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The addition of light fixtures to your home is not just a necessity, but way more than that! They bind the home together like nothing else. Discover a broad range of Designer & Modern Lamps for your beautiful home at our BH Stores. With our distinctive selection, we surely have something for everyone from table lamps to floor and wall lamps across classic materials like glass and new-age innovative materials like bamboo! Illuminate your room and your day today!

Collection of Lamps at BH Stores

Chose from our intricate collection spread across different fixtures, lighting styles and materials! Keeping years of our understanding of Indian preferences, we have curated a comprehensive, all-round collection with countless design choices. Create your own unique aesthetic for  your Beautiful Home today!

Table Lamps

Table Lamps are used specifically on the table and can be widely flexible in terms of design and aesthetic. Table Lamps are a very subtle addition for a more soft and heart-warming ambience, perfect for after work hours to help you relax, read or meditate. Table lamps are known to be very therapeutic and boost mental health for increased performance after a tiring day. They are the ideal catalyst to help you prepare for the following day or just to get a good night's rest.

Study Lamps

Education is imbibed in our culture like nothing else. and every household needs the perfect study lamp whether it is for the kids preparing for the exams or reading any material to gain some extra knowledge or for adults looking to sit and relax with a newspaper with a cup of warm beverage. We provide a huge selection of study lamps in exceedingly varied designs to match every version of decor that you can imagine. Minimal to extravagant, the options are truly holistic.

Floor Lamps

Looking for that extra oomph to light up your room? Floor Lamps are an excellent way to revamp your space and add that extra element of room decor with high functionality. Ideal for living rooms, drawing rooms and bed rooms, our floor lamp collection features a wide range of stylish and unique designs made using durable materials for a modern home. Add that missing spark to your room with the Beautiful Homes Floor Lamp range.

Wall Lamps

At Beautiful Homes, we love to blend the latest technology with timeless fashion and our Wall Lamp collection are a great example of that. Wall Lamps have long been considered a cult classic because they just seem so intuitive in design as well as their usage. They are the epitome of vintage perfection whilst still adding chic and modern appeal to the room. A must-have for your living, bedroom and children's room.

Hanging Lamps/Standing Lamps

Use a combination of hanging lamps with standing lamps to balance the lighting as well as sense of decor within your room or opt for single statement pieces that are the centre of attention. Design  has come a long long way in various shapes and forms, and our range of Hanging and Standing Lamps is homage to that fact. Our Hanging Lamps range from futuristic to classical design and give that touch of luxury with reliable functionality. Our Floor Lamps are perfect for that cosy corner in your room  with delicate lampshades that cast beautiful patterns on your wall, setting the perfect mood each time!

Bedside Lamps/Night Lamps

Bedside and Night Lamps are always the most intimate lights to put in your bedroom. They provide an ideal balance between decoration and utility. If you like to read at night before bed or like to create a gorgeous setting in the evening with the blinds on and the bedroom lights off, these bedside and night lamps are exactly what you are looking for. Put your mind at ease and with an ecclectic selection of lamps at Beautiful Homes 

Solar & Halogen Lamps

Sustainable and eco-friendly lights, Solar and Halogen Lamps are the lamps for the future. Extremely versatile and cost effective in the longest run, solar and halogen lamps not only provide you with a clean and green experience without any hinderance, they also provide a mindset which needs to be imbibed in today's generation about the renewable energy situation that the world desperately needs! This is what we call future-proofing to its finest.

Other Lamps

We at BH Stores believe that there can never be enough choices! We are constantly aiming to widen our selection to ensure our customers always get the best. From street lamps to outdoor lamps, there are plenty more options to choose from.

Collection of Lamps Designs By Materials at BH Stores

Along with choosing the right kind of light, the material used for the particular lamp is as important for the ultimate overall experience. At our BH Stores there are plenty of options to choose from going from a classic wood finish, to a more royal brass finish. Choose our delicate but sturdy glass finish lamps that are perfect for adding luxurious overtones or get a more environment friendly option like bamboo. We can guide you to make an informed decision at every step of the way to help you choose what is right for you.

Wooden Lamps

Wood has long been regarded as the most sophisticated as well as organic material to use for home decor and Wooden Lamps are no exception. Wooden Lamps are vintage classics and no home is complete without the addition of wood material in their decor. Wood products just have that something that always makes them stand out in any room, so it's no suprise that they are the most sought after pick for Home interiors.

Brass Lamps

Brass has always had a fan following in Indian culture. Brass Lamps feel extremely sturdy and the high quality give them a very royal and charismatic outlook. Brass tends to have extremely high longevity, thus being a great material to hand down to your next generation in the future. Brass has a rich feel to it and is ideal for adding a bold and grand ambience to the room.

Glass Lamps

Lamps come in a wide range of materials and each lends its own unique characteristics depending on the way the material has been implemented. Glass is one of the most interesting and versatile materials for lamps. Glass Lamps in general are very classy and elegant and always give a very charming and subtle touch of class to the room. The way the light refracts and spreads around the room has a beautiful appeal that no other material can recreate. 

Bamboo Lamps

With growing concerns over material wastage around the world, bamboo makes the perfect sense in every aspect for an eco-friendly and fresh experience. Bamboo is the fastest growing grass and has multiple uses across many industries. Bamboo Lamps are overly sustainable so with using Bamboo Lamps you are not only taking initiative but are decorating the house in a logical and progressive fashion.

Can lamps be used for room decoration?

The great things about lamps are they are incredibly beautiful but also extremely useful at the same time. Table Lamps are perfect for bedrooms and for tables around the house to add little pops of light and contrast to the room. Other decorative lights for Living rooms can be Floor Lamps, Hanging Lamps and other eco-friendly lamp options. 

What lamps are best for outdoor & indoor?

The best lamp styles range from our selection of table lamps, nightlamps, to floor lamps, hanging lamps and wall lamps for indoor usage. Street Lamps and Outdoor lamps are specifically meant for illuminating garden areas and exteriors of your home. There are even solar and halogen lamp options which can light the house in a cleaner method saving precious electricity and still lighting the house the way it's meant to!

What are best lamp designs for home interior décor?

Home Interior Designs can never be fully finished without the strategic inclusion of different design of lamps around the house. The eventual choice of designs for the house come down to personal preference. Wooden lamps and Brass Lamps are very classic and give a very regal feeling, whilst the Glass Lamps are charming and captivating and bamboo lamps are refreshing and sustainable for indoor usage.

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