Open Modular Kitchen

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Luxury is synonymous with open kitchen to say the least. Open Modular Kitchen Designs scream luxury and elegance through and through. Such kitchens are very versatile with plenty of available options to choose from. You can go through the designs and models from our catalogues at the BH Stores. Open kitchens have a touch of magic people finally have started to increasingly adapt for their modern style homes.

Essentials of an Open Modular Kitchen Design

A sleek design, a polished ambience, the open kitchen brings out a sense of openness purely because of ample space you get to work and move around and traverse your house while cooking in a hurry. Open Modular Kitchen Designs are very minimal yet extremely stylish at the same time. They also help brighten the place up because of all the extra light which can pass through the house without any obstruction whatsoever. They are highly recommended for newly built houses looking for a touch of sophistication.

Features of Open Kitchen Design

Open Kitchen Designs are a great way to cook in a different way once you start using it. People say it boosts creativity in the kitchen, it also helps have a better interaction with the other members of the family during the kitchen work sessions or if you like to watch television while working in the kitchen. The interior designs of an open modular kitchen have no set formula so there are a wide array of options to make it look as minimal or as extravagant as possible! and the best part, the living room in conjunction with the kitchen look absolutely huge together, that is always a pro.


Open Modular Kitchens are designed to enhance space as well be cost effective as it uses less construction material and even saves time. The plain and light design is the main reason it's so intuitive and beneficial to work in an open space like this. Keeping the budget in mind, more embellishments can be added to add a bit of finesse if necessary.


Experimental is the term used for open kitchen design layout. They have no clear formula and can be made as imagined no matter how extravagant the idea may be! The layout of the cabinets and drawers can be at the opposite end of the open joining with the living area or it could be on the side. There are many possible combinations of layouts based on your specific requirement and preference.


Open Modular Kitchens are truly open in every way - using a large variety of materials as required. The materials can range from wood, to PVC and Acrylic. There are heavier finishes which inlcude granite and marble. Tiles can be used as well to beautify it so it looks blended in from the outside. Aluminium can also be used to give it a rustic, warm touch.

What is Open Modular Kitchen?

An open modular kitchen layout is a kitchen design without any walls dividing it from the rest of the house. An open kitchen floor plan may extend into a home's dining room, living room, family room, or other living space, creating a one giant room.

Is open or closed kitchen better?

Both the kitchen designs have their unique pros and cons. Open Modular Kitchen designs fare better in many way by creating more space ensuring freeflow of communication and ideas across that one big room. It also gives depth and an illusion of a big house.