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Sometimes all you need is to renovate your existing kitchens. Let us tell you that there is no need to always demolish your existing kitchen to give it a new modular facelift. Just building around an existing framework is more than enough, which is exactly the precise definition of a semi modular kitchen. A few of the components are built on site by civil workers and rest of the modular options can be assembled by our team at BH to revitalize and revolutionize the basic kitchen. 

Features of Semi Modular Kitchen Design

Arguably the most important feature of a semi modular kitchen is the price factor. These kitchens are more cost-effective than their modular equivalents for several reasons. The materials used is reduced, as the cabinets and drawers can share a common side, and in various cases, the back surface is the kitchen wall itself thus utilizing space along with it. Even though semi modular kitchens are slightly harder to customize, we at BH have plenty of solutions to still make this a reality. 


As mentioned, cost is a huge factor why Semi modular kitchens are still popular. You can work around with a much smaller budget and still get great results. Since there are not much things that need to be changed and most of the construction is already done at home, they are various logistics as well as material-saving qualities factored in. Thus making Semi Modular Kitchens extremely light on your pockets.


A straight kitchen style is very popular with semi modular kitchen or the more common one which is the "L" shape design. The cabinets are very efficiently placed above the countertops to give the much needed pace during work hours. A solid general layout helps to utilize the kitchen as soon as you enter in it without having making any extra effort. 


A combination of every material that can possibly be used in a kitchen is applicable here. Given these are Semi Modular kitchen and half of the construction is on-site, the materials can range from Plywood, Wood, Paperboard, MDF, Acrylic, to Marble, granite and tiles. Using the correct material is always wise to keep the costs down.

What is Semi Modular Kitchen?

A semi-modular kitchen is a best of both worlds scenario where conventional old-school kitchens meet the modern modular designs. They strike a balance between usability to cost ratio and is a great and ineffective way to renovate to your liking.

What is the difference between a modular & semi modular kitchen?

A Modular kitchen is full customizable and everything in the kitchen is pre-made, brought from the factory and assembled and fitted on the other hand, semi-modular kitchen designs bring a balance between conventional on-site contructed kitchens with some flexibility of the modular world.

How much does Semi modular kitchen cost?

Since half of the construction is on-site and there is a huge savings in material, semi modular costs extremely less and are one of the best options to go for when you don't feel like spending too much.

How to convert a conventional kitchen into semi modular kitchen?

Carefully planning with what is essential against what can be replaced is the first step to start the conversion process. Best part is conventional kitchen designs are quite easy to convert into a semi modular layout.

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