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Do rugs come with a warranty?

Yes. Each rug has a warranty of six months warranty against manufacturing defects.

What happens if my rug is damaged, defective in any manner, or not the exact thing I ordered?

Before being shipped, every one of our rugs goes through a rigorous quality inspection. However, if the rug is damaged in transit, we ask that you send images of the damaged rug to the nearest store (from where you made the purchase). Please reserve the copy of the invoice/bill.

Are the rug images on your website displayed in their real colors?

The rugs displayed on the website are, in fact, in their real hues. The color of the actual rug and the website image, however, may differ slightly depending on the quality of your device's screen.

How do I remove the odor, if any?

Rugs are transported in sealed bags, so over time, scents from the colors and fibers may build up. When the rug is taken out of the bag, the smell will gradually go away on its own by keeping it out in the open.

How to remove the creases from the rug?

A brand-new rug can have some creases from being folded for transportation when it is delivered. After the rug has been flattened down for some time, these will vanish. To fasten the process, roll the rug with the pile facing outward and leave it that way overnight.

How do I save my rug from shedding?

As a normal part of breaking in, new hand made rugs frequently drop loose fibers. With time, especially after they have been vacuumed a few times, this will stop. Certain rugs shed more frequently than others. To balance out the pile, certain loose, long strands, referred to as "sprouts," may protrude from the rug's surface.