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10 Ideas To Decorate The Living Room On A Budget


A tight budget is no reason to waffle on the plan for a living room makeover. These 10 living room decor ideas give you a lot of room to make that metamorphosis happen.

The legendary Coco Chanel, that diva of all things stylish, said that the best things in life are free, and we certainly agree with that observation. Ideas, aesthetic sense and enthusiasm are the three most important things you need when you are opting for a new living room design. While we are certain you’re sorted on the enthusiasm and aesthetic front, we’ve got you covered when it comes to living room interior design ideas. And that’s all you will need to reimagine your living room decor even if you are on a budget!

Living Room Design Ideas - Asian Paints
Your budget no longer compromises your aesthetic; this room weaves small details together to make a wholesome haven.
Living Room Furniture Ideas - Asian Paints
Neutral base colours create endless opportunities to add more contemporary elements to liven this space up.


Get innovative with what you have. Play around with the arrangement of your existing pieces of living room furniture until you hit upon one that feels just right. Get some bright fabric and reupholster a worn-out piece or two, and transform old pieces with a fresh coat of paint, preferably high gloss which will add a breath of fresh air to a contemporary space. You can also go for a distressed look for your new living room interior design if you’re looking to add an industrial-style sensibility to your space.


If you have similar-coloured accents placed around the living room, then it’s time to shake things up.  Round them up to arrange on a coffee table or centre table. This room design idea will make them feel like a collection and give your living room interior design a different look.

Room Design Ideas - Asian Paints
The beauty is in the details! Sometimes, exquisite settings call for the mingling of the simplest of elements.
DIY Living Room Design Walls - Asian Paints
Taking heaps of modernity and adding hints of pop culture, the DIY artwork adds a personal touch to the walls.


It could be some cool colourful pieces that you can work into your room or some salvaged architectural piece that goes with your existing living room décor. Another way to make things interesting is adding a personal touch with some fun quote the DIY way. Wondering how to go about achieving this inexpensive update to your living room interior design Simple, just get wood, some cardboard letters from any craft store, and cover them in any kind of paper—patterned, coloured scrap paper, old wallpaper or vintage maps and you’re done. Though, do think long and hard about what you want to say before it goes up that living room wall!


Fix a date with your books. Pull them down from the bookcases and opt for a new way of stacking them. You can combine the books according to colour, size or texture. Feel free to give away the books you haven’t read in a long time (you probably won’t get around to it anyway). Once done, add some artwork and accessories for an eye-catching display. You can also de-clutter your TV cabinet design for a new look.

Interior Ideas for Living Room - Asian Paints
Rearrange, Repurpose and Reclaim- Create your own sanctum of happiness right in your living room!
Bedroom Design Ideas - Asian Paints
Rich hues of gold and yellow radiate from this Mercury glass table lamp making this space warm and fuzzy.


The right kind of living room lighting is integral to well-thought-out living room interior design. Invest in some new light fixtures to brighten up your living room décor. It could be a new reading lamp, a classic mercury glass table lamp or a floor lamp for a more contemporary feel. If fairy lights or sculptural LED lights catch your fancy, then it’s the quickest way to transform your space.


Choose a simpler colour for your living room. Take a colour inventory of your living room. Zero in on your top three favourite shades, and harden your heart for the runner-up hues and eliminate them from the room. Less is more and simple is the way to go when it comes to this home interior design idea. Shop for accents if you need to highlight your new palette but buy what truly sparks joy in your heart. 

You can also bring in pops of colour by trading your existing throw pillows and cushions for brighter alternatives in varying prints, hues, shades and textures. It can create a brand-new look with the same living room sofa set. You can also change your furnishings (curtains, sofa cover, etc) to match the new pillows. What you get is the same living room but so very different!


Wall Design Ideas for Living Room - Asian Paints
To play. To celebrate. With well-thought accents, this living room is so much more than a simple space.


Here’s a hack for an inexpensive designer living room. Free up a wall and transform it into a canvas to hang art. You can find interesting and inexpensive works on the internet—it could be abstract prints that adhere to the room’s colour palette or an eye-catching oversized art piece for an impressive display. You can also opt for handcrafted wall displays, or ceramic wall plates to give your living room wall design a makeover. Add framed photographs of your loved ones and put them up gallery style on your accent wall.

Living Room Wall Art Design - Asian Paints
This wall is home to memorable photographs which conspire to create a nostalgic, dreamy setting.
Living Room Decor - Asian Paints
A blast from the past, this vintage collection of vinyl and posters channels a contemporary retro vibe.


A touch of style and glamour can be easily achieved in your living room by investing in a bar cart. Stock it up with your favourite spirits, mixers and glassware. This functional piece doubles down to the job of glamming up the living room and offering convenient access to whatever you need when you entertain at home.

Glamorous Living Room - Asian Paints
Alcohol is the best investment and so is its accomplice, a glamorous bar cart. The perfect cocktail of stories and memories.
Latest & modern minimalist kitchen design � Asian Paints
Circular pendant lights with a metallic finish make sure that this kitchen is well-lit and gentle on the eyes.


Add a vase of fresh flowers to make your living room more inviting (a great room décor idea when you’re entertaining at home). Or opt for pretty-looking indoor plants in cool ceramic pots (they come in varying colours, textures and shapes so your cool quotient is assured). If you’re feeling particularly whimsical (or brave), go funky with pots shaped like cartoon characters or animals. Plants not only enliven your living room interior design, but also help keep the air around you clean.


If it’s winter time and you are planning a living room renovation, start from the ground up. Buy a couple of rugs, preferably neutral-coloured ones with abstract patterns, or a solid-coloured option that complements your existing living room interior design.

These are an inexpensive and inspired way to transform the look and feel of your living room floor and bring in that cosy warm feeling

If you’re high on enthusiasm and confident of your aesthetic, then deep pockets aren’t necessary to get that designer-worthy living room! So, get inspired by these living room décor ideas and go for it.

Bringing that hint of familiarity, this abstract patterned rug crafts a luxurious and cosy living room.


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10 Ideas to Decorate the Living Room on a Budget