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What shade is SmartCare Unyverseal available in?

The SmartCare Unyverseal is available in White, Black, Clear and Grey shades.

What are the recommended areas of application for SmartCare Unyverseal?

The areas of application of SmartCare Unyverseal includes:

1) Sealing glass, glazed surfaces, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and other metals, painted wood, plastics like UPVC, PC, ABS hard PS and polyester.

2) Sealing sanitary joints – wash basins, bathtubs, showers ,toilets, kitchens, and so on.

3) Sealing joints between wall and floor.

4) Joints between sanitary fittings, wall and floor.

5) Joints between the roofing and any abutting components.

6) Joints on pipe passages.

7) Industrial areas where fungus growth is not allowed.

What are the available pack sizes of SmartCare Unyverseal

The SmartCare Unyverseal is available in a 310 ml pack.

What are the precautions to be observed while applying SmartCare Unyverseal?

There are a few precautions to be taken while applying SmartCare Unyverseal:

1) SmartCare Unyverseal is not paintable.

2) It is recommended for joints that have a maximum movement of 25%.

3) Do not use in aquariums, Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Teflon and bituminous surfaces and wax or paraffin containing surfaces.

4) Install back up material for the right joint depth and in order to prevent three side adhesion.

5) Lack of UV light & ventilation or exposure to chemicals fumes may cause yellowing.

What is the shelf-life (expiry date) of SmartCare Unyverseal?

The SmartCare Unyverseal has a shelf-life is 1 year between +5 degree Centigrade, and +25 degree Centigrade.

What is the application procedure for SmartCare Unyverseal?

The application procedure for SmartCare Unyverseal is comprised of 6 simple steps:

1) Clean the surface by removing dust, loose particles, oil & grease.

2) Surfaces must be clean, dry and sound.

3) Cut the nozzle & tip of the cartridge at a 45 degree angle according to joint dimensions.

4) Apply sealant using a sealant gun.

5) Use a pallet knife or wet finger for tooling the surface to remove air bubbles.

6) Use masking tape on both the sides of the joint to get neat & uniform application.

What is the coverage of SmartCare Unyverseal?

The SmartCare Unyverseal has a coverage of 42 running feet (for joints of 4mm by 6mm).

What are the advantages of SmartCare Unyverseal over its competitors?

The advantages of using SmartCare Unyverseal are as follows:

1) SmartCare Unyverseal has neutral curing, and hence it is odourless. Its competitors are acid cured, hence they have pungent smell (like vinegar).

2) It is non-corrosive, so it can be used on Aluminum, Lead, Copper, Brass, Steel. Whereas the competitors have acid which corrodes metal substrates.

3) It has excellent adhesion on alkaline surfaces whereas competitors give adhesion failure on alkaline surfaces like cement & concrete plaster.

4) It permits upto 25 % joint movement capability whereas Putty has 0 % Joint movement capability.

5) It is ISO 846 certified for mildew resistance whereas Putty has no mildew/fungi resistance.

Does SmartCare Unyverseal complies with is standards?

The SmartCare Unyverseal is ISO 846 certified protection from fungus for home.

Is SmartCare Unyverseal paintable after curing?

No, the SmartCare Unyverseal is not paintable after curing.

What is the minimum and maximum joint width where SmartCare Unyverseal can be applied?

For SmartCare Unyverseal to be applied, the minimum joint width is 4 mm, and maximum joint width is 25 mm.

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