Sleek Modular Kitchen

Explore Personalised Sleek Modular Kitchen Design at BH Stores

Here we have is a wide range of different kinds of modular kitchens for you. Made for different households in mind - perfect for every situation. We provide a vivid experience for you to bring your kitchen to life - any size can be turned into the most attractive kitchen to match the aura of your dream home! We provide a huge library of modular design in our catalogues. We can help you bring your inner ideas to a more tangible form. Simple and classy. Or like it's in the name, "Sleek".

Features of Asian Paints Sleek modular kitchen

We bring out the best in every department of the "Sleek Modular Kitchen Design." Asian Paints subsidiary Sleek is well known in the modular kitchen community and our customers  swear by our choice of materials and after-sales service. We promise the perfect balance between quality and design with a pinch of class to top it off. The cabinets are designed to sheer brilliance. The drawers are pure premium grade and there is never a compromise on quality. 

Essentials of a Sleek Modular Kitchen Design

Modular Kitchen Designs have in essence the overall layout and the materials used as the main essence to build a perfect kitchen and Sleek Modular Kitchen Design at BH Stores don't shy away from that formula. We provide you with a fantastic build at a perfect price. You can leave the essentials to us without question and we are happy to help you along the way to build this beautiful journey you will never forget. 


When we talk about Sleek modular kitchen designs, the great part is you can choose about any range of budget that fulfils your requirement. Selecting the correct budget ensures the absolute best for your buck. Here at Beautiful Homes, we make sure to help you utilize the budget as wisely as possible to provide you with the sleekest finish, smoothest vibe you should be having in the kitchen of your home. Whether it's a family dinner or a full fledged house party, guests are always going to ask about the Sleek Modular Kitchen we are sure of that. 


With plenty of options to choose from our range, the best is easily within your grasp. Pick and choose from our thorough layout options that account for every need within your kitchen! Futuristic and high on functionality, Sleek's Modular Kitchen range has something for everybody!  



What is a sleek modular kitchen?

Sleek Kitchen, one of India's oldest modular kitchen stores, now an Asian Paints subsidary is a specialised branch which can help you customize and construct any kind personalised modular kitchen at your fingertips.

How much does a sleek modular kitchen cost?

Our  range covers everything from extremely budget friendly to the highest end luxury kitchens. One thing is certain, your experience with Sleek will be worth every penny across any kind of budget. Join the Beautiful Homes family today and give your house the beautiful uplift it deserves!

What are the fittings in a sleek kitchen?

From cabinets to shelves or modular storage units, to sinks and countertops and appliances, sleek kitchens provide every possible solution to your kitchen needs whether they are small or large. 

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