LED Lights

Explore LED Lights For Your Space at BH Stores

At Beautiful Homes, there is an eclectic range of LED supplies to illuminate your house to all its glory. From basic LED Bulbs and Tubelights to premium LED ceiling and wall lights, we carry it all. Never run out of options with our wide range of catalogue offerings. Light every corner of your house with the finest quality lighting solutions available. Test our proprietory BuildTrack Home Automation Systems to smoothly connect every smart device and take control!

What are LED Lights & How Do They Work

Light Emitting Diode is what an LED stands for and they have completely revolutionized the lighting industry since their arrival. Any kind of LED light whether it is LED Strips, LED Vanity Lights etc. is approximately 90% more efficient than an incandescent bulb. Their working is extremely straight forward -

An electrical current passes through a microchip inside the LED product, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs and it lights up as a result.  

Which LED Lights Available at BH Stores

Explore a diverse range of LED products at our BH Stores. We carry a selection of the most used industry-standard products. Our selection includes LED Strip Lights, LED Buls, LED Tube Lights, LED Panels, LED Wall and Ceiling Lights just to name a few. We also carry utility based LED lights for outdoor usage.


 LED Strip Lights

One of the most versatile kind of LEDs are the LED Strip Lights. 

It's a flexible circuit board that is comprised of LEDs that you can stick almost any surface where you want to add powerful lighting in a variety of colors and brightnesses. They are cost effective and are very efficient to brighten up a place without burning a hole through your pocket.


LED Bulb/Tubelights/ Vanity Lights

Whether it is an indoor requirement or it is for your patio or terrace, LED lights never fail to live up to the expectation. LED Bulbs and LED Tubelights are like All-Terrain Vehicles, perfect for wherever you take it to. Want to add a dramatic touch to your bathroom or your bedroom? Try the LED Vanity Lights and brighten up your day!


LED Ceiling Lights & Wall Lights

Looking for concealed lighting to blend in with the decor? Nothing beats our LED Ceiling and Wall Lights to give your house the modern edge instead of the usual incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights that were once the only options. Great on technology, simple to use and low on power usage, a match made in heaven!


LED Flood Lights & Panel Lights

Outdoor essentials for lighting a big area? Look no further than our LED Floodlights and Panel Lights. Extremely bright and value for money. These strong and shiny lights are a much needed accessory for lighting large dark spaces. 


LED Decorative Lights (Chandelier & Lamps)

If you're looking for beautification ideas, the LED Decorative Lights like the Chandelier and Lamps, are a cost effective and still and yet a really subtle and classy way of redecorating to give the final touches needed. Crazy thing, you can use these lights just about anywhere you can imagine, super simple to install and even easier to use, just like magic.


 LED Garden & Outdoor Lights

Owning a a big garden is almost always a dream and the most sensible way to embellish that dream is using the most exquisite outdoor lights which are specially made for lighting the outdoors when after the sun goes down. Check out ur range of LED Garden and Outdoor Lights with exceedingly useful waterproof variants for an all weather experience.


Other LED Lights

If the selection doesn't ditch your itch, there are numerous more options to choose from. We also provide a range of diverse lighting which are battery operated and do not require a wall outlet because that is always handy! If you are looking for something even more cutting edge, LED motion sensor strips are the latest trend that might catch your attention.



What is the price of LED Lights?

The price range for LED Lights are too varied to put in a bracket. There are budget options for general usage as well as extravagant options for specialised use. Be assued, there's something within everyone's budget.

Are LED lights safe?

Modern LED lights of different variants are tremendously safe when talking about usage in all formats. They are as safe as any other light source which is available in today's date. In fact, LED lights have a benefit in one regard, they do not produce any Ultraviolet rays while some other type of lights still use and LED lights are sometimes used in healing and therapeutic procedures as well.

Where can I install LED Lights?

Limited only by your own experience and imagination, LED lights are a multifaceted product with which you can get as creative as you like. You can use it under cabinets, tables and beds. We love concealed LED decor and hiding LED Lights behind the side tables, TVs and even computer screens always gives a futuristic feel.