Beautiful Homes Painting Services in Pune, Maharashtra

Initiating small renovations or painting your home can be exciting, but choosing the right colours, products, and house painters can be a task. All the while, you also have to ensure the painting job is executed on time with utmost care and safety. This is where we come in, with our aim to make painting a safe and great experience! Presenting Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Service, where you can reimagine your house as a huge yet untouched blank canvas. 

Start your consultation with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Service and we will guide you through all the questions you may have.

Why choose us?

Color Consultancy

Wallpapers & Textures

Trained Contractors

Best-in-class Products

Supervised Painting


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Second-guessing your décor decisions is not unusual, so that’s something we’ve accounted with our colour consultants. They work with you from square one and bring the stark resemblance to the bare walls.

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Wallpapers add an effortless edge to any given room. Select the perfect wallpaper design or pattern from our ultimate repository of wallpapers for your home and continue the colour scheme you wish to see!

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Our professionals are not only experts in their field of work, but also get specialised training to make them the best wall painters and ensure your home’s safety. Every contractor under our belt goes through the same training to give your home a safe and beautiful makeover.

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As a leader in the paint industry, we offer a vast range of paints for home and commercial spaces to suit your budget and requirements. These include Royale, Royale Shyne, Apex Ultima Protek, Duralife, and Aquadur PU for Wood to name a few.

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The entire process of work is monitored and timely inspected by our professional associate. Once the site is ready, we do a post-painting clean-up & home disinfection service and will give you a walkthrough of how to take care of your walls.

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Our range of Safe Painting Service come with a seal of trusted warranty, i.e., 1 year service + warranty on applicable products* *. However, the warranty is selective for some cities, which includes Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Home painting services in top cities!

There is no place like home - a place filled with warmth and beauty. With Beautiful Homes Painting Service, we give you the experience to create the life-long grandeur you have always wished for. Look for our dedicated team of Beautiful Homes Painting Service in other cities too!

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How it works?

1. Fill the form online

1. Fill the form online

Our customer service executive will ask for a suitable time for site evaluation

2. Product & site consultation

2. Product & site consultation

Our Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Service Associate will get in touch with you. The associate will assist with all your queries, and provide a product and site consultation

3. Select a shade

3. Select a shade

Our experts will help you finalise a shade from the range of curated yet safe colours for your walls

4. Day 1 of work

4. Day 1 of work

Once the colours have been selected, we cover the floor and necessary furniture with plastic. We also disinfect the site before beginning of the painting job and the final handover

5. Site Execution

5. Site Execution

According to the outline, we follow our well-established framework to follow high quality and on-time delivery of the perfect painting job

6. Site handover

6. Site handover

Once the site is neat and ready, we provide a post-painting clean-up and home disinfection service which is followed by a walkthrough of tips and tricks to take care of the walls

Choose A Plan That Best Suits You


Classic Plan

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  • Supervision
  • Basic Safety & Hygiene Protocol
  • Color Consultation
safe Warranty
  • Products Only

Gold Plan

check-mark Included
  • Supervision
  • Basic Safety & Hygiene Protocol
  • Asian Paints Covering & Masking
  • Mechanised Tools
  • Color Consultation
safe Warranty
  • Products Only

Platinum Plan*

check-mark Included
  • Supervision
  • Basic Safety & Hygiene Protocol
  • Asian Paints Covering & Masking
  • Mechanised Tools
  • Color Consultation
  • Sanitization
  • Technical Site Evaluation
  • Post Painting Professional Cleaning
safe Warranty
  • 1 Year Service + Applicable Products Warranty
  • * Available only in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore

Customer Speak

Best Home Beautiful Homes Painting Services Near Me in Pune

Painting holds the magic to turn a space into a beloved home. When considering a painting project, the selection of the best home painting service becomes pivotal. To save you from the hassle of scouting for the finest house painters near me in Pune or the most secure home painting services near me in Pune, we warmly encourage you to reach out to the Asian Paints team at 1800-209-5678. 

Benefits of Professional House Painting Services in Pune

Professional house painting services in Pune offer numerous benefits for homeowners seeking to refresh their living spaces. Whether we are talking about the painters in Pune or painting contractors in Pune these experts can provide a lot of benefits, such as -

  • • Quality Workmanship:

    Skilled painters in Pune ensure a flawless finish.
  • • Time Savings:

    Efficient professionals complete projects promptly.
  • • Cost Efficiency:

    Experts can advise on cost-effective options.
  • • Reduced Stress:

    A professional house painting service eliminates DIY hassle.

Average House Painting Price per Square Foot in Pune

House painting services costs in Pune can vary depending on the painting contractors. We recognize the importance of knowing the average cost for home painting services, for which the team at Asian Paints has introduced a handy Paint Budget Calculator. This nifty tool offers a projected budget range for painting a designated area, making it easier for you to plan your expenses effectively.

Various House Painting Services in Pune

Pune is a city with a diverse climate and rich cultural heritage, demanding specialized house painting services. This is where Asian Paints, professional Pune painters, and painting contractors in Pune come into the picture to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also preserve the integrity of homes in this dynamic environment.

  • • Interior Home Painting Services in Pune

    Pune's fluctuating temperatures can affect interior paint, making regular touch-ups essential. Proper interior painting maintains a comfortable atmosphere and visual appeal, creating a cosy home for residents to enjoy throughout the year.
  • • Exterior Home Painting Services in Pune

    Exterior painting is a necessity in Pune's ever-changing climate. It shields homes from extreme heat, heavy monsoons, and occasional cold spells. Moreover, it preserves the aesthetic charm that Pune's architecture is known for, ensuring your home stands out.
  • • Texture Home Painting Services in Pune

    Texture painting goes beyond aesthetics in Pune. It adds an extra protective layer to your walls, making them more resilient in the face of Pune's varying climate. Simultaneously, it enhances the visual appeal, contributing to your home's overall attractiveness.
  • • Wall Stencil Painting Services in Pune

    Stenciled designs are a way to infuse Pune's vibrant culture into your home's decor. These designs not only personalize your living space but also showcase the city's rich heritage, creating a stronger connection between your home and Pune's cultural identity.
  • • Waterproofing Services in Pune

    Pune's heavy monsoon season necessitates waterproofing to protect your home from water damage, mold growth, and structural issues. By investing in waterproofing, you ensure that your home remains a safe and secure haven throughout the year.
  • • Wood Polishing & Painting Services in Pune

    Wooden elements in Pune homes, such as furniture, doors, or architectural details, are susceptible to humidity and temperature variations. Regular wood polishing and painting are vital to protect and preserve these elements, ensuring they retain their beauty and structural integrity in Pune's dynamic climate.

Exterior & Interior Painting Tips For Your Home in Pune

Here are the tips for exterior and interior painting for your home in Pune - 

  • • Choose Weather-Resistant Paint:

    Pune experiences diverse weather, so opt for paints that can withstand heat, monsoons, and humidity.

  • • Surface Preparation:

    Properly prepare surfaces by cleaning, filling cracks, and sanding for a smoother finish.

  • • Quality Paint:

    Invest in high-quality, durable paint for long-lasting results.

  • • Colour Selection:

    Consider Pune's climate when choosing colours; light shades can help in the heat.

Selection of Paint Based On Rooms

Choosing the right paint can transform your rooms and create a unique ambience for each space within your home in Pune.

1. Living Room:

For Pune's ever-changing weather, opt for water-based latex or acrylic paints in the living room. These paints are versatile and durable, suitable for the city's moderate climate. You can choose from a variety of colours to create a welcoming and visually appealing space in your living room.

2. Kitchen:

In Pune's moderate climate, water-based latex or acrylic paints are also ideal for kitchens. These paints are easy to clean and can withstand occasional cooking splatters and stains, maintaining a fresh and tidy appearance.

3. Bathroom:

It's crucial to use mold-resistant and mildew-resistant paints in the bathroom. These specialized paints help prevent mold growth and maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your bathroom walls, despite the city's humidity.

4. Bedroom:

Create a restful atmosphere in the bedroom with soft, calming colours in water-based latex or acrylic paints. These paints are easy to maintain and perfect for achieving a serene ambience in a city known for its moderate and pleasant climate.

Why choose Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Services For Your Home Painting Services in Pune?

The best way to elevate your home painting experience in Pune is with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Services. Opting for our services ensures a hassle-free process under the supervision of a dedicated painting coordinator. Take advantage of expert consultations and personalized designs, tailoring your home to your unique preferences. Our services span various localities in Pune, such as Hadapsar, Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, and more, making it accessible for many residents.

Frequently Asked Questions For Painting Services in Pune


What do Asian Painting Safe Service in Pune offer?

We, at Asian Paints, are here to facilitate a professional experience and to that end, have partnered with service providers and painting professionals all over Pune. The Beautiful Homes Painting Service in Pune connects you with a service provider or painting professional who will help deliver safe and hygienic home painting/sanitization services, using genuine and quality Asian Paints products. The service also allows for a free consultation with our representative to assist in the selection of paint products, shades, textures, etc. We charge a refundable inspection fee of only Rs. 250 for this visit, as the site inspection stage is extremely important, and it is done professionally by a trained associate of Asian Paints.


How can one register for Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Service in Pune?

You may contact us at: Phone - 1800-209-5678, anytime between 08:00 am to 08:00 pm, Monday to Sunday, or; SMS - “PAINT” to 56161 or; Email -, or fill up the form on this page.


How will Beautiful Homes Painting Services near me in Pune go about house painting?

As part of this service, our representative will contact you to understand your painting needs. The associate will visit your premises and do the site evaluation. Based on the site evaluation and your painting/sanitization requirements, the associate will provide the service provider’s quotation for painting your premises. All the processes are carried out while following stringent safety protocols which include temperature checks, site sanitization, enhanced supervision and 10+ safety measures to ensure a safe environment. The supervisor will also be available to assist the site at regular intervals, or, on a need basis to do quality checks and supervise the painting work.


Why hire a professional wall painter in Pune?

Local wall painters are unreliable, expensive, and not well-trained. On the other hand, our professional painters get proper training on everything that makes up for good painting service. When you choose us, you not only get experienced professionals in Pune, but also get excellent wall painting rates when compared to anywhere else in the city.


What are the house painting rates in Pune?

We have 3 plans - Classic, Gold and Platinum. Our professionals conduct a site inspection of your house at a refundable fee of Rs. 250 and suggest a plan that best suits your needs and requirements. We assure you of the best wall painting rates in Pune, while receiving a top-notch paint service.


What are the advantages of hiring a professional painting services near me in Pune?

Our professionals are not only experts in their field of work but also get specialised training to make them the best wall painters in Pune. Wall painters in Pune are trustworthy, patient, and extremely professional which makes them the right pick for your house. Our home painter in Pune will offer you consultation services and help you pick the right colours for your home. You get your money’s worth when you choose our painters in Pune because not only will they give you reasonable costs but also make sure your house gets done on time.


What is the reason behind the stringent payment terms for beautiful homes painting service?

All payment terms are to be discussed between the customer and the service provider. All payments are to be made as per the stated milestones mentioned in the payment terms of the quotation. Commencement of painting work is subject to realization of payments as stated in the quotation, and the site is made available free from all hindrances, for carrying out the said painting work, until completion. Timelines for completion of the painting work are indicative and subject to the customer handing over the site fit to start work, free of any encumbrance. The service provider reserves the right to stop the work if the amount is not paid as per the terms and/or to exit the site till such time as dues are cleared by the customer.


Who will paint my house?

We have a panel of contractors and painters with the service providers, who are trained by us with respect to our product range. The painters are trained to ensure that the correct application procedures are followed. They are also trained in textures and specialty paint finishes.


After the painting work is over, will Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Service clean up the house?

Yes, we do the post-painting clean-up for your home and leave your home clean, sanitized and beautifully painted.


What kind of painting tools will be used during the house painting process?

As part of the service, we use mechanized tools to ensure a superior finish. We conduct scientific site evaluation through moisture meters and take accurate measurements through laser-based digital distance meters. Covering and masking of furniture are done through masking films. Superior sanding is done through electric sanders and dust extraction is carried out by vacuum cleaners. We also use the Ultra Hand Held Sprayer to get a uniform paint finish, quicker. All this ensures that home painting is a hassle-free process.


What are the features of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Service?

- Stringent safety protocols are followed.

- Get expert guidance for product and shade selection.

- Complete supervision during the execution of the site.

- Complete site sanitization.

- Asian Paints product warranty.


What are the benefits of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Service?

- Peace of mind as we ensure complete safety for you and your family.

- A complete hassle-free experience.

- Visualize how your home will look like with your selected colours via our consultation.

- Access to some of the industry’s best products for wallpapers and textures.

- Expert painters who provide a superior finish.


What are the basic safety & Hygiene protocols that Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Service executives follow on the site?

-          Verification code confirmation 

-          No handshake, only Namaste

-          Follow washroom hygiene

-          Daily cleaning of high-frequency touch surfaces

-          Covering and masking of Valuable item before Painting

-          Data to be preferably shared and maintained in soft copy to reduce the use of paper

-          Post Painting Cleaning of the site before handover

-          Material storage and its management


Will Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Painting Service assist me in shifting and covering furniture before painting starts?

We cover the floor, furniture, doors, windows, cupboards, etc., with masking sheets, before we start painting to prevent any damage during the painting process. Our team also helps you shift the furniture.


What types of painting services near me in Pune are offered?

Every house is built differently and hence requires different treatment in terms of painting. Walls that are built anew need a fresh coat, however, some walls that have gone through multiple coats of paint might also require a fresh painting service. Our team of painters in Andheri assists you in identifying the right type of painting service for your walls. Let’s find out below about a few types of these painting services in Pune.

1. Fresh Painting A fresh coat of paint on newly built walls is the perfect haven for our painters in Pune. In a fresh painting service, you get the opportunity to reimagine your space and achieve the house makeover of your dreams. Our painting company in Andheri will assist you in every step of this process.

2. Repainting In a repainting service, your walls get a fresh coat on top of the old paint. Although it might seem that this type of service requires less effort and expertise, that is not the case. You still need a professional to execute the job well to make sure the old paint doesn’t peek through the new coat. Our home painting service in Pune is the perfect fit for all your repainting needs and to achieve that flawless repaint for your walls.


Which services come under Beautiful Homes Painting Service?

Home renovations are a fun way to refresh your space and bring new energy into your home. While painting may be a time-consuming activity, finding the best painting contractors in Pune or house painting services in Pune may not be as difficult as you think. So, whether you want to add new furniture or revamp your upholstery, painting serves as a good starting point to visualize these aspects of home renovation.

1. Interior Painting Our interior wall painting in Pune lifts the look of your space and amplifies the beauty and personality of your home.

2. Texture Painting Our interior painting services in Pune include textured painting for the walls to give your house that extra wow factor.

3. Wood & Metal Painting Our beautiful homes painting services in Pune also include wood finishing solutions that will help refurbish your furniture to preserve its beauty for years to come.

4. Exterior House Painting Our exterior painting services in Pune elevate your space and give that right touch of modernity to your home.

5. Wallpapers & Stencils Our wallpapers are designed by one of the most celebrated Indian designers and are sure to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your house in Pune.


What are the trending paint colours for Home Interiors in Pune?

In Pune, the weather varies from hot and dry to wet and humid, so one can choose interior paint colours that offer both cooling and cosy vibes. Here are some colours to consider according to the rooms -

Living Room: Calming Blues And Greens

Bedroom: Relaxing Pastels And Earthy Tones

Kitchen: Warm Neutrals

Bathroom: Cool Aqua Hues


What is the average total painting cost in Pune to paint the interior surfaces of a house in square feet?

It’s important to plan for cost before you start your home painting project, hence we offer a practical solution—the Advanced Paint Budget Calculator. This tool provides a meticulous estimate of the painting cost, factoring in variables such as Project Type, Area, Size of Home, Dimensions of rooms, and more. It serves as a valuable resource for those seeking clarity for painting costs.


What other expenses should be taken into account while painting a house?

When embarking on a house painting project, it's essential to consider additional expenses beyond paint and labour. Some key factors to account for include primer costs, masking materials, painter's tape, drop cloths, and any necessary repairs or patching materials for prepping surfaces.


What factors to consider when looking for house painting services near me in Pune?

When searching for ‘house painters near me in Pune’ or for house painting services in Pune,  reputation, experience, and licensing should be at the forefront of your considerations when selecting contractors. Look for individuals or firms with commendable reviews and a well-established portfolio reflecting their past successes to guarantee the delivery of quality results. Also, ensure that they possess the necessary licensing and insurance, essential for maintaining safety and accountability throughout the project.

Beautiful Homes Painting Services in Pune

Namaste Pune! Planning to elevate your space with a fresh coat of paint? Well look no further, Asian Paints beautiful homes painting services provide the best and most hassle-free painting services in Pune at your fingertips. Our house painting services in Pune aim to make home painting a safe and great experience! With the right team of professionals (in Pune), and our house painting services in Pune, we take into consideration the safety of your family while re-imagining your home as a huge canvas. Our team of house painters in Pune will help you choose the right colours and products while ensuring your family's safety.


Interior Painting Tips For Your Home in Pune


  1. If your living room receives a lot of natural light, then choose colours that will utilize it efficiently. Go for neutral tones like white, ivory or beige as they tend to reflect the light which will make your space look bigger. 
  2. Neutral colours also make for clean backdrops in the bedroom because they allow you to add brighter accessories in terms of bedding, curtains, carpeting, and artwork. 
  3. A muted grey is a great pick for cosy bathrooms with black fittings that will give it that perfectly modern feel and look. 
  4. Choose satin and semi-gloss finishes in warmer tones for your kitchen. Satin finish walls are easy to clean, and the warm hues exude a welcoming vibe to this space in your house. 
  5. Pastels like peach or lavender for your kids’ room are the ideal choice as they stir up emotions like creativity and passion. 

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