Island Kitchen Modular Kitchen

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Kitchen Island Modular Designs have become a real icon when you discuss  the modern kitchen. This design  of a Modular kitchen Island is perfect for the whole family to gather around to have a conversation, relax, cook and just enjoy. For many enthusiasts, no brand new kitchen is complete in today's date without a kitchen Island. We, at the Beautiful Homes  are here to help you pick out the exact Island which will fit your home kitchen and give it a modern and contemporary aesthetic. 

Features of Island Kitchen Design

A Kitchen Island Modular Kitchen has a distinctive feature i.e. an isolated, freestanding cabinet which can either match the existing kitchen design or compliment it with a contrast or color palette. It can have a seating arrangement using kitchen stools around it for extra seating and also include integral storage drawers or cabinets and can be used to house your cooking appliances which is an added bonus for extra storage space. Some people like to have the hob on one side of the Island kitchen and prefer to do their cooking right in the heart of the kitchen.


Island kitchens are slightly higher priced compared to traditional straight kitchens because of the number of materials and elements can expand the cost to a certain extent. But relatively cheaper options are also available. They have always been in style around the world and are becoming increasingly popular in new age designs of the latest builds across the Indian subcontinent. But as always, it is extremely wise to plan the right materials for better longevity minimizing the chance of any roadblocks in the future.


L Shaped Modular Kitchen as well as U shaped modular kitchens are the most common layouts for this kind of a kitchen design. Sometimes, straight modular kitchen designs can also be used for this. These Island Kitchen Modular Designs are mostly a rectangle in design since it offers best use of space with maximum functionality.


Countertops used for the Island Kitchen Layouts mostly use wood, stainless steel and marble as their top materials. Stainless Steel is all the rage these days, while marble has long been the most elegant countertop option available for any kind of kitchen design. and for the rustic, more classic feel, wood materials are the way to go!

What is Island Modular Kitchen Design?

An island modular kitchen is a freestanding piece of kitchen cabinetry that is placed usually in the center to supplement the space inside the countertops. There are a whole lot of diverse opportunities for personal expression in the construction of an island kitchen design..