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When it comes to home painting, leave it to us

A refreshing new look for your home can bring excitement into your life. But home painting
isn’t that simple. Which colours work? Which products best suit my needs? Will it fit the budget?
home solutions is the answer to these and more.

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This service is only available in the following cities :-
Jaipur, Chandigarh, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Mumbai, Pune, Coimbatore, Cochin , Bangalore, Chennai.

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Colour Consultancy at Home
My Colour Project

My Colour Project You have

Find everything you need to transform your home - colour inspirations, real-time views of makeover,
A to Z painting tips and more. Also, track your progress and save each step as you go along.

Get inspired

Explore home decor ideas that inspire you to create your home's new look.
  • Inspiration Wall Recently updated.

    Inspiration Wall

    Browse home decor images, save favourites and upload your own.

  • Ideas Engine Recently updated.

    Ideas Engine

    Explore home décor ideas from experts & share yours.

  • Guide books Recently purchased.

    Guide Books

    Discover expert books on colours, painting & decor ideas.

  • Colour Spectra Recently Added.

    Colour Spectra

    Browse through our library of over 1,800 original hues.

  • Snap It Recently Added.

    Snap It

    With the new Snap It tool, you can get shade codes for every image you ‘snap’.

Try & decide

Watch your ideas come to life and get expert help using our tools.
  • Colour Chef Recently shortlisted.

    Colour Chef

    Choose your favourite shades & textures by trying them out virtually.

  • 4 pics Recently uploaded.

    4 pics

    Share images of your room and we'll redo them in your favourite colours.

  • Colour Consultancy Online Recently posted.

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    Colour Consultancy Online

    Resolve your colour queries via a live chat with our experts.

Make it happen

Finalise your painting plan with our tips and tools, and show off the results.
  • Tips Recently viewed.


    Get tips at every step for the perfect paint job.

  • Project Planner Recently updated.

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    Rs.42276.5 To Rs. 48048


    Project Planner

    Calculate your painting budget & find a dealer near you.

Let's Celebrate

Celebrate your design by sharing it with others & inviting your friends.
  • Beautiful Home Diaries Recently updated.

    Beautiful Home Diaries

    Share your home stories with us and we will feature them here

  • Celebrate Your Home

    Show off you newly designed home with our special invites.


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