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Exterior Painting: What Should You Do Before Painting Your Exteriors?

The exterior wall paint of your house needs to be changed every few years to maintain a fresh and up to date look of your house. The exterior paint of your house creates the first impression due to which the exterior home painting should be done correctly. Before addressing the question of how to paint a house exterior, you need to follow certain steps to ensure the outside building painting has the right foundation.

Even before the first paint coat is applied to the exterior walls, you need to prepare the walls properly so that the new coat of paint gets applied correctly. Not preparing your exterior walls before the exterior home painting can result in a sloppy and unreliable paint job that won’t last the test of time. Let’s take a look at all the steps you need to take for a dependable house

Plan the Outside Building Painting Process

The first step of the house exterior painting process is to plan all the painting needs and requirements. You need to prepare for the building outside the painting process depending upon the season of the year. Inspect the house to list down all the defects that need to be fixed before starting the painting for the house outside. You also need to list down the home painting services to choose from and the painting material that will be required.

Clean the Exterior Walls by Washing them with Water

Before the house exterior painting, it is important to remove dirt, grease, and grime from the exterior walls so that the primer and new coat of paint adhere properly. You can clean the exterior walls with water by using a simple bucket and mug, a garden hose, or a pressure spray water pump. You can also hire a professional pressure washing service for your house.

Spraying water on exterior wall - Asian Paints

Remove Flaking Paint before Building Outside Painting

Place newspapers or drop cloth on the ground and remove any loose paint from the wall that appears in the form of flaking or chipping. Use a paint scraper to remove all the loose paint from the previous coat on the exterior walls. Removing loose paint will ensure that the new paint coat will be damage free from these minor defects.

Removing loose paint from exterior walls - Asian Paints

Sanding the Exterior Walls

Once all the loose paint is removed, start the sanding process of the exterior walls. The sanding process will moderately remove the previous coat of paint and ensure a smooth and even surface for the new coat of paint. Use tools such as an electric sander and a sanding block for the process of sanding before painting the house outside.

Initiating sanding process on exterior walls - Asian Paints

Repairing Damages and Caulking the Exterior Gaps

Search for defects such as damaged wood, dents, or cracks on the surface and get them fixed immediately. Look for all the gaps in the exterior part of the house such as the region between the window frames. These gaps can also include different wall surfaces converging, or any holes and openings in the wall. Caulk all these surfaces properly so that air and water don’t seep through these openings to damage the interior parts of the house.

Repairing Damages

How to Paint Outside of the House?

Once you prepare the exterior walls properly, you can then address the question of how to paint the house exterior. One of the exterior painting tips is to start painting from top to bottom to avoid drips and falling debris on the fresh paint coat. Another set of exterior painting tips includes painting in the right environmental conditions such as painting in the shade or away from rainfall.

How to Paint Outside of House with the Help of Asian Paints?

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