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We all dream to have our own living spaces - a home that we can see nourished right in front of our eyes. We strive hard and do everything possible to make our homes a perfect place for us and our loved ones to spend the rest of our lives there. What we don’t want is for our homes to be ruined by ugly stains or black spots. These stains, caused by water seepage, can not only make your homes look badbut also cause structural damage and allergies! 

Water seepage is one of the most common issues faced by homeowners around the globe. Water seepage can happen due to multitude of reasons. Right from a broken overhead tank to constant bombardment of rain and other natural elements on the house. Even a small leakage in a pipe can cause water to slowly trickle through the structure causing damage in multiple spots and parts. How can you avoid all this and protect your dream home? With Waterproofing - a systematic process that makes a structure waterproof or water resistant, such that it is not affected by water coming from rain or seepage from any other source.

Water Seepage Waterproofing Solutions - Asian Paints
Water seepage – not just ugly but bad for the building and your health


Waterproofing is a systematic process that makes a structure waterproof or water resistant, such that it is not affected by water. Waterproofing solutions for roofs, exteriors, and interiors, make residential spaces water-resistant by limiting the penetration of water. It is one of the most important tasks often neglected by homeowners. A serious matter of concern, it is often overlooked wrongly as an inconvenience and unnecessary expenditure. But when you go all out to make your dream home a reality, shouldn’t you maintain it well? Waterproofing your home is important as it not only strengthens your home inside-out but also saves it from appearing dull, flaky, and damp. 

Advantages of Waterproofing - Asian Paints
Both rains and sunshine affect a building. Create a protective layer for your home with waterproofing.

Waterproofing is extremely beneficial as it: 

  • Protects interiors from water damage 

  • Prevents onset of various health problems such as mold allergy

  • Protects the structural strength of the house

  • Saves other allied repair costs and increases building life

  • Helps increase the resale value of your property


Let’s look at some common areas from where seepage enters and damages the house.

Advantages of Roof Waterproofing - Asian Paints
Flat terraces are very vulnerable to water stagnation during rains or even overflowing water tanks


In any building structure, the roof or the terrace, is the most affected part that gets directly hit by extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains and extreme sun during summers. Furthermore, many roofs are used to house overhead tanks and several pipelines, which can also be sources of water. If proper care is not taken, water from all these sources can collect throughout the roof and slowly seep into the building’s structure, especially if there are any cracks and gaps on the surface of the roof. 

Broadly speaking, sources of water leakages on the roof can be divided into two categories:

  • Active Sources - Improperly sealed valleys, blockage and clogging along the gutters, excessive moisture due to rainwater, broken pipe, etc.

  • Inactive Sources – Cracks that form in the roof due to heavy stress or gaps that are created when installing tanks, pipelines, dish antennas, etc. 

A robust waterproofing solution protects your home from both active and inactive water leakages. There are multiple ways of waterproofing a roof/flat surface terrace. Traditional methods such as the brick-bat-coba uses bricks combined with mortar to create a slope to lead all water away from the roof. There is the Bituminous treatment, in which bitumen (asphalt) is used as a thin layer on top of the roof surface. Both solutions also include adding a generic waterproofing chemical to the mixtures to further help the process. Although widely used, these methods are highly ineffective due to their rigid nature and an inability to withstand the test of time. They also cost you copious amounts of money every other year. 

Asian Paints has devised modern waterproofing techniques to make roofs water resistant over a longerperiod of time. With Acrylic Chemistry based products like Damp Proof & Damp Proof Ultra, from Asian Paints’ SmartCare range, your roofs once waterproofed can resist seepage upto a decade. They alsotackle the issue of surfaces heating up, in turn facilitating temperature reduction in summers. The Asian Paints way of waterproofing has a proven track record when it comes to performance. The products, due to their fibre content that make the waterproofed surfaces robust (with up to 10 years* of warranty) are also easy to apply and fuss-free, thus saving your time and labour costs. 

Exterior Walls Waterproofing Solutions - Asian Paints
Cracks on exterior walls are unsightly and dangerous. Instead of simply painting over, opt for Asian Paints Smartcare Damp Sheath Exterior with superior crack bridging ability


Home exteriors like the side walls are exposed to several threats round-the-clock, including nature’s damages such as strong winds, harmful UV rays from the sun, and heavy rainfall. Other crucial factors to damage home exteriors are leaky drainage pipes, leakage from water tanks and natural water being present underground. Improper waterproofing practices such as poor installation methods, wrong choice of materials, using generic waterproofing chemicals, and incorrect installation methodologies often contribute to waterproofing failures on exterior walls. 

Asian Paints SmartCare  Damp Sheath Exterior is a waterproofing coating for exterior walls. An easy-to-apply solution, it has superior crack bridging ability (CBA), and best-in-class flexibility to ensure your exterior walls take the full blunt force of nature head-on and always make the best first impression.

Interior Walls Waterproofing Solutions - Asian Paints
Damp patches, black spots and efflorescence are all signs your home needs waterproofing immediately.


Finally, stepping inside the house, we come to the place where you spend most of your time: the interiors. Most interior areas of our homes are not spared from water damage. Increase in dampness and/or moisture and seepage from exterior adjoining walls and ceilings not only make interior walls weaker but also result in cracks, gaps and flaks. Efflorescence or “namak” on the walls is another cause of concern for most homeowners. 

The most common areas of water seepage inside your homes are kitchens, sink areas and the walls right outside your bathrooms. Cracks formed due to naturally occurring movement and vibrations in the walls can lead to nasty spots of water on your walls. Also, gaps between two structures like the window/door frames, switches and the walls can also lead to water seepage. The most common response to fixing a leakage inside your house is to repaint it. This is nothing but a temporary solution that you might need to repeat every year, increasing your hassle and the burden on your wallet.

Asian Paints’ SmartCare has a large variety of products that can help you keep your home interiors pristine and waterproof.

Depending on the intensity of your water seepage problem, we have the following solutions:

  • Mild leakage – Damp Sheath interior

  • High leakage – Damp Block 2K  

  • Gaps and cracks – Crack Seal & Akryl Max


Water Seepage Waterproofing Solutions - Asian Paints
Water seepage – not just ugly but bad for the building and your health



SmartCare Waterproofing Products - Asian Paints
Acrylic chemistry based products from the house of Asian Paints. Dependable and long lasting solution for any kind of leakage or seepage issues.

All the products are Acrylic Chemistry based solutions, flexible enough to accommodate the movement and vibrations which render traditional or generic waterproofing methods ineffective. What’s more: all SmartCare products can be easily painted over so you don’t have to apply any other layers before adding a splash of your favourite colour to the walls. 


ML: As one of the most renowned brands for all your home upkeep needs, Asian Paints’ products can help you create a waterproofing envelope around your house giving you a comprehensive 360-degree solution for all your waterproofing needs. 

And then there are a few more benefits of using Asian Paints:

  • 360-degree solution with the help of our experts and trained professionals who are just a call away. They do what’s necessary once, and do it right.

  • Products that easily fit your painting needs. A small change in your painting products will go a long way in waterproofing endeavours.

  • High quality performance against heavy rainfall, harmful UV sun rays, etc.

  • Comprehensive coverage for roofs, exteriors, and interiors.

  • Lesser consumption of time and manpower.

  • Up to 10* years’ warranty available .



We are just a couple of months away from monsoons, and now is the right time to get all your waterproofing needs addressed. If you are looking to upgrade your home roof, exteriors, and interiors with Asian Paints waterproofing techniques, do get in touch with our experts and get a full quotation today.


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