U Shaped Modular Kitchen

Explore Personalised U Shaped Modular Kitchen Design at BH Stores

Looking to fill a big area to make a bold statement with a gorgeous yet useful kitchen? The U Shaped Modular Design is what you probably want. We customize every inch of the kitchen to make sure all the excess area is properly utilized and more. U Shaped Modular Kitchens are designed for larger families and/or for crowded kitchens. Explore the options you might have never imagined - a treat for your eyes and for your soul.

Features of U Shaped modular kitchen

U Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs are tremendously versatile and feature a lot of space for various kitchen appliances within your arms reach. The extra space for drawers and cabinets are always helpful in making sure you never run out of space. The stove in a U shaped Modular kitchen is generally placed at the curve of the U between the Sink and the fridge, giving it a triangular feel. A very distinct feature of the U Shaped Modular Kitchen Design.

Essentials of a Modular Kitchen Design - U Shape

Every Modular kitchen is essentially made to be convenient as well as stress free in operation or maintainence. It is the same for U Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs, but also with added benefiits. U Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs are meant to be overly versatile as well as have huge options for materials as well as styles. With 10 years of assured guarantee on our Kitchens, look no further!


U Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs are flexible with budgets. They are generally more on the medium to higher side as they cover a large area and are usually made with the best materials possible to ensure the longevity of the kitchen. With our range, you can choose the right parts and products from a thoroughly diverse collection to fit your budget.


Versatility is what U Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs are famous for. You can have various arrangements of the drawers, cabinets, kitchen islands, placement of appliances and such to fit your style as well as the need. The layout can be as simple or as complex as you desire. We at Beautiful Homes can help you build what you are exactly looking for 


Designing the kitchen is always a long term investment, using the finest materials helps after that when it comes to maintenance. I We can help you chose the best quality of materials at our disposable so you never have to worry about maintaining the beautiful U Shaped Modular Kitchen you lovingly designed and built. Materials can range from fine quality woods to Marble, Tiles and Granites. Always remember, materials come first!

What is U Shaped Modular Kitchen?

A U Shaped Modular Kitchen is a kitchen design that feature three walls that are lined with cabinets and appliances. It is an effective design to free up floor space.

What is estimate cost of small U Shaped Modular Kitchen?

U shaped Modular Kitchen designs are slightly on the medium to high end side when it comes to budgets since a lot more material is required to construct as well more space is needed to fill the gaps using shelves, cabinets and other utility options.

What is the advantage of u shaped kitchen design for indian homes?

One major benefit of a U-shaped modular kitchen design is that multiple cooks can operate at any given time - great for when you're having a party or simply have a big family which is very common in a lot of Indian households! This layout also benefits from minimal hinderance as there is ample space to move around without being disturbed.