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In Interior design theory, there are various different kinds of lighting style which are generally taught. Every single style of lighting has a very specific use and using it in the most efficient way yields the most aesthetic results. Most consumers generally ignore this area of lighting scenarios and then are unable to figure out why something doesn't look right in their respective homes. We at Beautiful Homes want to help you figure this at every step of the journey you have taken. Once you start reading in depth about the lighting styles, you would see for yourself how fascinating and useful that bit of information becomes. 

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Some of the various lighting styles include ambient lighting, Task lighting, Accent lighting, Architectural lighting, utility and general home lighting. They are very specific lighting systems designed to meet specific needs. We provide solutions based on any kind of interior design lighting to help you make the best out of your living space. 

Ambient Lighting

Lighting is the most important aspect of any room and the first step to illuminating the same is with the use of ambient light. Ambient light is the most common kind of lighting style. Ambient Lighting particularly serves as the primary source of light for any kind of room. This primary source can be anything from Chandeliers to wall lights as well as Hanging Ceiling lights.

Task Lighting

After Ambient lighting, task lighting is the next step to help ensure that the important areas of your room have sufficient brighteness. Task lighting serves to accomplish a particular task whether it is reading on a study table, or playing a mobile game next to a bedside light. Most task lights are made out of LEDs as to lessen the strain on the eyes to accomplish the said intricate tasks but other forms of lights are also not uncommon.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is a very specific style of writing in which a particular subject comes into display. Accent lighting can particularly accentuate a wall art like a painting, or showcase a bookshelf or a collection of any sorts. It can also be used to accent very subtely around a television to give it a very unique kind of a spotlight.

Architectural Lighting

In simple terms, architectural lighting is illumination for building design and function. Architectural lighting generally means that here is architecture which is the main focus of the lighting. It works to enhance the architecture, not as an accessory but to display it in the forefront. Architecture lighting is rarely used for homes and mostly used outdoors and for commercial usages.

Utility Lights

Utility lighting plays an essential role in the practicality of spaces used for utility purposes. This more functional type of fixture is usually very simple and elegant in design and style. Utility lighting can provide solutions for a variety of spaces. The choices for utility fixtures are numerous, including different styles of fixtures, ballasts, diffusers, lamps, and mounting options. They can be used in laundry rooms, store rooms and rooms used for particular tasks.

General Home Lighting

A broad term, general home lighting refers to all kinds of lighting using different styles and blending them to get a perfect outcome. General lighting can be used in a variety of ways using a lot of different styles. Whether it's a game room or a home studio, or a bedroom, the options are limitless and the styles are plenty.

What are the different types of lighting in a kitchen?

Kitchen is essentially a workplace and general home lighting is the best option for this kind of a work related room. Everything needs to be crystal clear while working in a kitchen to create a safe and efficient atmosphere.

What are the different types of lighting in a bedroom?

Bedroom is the most private and personal space of the home and a combination of multiple kinds of lighting can be used to create a perfect setting. General lighting is always an option, there could also be task lighting if you have a worktable to sit and read or even accent lighting if a particular product or artpiece needs to be highlighted.

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