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Paint Primers: Different Types of Paint Primers for Home

Quality home painting work is achieved when the selected paints are properly applied to the walls with a long-lasting effect. Before carrying out any type of interior painting or exterior painting, using primer paint for walls is a standard procedure which is followed throughout the world. Although a new generation of paints can be applied without a primer, using primer paint for walls provides many benefits to achieve quality paintwork. It is also essential to know when to use primer paint considering the different requirements of the surface.

What is Primer Used for and What Does Primer Do During a Paint Job?

 A primer paint for walls is used to completely prepare the surface before the application of a paint coat. The reason why primer is used before applying a paint coat is to create a uniform and smooth surface for the paint to adhere properly. Using a primer colour for wall will also cover all defects and stains on the surface so they do not bleed into the paint coat.

One more reason why primer is used before painting is that the right shade of selected colour will be correctly visible on the surface. Let’s say you are retouching a wall design from a darker shade to a lighter shade or from a higher sheen to a lower sheen, a wall primer colour will create the right base for these changes. There are different types of primer paints that you can use depending upon the requirement and need of the paintwork.

Let’s take a look at different types of primer paints along with questions such as, what is primer paint used for, when to use primer paint, and how to apply primer on wall.


Oil-based Primer

Among the different types of primer paints available in the market, an oil-based primer has been the most popular choice of painters for decades. Oil-based primer offers versatility as it can be applied on different types of surfaces including interior and exterior walls, metals, wood, and walls with a previous coat of paint. An oil-based primer coat is suitable for a finish coat of both oil paints and latex paints. One of the reasons why primer is used on walls is to hide the wall defects and an oil-based primer can perfectly hide stains on the wall and prevent it from seeping into the new paint.



Latex-based Primer

Latex-based wall primer colour is among the most suitable types of primer that can be used to prepare drywall before applying paint. A latex primer colour for walls is effective for drywalls because it can even out the surface and make it uniform for the application of paint. While comparing different types of primer paint, a latex-based primer requires less amount of drying time, and it can be easily applied on the walls.



Shellac Primer

Among the different types of primer paint available in the market, a shellac primer is the best choice for applying to wooden surfaces. The major reason why primer is used before painting is to hide the damage in the wall and a shellac primer is the most suitable option to do so. Shellac primer is the best choice for hiding water damage and smoke damage on the walls and preparing them for a new coat of paint. A shellac primer is also suitable for both oil paints and latex paints.



How to Apply Primer on Wall

After knowing the answers to the questions of what is primer paint used for and what does primer do, it is also important to know how to apply a primer on a wall. The application of a primer is similar to that of paint. The wall should be prepped for the application of a primer with a thorough cleaning and fixing of any patches or damages on the walls. A primer is best applied with the same tools and techniques that are used to apply paint.



What is the difference between primer and paint?

The difference between primer and paint is that a primer is used to bond the surface and the paint properly by providing durable adhesion. On the other hand, paint is used to add colour to the walls and safeguard them against external elements.


 Why is a primer used before painting?

A primer is used to prepare the walls before the painting process. Applying a primer will even out the surface and provide a uniform base for the colour to be applied. A primer is also used to prevent the stains and damages on the walls from bleeding into the new paint coat.

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