Wooden Modular Kitchen

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Wood has long been considered the most durable, gorgeous and high-end material for interior and home decor design uses and a modular kitchen is no excepton. We at BH, offer a great range of high-end wood fixtures to get a luxurious and rustic food finish. Natural wood has unique patterns and textures thus giving a unique design to every individual even while using the same kind of wood truly giving that one-of-a-kind feel to every kitchen. 

Features of wooden finish modular kitchen

Cabinets and Shelves are the main attraction of a Wooden Modular Kitchen design. Wood is extremely long-lasting and one of the most durable materials along wth Plywood to give you a lifetime of happiness. Wood always comes on the higher-end of kitchen designs and needs to be carefully crafted during the installation process. Laminates and waterproofing solutions in and around the kitchen to ensure there is no leakage to let your wooden modular kitchen age like a fine wine.

Essentials of a Wooden Modular Kitchen Design

A wide array of essentials can be found when talking about the Wooden Modular Kitchen Designs. First and foremost, wooden modular kitchens are sleek and stylish like no other. They come in a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes, they are tremendously ergonomic, they are easily assembled with perfect storage solutions in mind. They are also space saving and can be completed really quickly and have one of the highest durability assets.


Wooden Modular Kitchen designs can run to the higher end side of the budget spectrum. But there are a lot of cost effective measures that can be taken to keep the budget pocket friendly. A pro tip a lot of interior and decor designers give to save money is by using wooden materials only on the outer side of countertops, shelves and cabinets, keeping the inner construction using cheaper and still durable materials..


Space saving design is a big plus when layout is in question. Wood Modular Kitchens can be wisely designed to be as efficient as required. The arrangement can be as simple or as complicated as one prefers. The placement of appliances can be very ergonomic in this style and the flow of work in the kitchen is highly raised as a result. 

Materials (Teak wood, Sheesham, mapl, mahagony)

Plenty of materials can be used to get the finish of your dreams. The most popular choice of wood worldover is Maple. It is a very all condition capable and durable kind of a wood made for multiple uses. It is also super strong and doesn't fall apart even with rough usage. Other poplar choices of wood are Sheesham, Mahogany and Teak Wood, specially for the diverse climate of the Indian sub-continent.

Which wood is best for modular kitchen?

Maple is generally considered to be the most durable and versatile of all woods for an all weather situation. But other great wood options are Teak and Mahogany. Some people really prefer the feel and look of Sheesham as well.

Which colour suits wooden modular kitchen?

A medium to dark colored wood is ideal for a kitchen setting to give it a more cutting edge, cleaner feel. Lighter woods can make you focus on the untidy bits around the kitchen day in and day out.