Amidst the ever-changing landscape, one thing that has remained constant, is our steadfast commitment to being truly Green. We have been making rapid strides here, and as a leader in the paint industry would like to offer Best-In-Class, truly Green products. We had started this journey with the 'Lead & Heavy Metal Free Guarantee' about 7 years ago, and now we are moving on to a more composite, complete Green Assurance in all our Best-In-Class Products, which is truly all encompassing. We would therefore like to stamp our assurance of this continuing commitment by providing you with Green Assure - Our promise of a Beautiful Home that conforms to true Green standards.


Green Assure from Asian Paints is more than just low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).

Our Royale Aspira wall coating is certified under the leadership standard for paints, the Green Seal™ GS-11 Standard.  Products that are GS-11 certified are formulated without carcinogens, heavy metals and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEOs), and comply with VOC limits specified in the GS-11 Standard.  GS-11 certified paints also use minimized/recycled packaging and are tested for performance.

We also formulate some of our other best in class coatings following the GS-11 ingredient restrictions.  Those products include Royale Atmos, Royale, Royale Shyne, Royale Enamel, Apex Ultima Protek, Duralife, and Apex Ultima Wall Coatings, and Aquadur PU for Wood.

Our commitment and resolve to provide truly green products is evident from us using sustainability leadership standards such as Green Seal’s as the benchmark.  These are far more comprehensive and complete when it comes to classifying what is truly Green and what is not.

Green Seal is a non-profit organization whose leadership sustainability standard for paints, GS-11, has been used by companies around the world.

The guiding principle is to reduce, to the extent technologically and economically feasible, the environmental, health, and social impacts throughout the life-cycle of products, services, and companies. The standards may be used for conformity assessment, purchase specifications, and public education.

Following the GS-11 standard, we have chosen specifically to concentrate on removing in most cases, and minimizing in other cases, the contents of various restricted raw materials in our paint products. The end goal is to constantly ensure that our customers are provided with not only a great decor solution but also a solution that is truly Green.

One of the big areas of interest has been VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels in paint. Some ingredients are used in paints generally in very small quantities in order to enhance functional and aesthetic appeal. Being volatile these ingredients are released in the air during the paint drying process and might cause harmful effects to the environment such as contribution to smog and air pollution.

These may also cause breathing difficulty, irritation of eyes etc. in few cases. It is important to focus on having low levels of VOC in paint so as to sustain our environment and prevent any side effects in human beings. For this purpose, the GS -11 Standard prescribes certain VOC limits and there are various standard test methods to measure VOC in paint.


The GS - 11 Standard applicable VOC levels for various kinds of paints are -

Product Type            Applicable Standard            VOC Level (in g/L)           
Wood coating GS - 11 275
Non-Flat Topcoat GS - 11 100
Flat Topcoat GS - 11 50

The Green Seal GS-11 Standard also establishes requirements for stains and finishes, and is intended for products generally applied to metal and wood substrates.


The VOC Levels for some of our Interior and Exterior Emulsions as measured by an external laboratory by a test method (ASTM D 6886) specified by the GS-11 Standard are as follows:

Product Type                                   Coating Type            Year of Testing           VOC Content in gm/litre*
Royale Play Infinitex Int Texture Flat Jan-16 < 50 
Royale Atmos Luxury Emulsion Flat Feb-16 < 50 
Royale Matt Luxury Emulsion Flat Jan-16 < 50 
Apcolite Advanced Emulsion Flat Feb-16 < 50 
Apcolite Premium Emulsion Flat Jun-15 < 50 
Professional Premium Interior Emulsion  Flat Feb-16 < 50 
Tractor Emulsion Advanced   Flat Feb-16 < 50 
Tractor Emulsion Flat Feb-16, Mar-16 < 50 
Royale Aspira Luxury Emulsion  Non-Flat Jan-16 < 100
Royale Play Special Effects Paint Metallics  Non-Flat Jan-16 < 100
Royale Play Special Effects Paint  Non-Flat Jan-16 < 100
Royale Shyne Luxury Emulsion Non-Flat Jan-16 < 100
Royale Water Based Lustre  Non-Flat Mar-16 < 100
Royale Luxury Emulsion  Non-Flat Jan-16, Apr-16 < 100
Royale Luxury Enamel Topcoat Non-Flat Jan-16 < 100
Royale Luxury Enamel Basecoat Non-Flat Mar-16 < 100
Royale Wall Basecoat Non-Flat Feb-16 < 100
Apcolite Satin Premium Emulsion Non-Flat Jan-16, Apr-16 < 100
Asian Filling Putty Label  Undercoat Jan-16 <100
Asian Wall Putty Undercoat Jan-16 <100
Professional Wall Putty Undercoat Jan-16 <100
Smart Care Damp Proof  Undercoat Jan-16 <100
Smart Care Bio Block Undercoat Jan-16 < 100 
Exterior Wall Primer  Undercoat Jan-16 <100
Professional Exterior Primer  Undercoat Jan-16 <100
Smart care Primero High Performance Primer  Undercoat Jan-16 <100
Ace Exterior Emulsion Flat 2013 and Jan-16 < 50 
Ace Advanced Exterior Emulsion Flat Jan-16 < 50 
Apex Weather Proof Exterior Emulsion  Flat 2013 and Jan-16 <50
Apex Advanced Weather Proof Exterior Emulsion  Flat Jan-16 <50
Apex Ultima Brilliant White  Non-Flat 2013 and Jan-16 <100
Apex Ultima Protex Base Coat  Undercoat Jan-16 <100
Apex Ultima Protex Top Coat  Non-Flat 2013 and Jan-16 <100
Apex Title Guard TG1  Non-Flat Jan-16 <100
Apex Floor Guard  Non-Flat Jan-16 <100
AP Duracast Undercoat Jan-16 <100
AP Ultima Alura  Undercoat Jan-16 <100
*Note: Colourants may add additional VOCs


The above mentioned information confirms our complete Green commitment to you, our customer, and perhaps this is the reason why our products don't just transform homes, but also lives.

In case of further queries we request you to write to us at 'Your Voice' or mail us at or call us at 1-800-209-5678.