Low Budget Modular Kitchen

Explore Personalised Low Cost Modular Kitchen Design at BH Stores

One of the most popular designs from our catalogue, the low cost modular design is famous for exactly the right reason. They work perfectly around small spaces and follow a very simple installation process. The material options, even still aplenty, are wisely used to save costs wherever possible. Low cost Modular kitchen designs are ideal for individuals who like to lead to minimal and simple life with high thinking. Using our giant catalogue to browse through the styles and materials, we can provide you with a chance to fully explore your options to your heart's content.

Features of low cost modular kitchen

High on features, low on cost. Low Cost Modular kitchens are extremely versatile in their working. These kinds of kitchens use efficient materials in the best way possible to keep the maintainence down yet keeping the smoothness of the workflow up. The cabinets and shelves are placed strategically according to the avialable space to work around in. The sink is put in the corner so as to not be a hiderance while working and the appliances are smartly set up to save much empty space on the countertops as possible.

Select the right modular kitchen design for you

Every kitchen is unique and here at BH. Choosing the right kind of budget helps in choosing the right materials to build the kitchen you are looking for. The layout is always discussed and we can assist you in visualizing through the entire process to assure you that you get exactly what is promised.


Extreme flexibility with the budget is the first thing a Low Cost Modular Kitchen Design offers. You can freely work around in a small budget to fit all the essential need a kitchen should definitely have. Since these are Low Cost Modular Kitchen Designs, higher budgets are mostly not required and can be put towards better and more useful appliances


Depending on the available space, the layout of the low cost modular kitchen can easily worked around with. With the use of easy to install materials and designs, Parallel shape, L as well as a straight shape are the most popular layout designs available for low cost modular kitchens to use.


With aplenty materials in the market to choose from, low cost modular kitchens usually revolve around the usage of particle board, which is eco-friendly but extremely low cost, also PVC which is cheap as well but has a better finish and is waterproof and rust proof. There is also MDF which can be incorporated to build a low cost, budget friendly Modular kitchen.

What is the minimum price of a modular kitchen?

It is  complicated to categorize one minimum budget for any given information for the kind of modular kitchen you are looking for. Depending on the style, the layout and the space, it is a given that modular kitchen are possible in a budget friendly setting.

How can I make a cheap modular kitchen?

Wisely using the right style materials as well as the right quantity of material to minimze wastage and complete utilisation of materials is the first and foremost step to be able to make a cheap modular kitchen.

How do I budget my modular kitchen?

Planning before making any sort of a purchase is a step in the right direction. We at BH Stores can assist you with budgeting for an entire Modular Kitchen from scratch.