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Product Stewardship

We are determined to be a leading company in product stewardship and in creating business value from it by providing safer and more sustainable solutions for our customers.

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At Asian Paints, we are on a constant vigil to enhance the positive attributes of paint while arresting its negative impact on the environment and maintaining high quality and safety standards.

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Health & Safety

Occupational health & safety is a top priority at Asian Paints. We remain focused on our long-term objective of ‘zero accidents’ in the Company and along the value chain.

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At Asian Paints, we consider community engagement to be an integral part of our corporate culture. As a responsible organisation, community care remains consistently embedded in our value-creation system.

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Dear Readers,

At Asian Paints, the philosophy of sustainable and inclusive development is deeply embedded in our strategic priorities and forms the foundation of our values and brands. This year’s Sustainability Report provides an overview of the key programmes we have been working on, the progress we have made and some areas we can feel proud of. While we have come a long way, there is still so much more to do.

K.B.S. Anand

Managing Director & CEO, Asian Paints Limited

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One of our paramount objectives is to achieve efficient and responsible water management as it is a strategic resource for both business and environmental sustainability.