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Shades of Grey Colour by Asian Paints

Grey seems off-putting and dull at first sight. But grey shades for walls are not a boring choice, they can look colourful. Pick a cool or neutral wall paint, for example, as simple as white, and you have an inviting space to come stay in. It looks plain as vanilla as one would expect, but the simplicity of the colours melts and as a result – you have a room filled with natural sunlight that looks airy even on glum days. Grey house paint can be warm and cool, making it a contemporary choice for any room in the house.

Asian Paints catalogue of grey shades has a wide variety of grey shades to choose from, ranging from light to dark, warm to cool, and muted to vibrant. Some of the phenomenal grey colours by Asian Paints include Dark Pebble, Silver Escapade, Grey Matter, Silver Grey and Steel Grey. 

What are the popular types of grey colour paints for walls?

Grey wall paint is a safe choice for modern homes. It is often used for interiors or exteriors. Indeed, grey is a timeless colour. It can be used in any room, from living rooms to bedrooms, light and dark shades of grey give the space a wisp of elegance and sheer sophistication. Specifically, for exteriors, light grey shades can help create a modern look, whereas dark grey colours can add the necessary drama.  

1. Dark Pebble

Dark Pebble is a rich and sophisticated shade of grey. Its mysterious undertones of brown add depth and swaddle the room with its calming atmosphere. It's a great choice of colour for accents, doors, windows, trims, etc. The modernity and contemporary feel rendered by this colour are felt as one enters the room. Any room with this grey colour will look aesthetically appealing.   

2. Winter Moon

Winter Moon is a grey colour for walls with subtle blue and lavender undertones. It is a subtle yet stylish choice for any room. The muted blue undertones add a cool and calming feel, while the lavender undertones add a touch of sophistication. The grey colour combination of the two creates a beautiful hue in the room that revels in its warmth.  

3. Elegant Grey

Elegant Grey is one of the classics that exudes sophistication at its best. Depending on the undertones, types of grey colours can have a range of personalities. A warm grey with a green undertone is inviting and cosy, while a cool grey with blue or purple undertones evokes a feeling of calm and tranquillity. 

4. Fleecy Coat

Fleecy Coat is a light grey colour with subtle blue undertones. It has a soft and inviting feel, making it a great choice for a living room or bedroom. Its neutral hue pairs well with a range of contrasting and complementary shades, such as jewel tones, warm neutrals, and bright whites. Alternatively, it can also work as a subtle backdrop to allow vibrant artwork and furniture pieces to be the star of the show.

5. Silver Escapade

Silver Escapade is a mindful grey wall colour that has a cool undertone. It’s a soft and subtle shade that creates a calming atmosphere in any room. One would believe that adding grey colour or shade for walls would soften the mood and make the space dull. But this type of grey colour is a rite of passage that grows on you. This neutral colour pairs well with both light and dark elements of a room, making it a balanced choice for any interior design.

Which are the popular grey wall paint combinations?
- Grey and pink: The combination of grey walls, white trims, and unabashed pink accent pieces create a feel of modern luxury. 
- Grey and navy blue: A combination of grey walls, navy accents, and crisp white trims create a sublime beauty that keeps you on your toes.  
- Grey and green: Out of all the green shades, sage green colour is often paired with grey walls. It accentuates the calmness all along. 
- Grey and red: Grey walls with bold red accents leave an invigorating colour like red, lovable and likeable to many. Especially for bathrooms, living rooms or foyer area.
- Grey and yellow: Yellow is playful, and grey is the epitome of modernity. So, when grey wall paint and yellow are put next to each other, they give birth to an energizing atmosphere. You could choose dark shades of grey instead of a light grey shade.  

1. Grey and White

These two wall paints create a neutral-on-neutral colour palette. Both grey and white are less challenging colours to pick from. Grey walls create a modern, neutral look with a classic touch. They can be combined in various ways, such as having brown hardwood floors or using grey colour paint for house as the main colour with white wall as an accent. 

2. Grey and Pink

The type of grey colour picked here can be used as a neutral base, while the pink (pastel or bold) one provides a hint of colour to the room. This grey colour paint combination will work best on walls when you pair a light shade of grey with a bright/pastel shade of pink. This can mesmerise the balance that one seeks after a long day, making it a great choice for living rooms and bedrooms. 

3. Grey and Yellow

A grey and yellow colour combination for walls can be warm and inviting. Yellow is a cheerful and uplifting colour. When paired together, grey and yellow create a harmonious look. The combination of these two colours is modern. The grey shade will provide an elegant backdrop while the yellow adds a bright, energetic pop of colour. 

 4. Grey and Beige 

The so-called neutral pair is greige (a combination of grey and beige). Grey is a neutral colour which can accentuate other colours while providing a calming base. Beige is a warm, earthy hue adding depth and interest to the room. When paired together, grey and beige can make bare walls look all dressed up. This grey and beige colour combination is perfect for any room, from a living room to a bedroom. 

5. Grey and Navy Blue

Grey and navy blue colour combination is a classic which creates a timeless and sophisticated feel. Grey and navy blue work well together as the cool tones of the navy blue complement and contrast the warm tones of the grey. The navy blue can be used as an accent colour on the walls, while the grey can be used as the main colour. The navy blue can be used on the walls in the form of a feature wall, an ombre wall, or in a patterned wallpaper. The grey colour can then be used on the remaining walls to create a subtle but stylish look. 

Which Rooms Should Have Grey Walls?

1. Living Rooms: Grey walls are a great choice for living rooms as they evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. The neutral colour can go well with different colours of furniture and accents, making it easy to customize the room to your own personal style. 

2. Bedrooms: Grey walls are an ideal choice for bedrooms as the colour can be soothing and calming. The neutral hue can be paired with bright pops of colour for a vibrant atmosphere or soft pastels for a more relaxed feel. 

3. Home Offices: Grey walls are a good choice for home offices as they can help to create a productive atmosphere while still being stylish. A neutral hue or a dark grey wall paint pairs well with any type of furniture and accessories, making it easy to personalize their workspace. 

4. Dining Rooms: Grey walls can be a great choice for dining rooms as they can create a moody and sophisticated atmosphere. The neutral colour can be paired with bold colours or contrasting hues to create a unique look. 

What 3 colours go with Grey?

Grey colour with cool undertones like blue, green and light purple look great together. While warm grey colours complement reds, oranges, and yellows, effortlessly. For those who like to keep it monochromatic, incorporate different shades of grey, to create depth and visual interest. 

Is Grey paint good for walls?

Grey paint colour is a great choice for walls, as it can pair with a variety of elements. For example, tiles, furniture, rugs, fabrics and countertops. Grey wall paints pair well with other colours and can be used to create subtle shadows and highlights. Grey is also a good choice for a neutral backdrop that won't overpower the rest of your décor. 

What is the most relaxing shade of Grey?

Sensibility by Asian Paints. This colour looks like whipped-up cream with muted grey undertone. It evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation. It beams positive energy as one of its characteristics as a versatile colour. The muted undertone defines the colour as during the day it disappears and at night it cocoons into a saturated colour.  

What is one of the popular grey colour shades for wall?

The most popular shade of grey is a light-to-medium warm grey. This grey shade is often referred to as "greige", a calm yet playful combination of grey and beige. It is a versatile hue that works well with many different colours and styles. Even traditional homeowners would love to choose it for interiors and exteriors. 

Is grey a good colour for a house?

Grey colour house is a good choice. You can play with colours and textures here. It is important to include a couple of textures when playing with grey shades. For example, use grey textured wallpaper to cover the main wall of the house and use different layers of greys to create a monochromatic look. You could also play with different textures of tables, curtains, pillows, or wardrobes. 

Note: The Colour Shades displayed on this site are indicative and not precise representations of actual paint colours.