5 Latest Sofa Set Designs For The Modern Home


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Sofa set designs

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5 Latest Sofa Set Designs for the Modern Home


It dominates your living room, is a marker for your personal style and is the most important seat in the house—so choose a sofa set that’s just right for you.

It’s the first space in a house that guests see and form impressions of your innate personal taste. It’s the first space you choose to unwind when you get home and shrug off that long day of work. The living room is every homeowner’s canvas to showcase their aesthetic. It is also the most-visited, most-occupied and most-used space in your house. It’s where you host your guests and where you relax before calling it a night. And for it to be comfortable—and pretty looking—your living room needs to have a well-chosen centrepiece—the ubiquitous living room sofa set. A beautiful sofa set has enough aesthetic power to transform your living room design.

Simple Living Room Sofa Set Designs - Asian Paints
Fusing contemporary colours with simple, minimal lines, a space that is not only timelessly elegant but also peaceful to be in.

Modern furniture design offers a variety of sofa sets which are as good-looking as they are comfortable. If your living room renovation plan includes a new sofa set, your very first step is an obvious one—making sure it matches the other existing furniture and fixtures. Pay careful attention to the material, upholstery and accents that go along with it, like cushions or sofa-set covers. Durability and comfort when scouring for modern furniture design are also equally important. Refrain from opting for the latest furniture design only because it is trending, and carefully consider your family’s needs and lifestyle before you make the purchase. 

With a world of choice out there, it’s a difficult decision, which we’ve tried to narrow down for you. Take a gander at these five popular sofa-set styles, trending designs and the type of home design where they will be completely at home.



The sofa-cum-bed is a favourite piece of living room furniture across the globe. It is practical, convenient and shape-shifting. 

Small kitchen wooden countertop - Asian Paints
An amalgamation of convenience and practicality, this sofa cum bed serves both the guests and you.

A piece of space-saving furniture that doubles up as a comfortable bed is a saviour when you have a small home and overnight guests. They even fit in beautifully in large houses. As far as size goes, the sofa-cum-bed isn’t a one-size-fits-all variety. There is the smaller, perfect-for-one type to a king-sized one that can comfortably fit four.



Vintage lovers with deep pockets should opt for plush Italian sofa sets. They are comfortable and make for an impressive display as your living room’s centrepiece.

This kind of a sofa set can serve to anchor your interior decoration plan, so build your furnishings and home accents around it. Use elegant living room wall colours lighting, get some luxurious cushions and find living room furniture—centre table, TV cabinet, among other things—that complements the overall look.

Italian Sofas Design - Asian Paints
A fusion of the modern and traditional, this deluxe sofa set makes for an impressive display.


The raw, edgy and unfinished industrial design style works well in a contemporary home and if you’re a young couple still searching for your design sensibility. Think sofa sets made from wrought iron, wood or leather—perfect additions to modern apartments.

Industrial Styles Sofa Design - Asian Paints
Neutral tones, an industrial touch make this sofa a delightful place to kick back and relax with the family.

You can go about this in two ways: either give your entire living room décor the industrial-style aesthetic or cleverly blend the urban-chic style into your existing interior decoration. Which means neutral colours for the sofa set, paired with colourful cushions or other bold accents to make your industrial-style living room feel warm and inviting.



The vintage sofa set has made a comeback this year as the go-to option to add a touch of nostalgia to the home, with a contemporary facelift.

However, their basic style is retained to remind us of the old-fashioned style that dominated the 60s. If retro chic is your thing, then the vintage sofa set should be on your must-have list.

Vintage Style Sofa Design - Asian Paints
With the synthesis of vintage and contemporary, this sofa style takes us to retrograde.



The raw, edgy and unfinished industrial design style works well in a contemporary home and if you’re a young couple still searching for your design sensibility. Think sofa sets made from wrought iron, wood or leather—perfect additions to modern apartments.

Outdoor Sofa Design - Asian Paints
This comfortable outdoor sofa adds a dash of brilliance to the already magical ambiance.


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