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How Roof Waterproofing Helps In Cooling The Home

Due to the continual rise in temperatures over the past couple of decades, India has earned the classification of a "hot tropical" country, particularly evident in the dry northern regions. The scorching heat during peak summer months, especially in April and May, becomes unbearable for both humans and building structures alike. Roofs and terraces, being the most exposed parts of a building, bear the brunt of harmful UV rays directly from the sun. This constant heat exposure often leads to erosion, bleaching, and flaking of the building structure above.

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The rising temperatures not only affect ecosystems, but also homes.
Constant Exposure To Harsh Sunlight Waterproofing Solutions - Asian Paints
Constant exposure to harsh sunlight erodes and weakens roofs.

Unfortunately, a weakened and eroded roof or terrace surface paves the way for the development of cracks, which become avenues for water seepage during heavy monsoon rains. The water seepage through these cracks not only poses structural concerns but also diminishes the aesthetics of your home. To combat the atrocities of heat exposure and prevent water-related issues, homeowners must take measures to safeguard their building roofs and terraces.

While several methods like window replacements, shading, and improved insulation can cool down your home, they may not always be reliable in the long run and can be heavy on the pocket. For a more sustainable and cost-effective solution to heat-proof your house, consider roof painting for cooling. Asian Paints' SmartCare waterproofing solutions offer a reliable and long-term investment to shield your home from heat and water-related damages, ensuring a comfortable and beautiful living space for years to come.

Waterproofing/Weatherproofing For Roofs & Terraces - Asian Paints
Waterproofing/Weatherproofing helps in keeping roofs and terraces intact .

A few ways to cool down your home is by replacing windows, shading, and improving insulation. But these methods of heat reduction might be unreliable in the long run, and quite heavy on the pocket. If you’re looking for a long-term and more affordable alternative to heat-proof your house, roof waterproofing is the way to go and Asian Paints’ SmartCare waterproofing solutions are sure to turn out to be a great investment.


Waterproofing, or weather-proofing using SmartCare products not only strengthens the roofs and terraces inside out but also enables the surface to reflect maximum heat during peak summers due to superior product innovation techniques, unlike other similar products available in the market.

Asian Paints waterproofing products Damp Proof and Damp Proof Ultra come with an advanced heat reduction formula that cools down the surface area up to 12 degree celsius. As a significant amount of heat is reflected away, it not only cools down the surface area but also helps in decreasing the overall temperature of the building structure.

Waterproofing Products For Heat Reduction - Asian Paints


Asian Paints products come with numerous advantages and are proven to outperform other similar products available in the market.

Damp Proof and Damp Proof Ultra by Asian Paints offer the following advantages:

- Offers best heat reflective technology in peak summers.

- Helps reduce surface heat to up to 12 degree celsius.

- Helps cool down overall building temperature.

- Safeguards against water seepage.

- Serves dual purpose of both heat reduction and waterproofing.

Roof or terrace waterproofing stands as a paramount maintenance activity crucial for preserving the integrity of homes. Beyond safeguarding the structure from harsh weather, this essential process plays a significant role in maintaining the overall building's strength and durability. Moreover, incorporating roof cooling techniques, such as roof painting for cooling or using roof cooling coatings, can further enhance the protective capabilities of the waterproofing system. These cool roof coatings help to reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption, leading to a more comfortable and energy-efficient living space.


Roof or terrace waterproofing is one of the most essential maintenance activities for the upkeep of homes, as apart from safeguarding the structure against extreme weather conditions, roof waterproofing also helps maintain the integrity of the building structure.


1. How do I keep my roof cool?

To keep your roof cool and reduce heat absorption, you can employ several strategies. One effective method is roof painting for cooling. Applying a specialized cool roof coating can help in reflecting a significant amount of sunlight and heat away from your roof's surface, thus maintaining lower temperatures. Additionally, ensuring proper ventilation and insulation in your attic can further contribute to keeping your home cooler.

2. How do you treat a roof to reduce heat?

Treating a roof to reduce heat involves the application of a cool roof coating. This specially formulated coating is designed to have high solar reflectivity and infrared emissivity, enabling it to reflect sunlight and release absorbed heat efficiently. By applying this cool roof coating to your roof's surface, you can significantly lower the amount of heat transferred into your living spaces, leading to a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

3. What is the best roof coating to reflect heat?

The best roof coating to reflect heat is a cool roof coating. These coatings are engineered with reflective properties, allowing them to bounce back a substantial portion of solar radiation. As a result, the roof absorbs less heat, and the interior of the building remains cooler. Cool roof coatings can be beneficial in reducing the need for excessive air conditioning, thus promoting energy savings and contributing to a greener and more sustainable living.

4. How does cool roof coating work?

Cool roof coatings work by reflecting sunlight and releasing absorbed heat. They have a high solar reflectance, which means they reflect a significant amount of solar radiation away from the roof's surface. Additionally, cool roof coatings possess high infrared emissivity, allowing them to efficiently release any heat they do absorb. This combination of reflective and emissive properties helps in keeping the roof and the building beneath it cooler, reducing the demand for air conditioning and improving overall energy efficiency.


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