Cracks & Joints Repair for New Construction



New Construction

  • Gaps & Joints
  • Leakages
  • Painted surfaces

Gaps & Joints

Fill Gaps/Joints Between Surfaces

Cause of the problem

In constructions, spaces need to be created to fit window frames, doors etc. If the space created is greater than the actual size of the fitting, it results in gaps. If not treated with an appropriate sealant, they may eventually cause waterproofing problems. Neutral silicone sealants like Unyversyl can be used for filling these gaps and joints.

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Recommended products:

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SmartCare Unyverseal

SmartCare UnyverSeal is a durable and odorless neutral silicone sealant for sealing of glass, masonry and sanitary joints. It provides waterproofing warranty for 2 years.


Prevent Leakage Through Gaps & Joints which Requires Painting Over

Cause of the problem

Filled up gaps and joints are starkly visible if colour is not matched to the substrate. Since sealants come in limted colours, matching is an issue. Paintable sealants like Akrylmax help in overcoming this problem.

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Recommended products:

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SmartCare AkrylMax

SmartCare AkrylMax is an acrylic emulsion based plastic elastic sealant for sealing masonry joints that can be top coated with a water-based paint.

Painted surfaces

Prevent Spider Web like Cracks on Painted Surfaces

Appearance of spider like cracks on the walls is a common phenomenon on a newly painted wall. These cracks are caused by sudden temperature variations and substrate treatment. Crackshield helps in arresting these cracks.

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Recommended products:

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SmartCare Crackshield

Crackshield is the only preventive crack solution available in India. It is a sheet of glass fiber which is applied between primer coatings to prevent spider web like hairline cracks from appearing on interior painted walls.



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