Eco-Friendly Waterproofing: A Step Towards a Greener Future

What is eco friendly waterproofing?

The use of eco friendly waterproof materials and practices, as the name already makes evident, is to stop or prevent water from entering and weakening the structure. Sustainable techniques, which help to prevent water damage and limit environmental impact, are the critical component.

It utilizes materials and techniques that are both environmentally and human-safe. It offers extra benefits like improving inside air quality and reduced energy costs. Sustainable waterproof materials don't contribute to any kind of pollution. <br> 

Waterproofing is crucial to maintain your long-term safety and the structural integrity of your home. Still, eco-friendly waterproofing maintains the building's structural integrity for a longer duration with less environmental impact.

Eco friendly &  sustainable waterproofing membrane materials – Asian Paints

7 Environmental Benefits of Waterproofing

If you are considering the benefits of using eco friendly waterproofing methods over traditional waterproofing methods. Don’t worry, we have covered it all below for you:

Prevention of water damage

It assists in preventing water from entering the building and causing internal and external damage. It lowers the overall cost of repairs and replacements and the resource requirement.

Helps in energy saving

It stops moisture from getting inside the building, which significantly reduces the requirement for heating and cooling across the entire structure.

Reduces the growth of mold

Molds cannot flourish in the building since the moisture content has decreased. The indoor environment is improved as a result with interior waterproofing.

It helps in reducing water consumption

By fixing water leaks and other water damage, which eventually may result in higher water bills, it lowers water consumption.

Improvement in air quality

With the reduction in the growth of mold in the building, the air quality increase, which gives positive health impacts to the occupants. 

Enhance the lifecycle of structures

It increases the life cycle of the building by lowering the overall cost of repairs and replacements and resource requirements.

Minimize the impact on the environment

The usage of waterproof eco friendly materials and techniques can decimate the impact caused by waterproofing on the environment. It reduces pollution that is caused by traditional waterproofing techniques.


Eco friendly waterproofing materials – Asian Paints

Different methods of eco friendly waterproofing

There are many methods of eco friendly waterproofing. We have highlighted a few of the most popular ones below - 

Liquid applied membrane

It involves applying a sustainable waterproof membrane to the surface. They typically make them from sustainable waterproof materials such as rubber, acrylic, etc. We should apply the sustainable water membrane by using a paintbrush. They are one of the best eco friendly waterproof materials that are used.

Crystalline Waterproofing

When the waterproof method reacts with moisture, the crystals cover the structure's gaps and fissures. This is one of the best waterproofing techniques.

Green Roofs

Installing vegetation on top of a sustainable waterproof membrane aids in water absorption. In addition, it offers insulation and a refuge for wildlife.

Permeable Pavement

This method makes use of waterproof eco friendly materials like gravel and concrete. Water damage is avoided because the permeable material seeps through and is absorbed by the ground.

Bio-based Waterproofing

Using waterproofing products generated from resources that are non-toxic and bio-degradable, such as soybeans, castor oil, and linseed oil, is part of this waterproofing method. They are the best eco friendly waterproof materials and techniques compared to traditional waterproof materials and techniques

Furthermore, you must realize that each eco-friendly waterproofing technique has advantages and disadvantages. The best waterproofing service take time to identify. The ideal course of action would be to select the technique that best suits your requirements in light of the place and size.

Calling a professional to evaluate the damage and direct you toward the most effective course of action is preferable for waterproofing problems.

How can Asian Paints help you with waterproofing?

Asian Paints want to do more than just paint your house; they want to keep it strong in all kinds of weather. For all your waterproofing solutions, Asian Paints offer the best eco-friendly waterproofing products, that include Damp Proof and Damp Proof Ultra.

Our products, Damp Sheath Interior and Damp Sheath Exterior, are “GreenPro” certified by CCI (Confederation on Indian Industry). The professionals at Asian Paints will advise you on various products and services based on your needs and the market conditions in your city.


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