systems have a lot of mechanical components which can result in failure in the long run which can also cause unusual noise coming from the system. Water leakage is another common issue consumers face using HVAC systems and our specialised servicing team can help rectify these issues with their expertise.  

What is done During HVAC Service

Maintenance is a really important aspect to keep in mind when owning a heating and cooling system. With age and usage, collected dust and worn parts lower the efficiency of your HVAC system and increase the risk of issues. Scheduling regular preventive maintenance for your HVAC can improve the lifetime of these units by up to 50%. During the service, inspection is the first step and the technician checks for issues in and around the HVAC, replace any part that is causing issues. Checking for leakage is another step to make sure there are no gasses escaping the system. After a thourough examination, the inside area is tested ensuring perfect working of the system. This flow also is common for AC services which are part of the HVAC industry.