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Shades of Pink Colour by Asian Paints

If recent trends are any indicator of the power of pink colour, we suggest you try out the right shade of pink for your home. From light pink colour like Essence to a bold hint of pink, the colour has remained at the forefront of great design, and—from the looks of it—isn't fading anytime soon. Whether you’re craving a bold refresh with rich, vibrant pink colour or want to try something subtle like a pale pink, the versatility of the colour is undeniably vast, with ideas of every space and style.

We, at Asian Paints, offer all shades and different types of pink wall colour to match the vibe of your home. Find more about our different shades of pink wall colour on our colour catalogue. 

What are the popular types of pink colour paints for walls?

Pink Mist 

It is one of the pastel pink colours that is soft, warm, and tender and it looks great with any shade. It looks flattering, especially when applied to the ceiling of your room. 

Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream evokes an earthy and enveloping feeling. It is one of the saturated types of colour pink that is the perfect answer to any room in the need of personality and warmth. It transcends styles and easily pairs with a variety of colour schemes.

Fervent Fuchsia 

Fervent Fuchsia is one of our favourite hot pinks. We love this pink wall colour because it is bright and has black undertones and makes you want to sink in room after a long day.

Zinnia Pink 

If you love pink as much as we do, you run towards it—not away from it—and embrace this bright hue of pink. To make the colour standout in your house, pair it with strong abstract art, crisp black and white fabrics, or a funky rug. 

Delicate Pink 

For a dash of optimism and uniqueness, Delicate Pink is a versatile option. The warm undertone of this pink hue immediately brightens up a space. It’s perfect for an updated rustic kitchen, bringing freshness to matt honed tiles and rustic wood finishes.

Which are the popular pink wall paint combinations?
  • Pink and Blue

Blue looks the most balanced with pink wall paint hues. It is perfect for decorating nurseries, outdoors, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Similarly, if you prefer a pastel pink paint colour combination with dark pink hues, a teal and carnation pink bathroom can quickly become a household obsession.

  • Pink and Red

Albeit a delicate affair, if incorporated well, red with pink paint colour can produce very interesting results. Perfect for spacious living rooms and bedrooms, red and pink wall colour combinations have the same undertones, so offer a beautiful contrast that work well excellently.  

  • Pink and Lavender

Pink paint colours can easily be blended with lavender for bedroom walls. The use of soft pink tones in the area creates a relaxing atmosphere. To create a romantic vibe, choose a shade of pink as the base colour and add lavender as a pop colour with soft furniture.

  • Pink and Magenta

The combination of pink and magenta can add a creative touch to any room. Pink and magenta are popular colour combinations these days. In the bedroom, these two colours create a lively, modern vibe. To create cohesion across the room, pair your pink wall paint with accents of magenta.   

  • Pink and White

When it comes to a pink colour combination for the walls, there is no better colour than white. White walls make a room appear larger. It also acts as a great palette for adding splashes of colour in the décor. Pink, on the other hand, is one of the most balanced and gender-neutral shades.

Which Rooms Should Have Pink Walls?

Many designers and homeowners have embraced the playful and light pink shades with open arms and have started implementing the touch of pink walls in bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, nurseries, and more.

  • Nursery

All shades of pink are an obvious choice for a nursery. This classic hue makes nurseries look fresh and elevated. 

  • Living room 

A rich, slightly moody light pink shade is perfect for a main space like a living room, where you want to create a sophisticated environment. Pair the colour with a neutral couch, bold accent colours, and plenty of greenery to give the space a playful yet elevated look. 

  • Bathroom 

A soft, versatile shade of pink is fit for children and adult’s bathrooms. Pair the colour with edgy art and splashes of red to make this space look anything but sweet.

  • Dining room  

A soft pink shade can work in dining rooms and can feel quite refined with the right decor. Pair it with white crown moulding, a light oak dining table and chairs, and minimal décor to give a pink dining room an elegant, understated feel.

What 3 colours go with Pink?

There are so many colours that go with pink colour wall paint. In a muted form, it's a popular shade that works the similar way as a neutral. In a bright and vivid tone, it's strong, vibrant, and beautiful. Because all shades of pink are so versatile, it is seen paired with so many different colours in home interiors. Of the most popular ones are blues, greens, and browns. Pink is also one of the rare colours that go with grey too. Pink also works well with warm colours like red and orange that really pack a punch.

Is Pink paint good for walls?

Absolutely, pink hues are a great choice for the wall of any space - be it living room, bedroom, or kid’s room. As a colour that is inherently warm, pink colour home paint transforms every room into a relaxing space for visitors and owners alike. To maximise the cosy factor, choose muted, dusky pink hues with either warm or cool undertones of earthy brown. You can also try out the all-pink colour home paint for an added soothing effect. 

What is the most relaxing shade of Pink?

Colour psychology suggests that different colours can have an impact on our moods, feelings, and even behaviours. Pink home colour, for instance, is considered to be a calming colour associated with love, kindness, and femininity. Many people immediately associate pink home colour with all things feminine and girly. But, in reality, a soft and tranquil colour like pink can inspire a calming sense of peace and balance.

What is one of the popular pink colour shades for wall?

Morning Rays is one of the popular pink colour shades for wall. No other shade is quite like the Morning Rays colour. It is a powerful hue that evokes richness and warmth. Plus, an all-pink colour can uplift, calm, reassure, and spread enchanting grace throughout your house. 

Is Pink a good color for a house as per vastu?

If you’re looking for a colour that symbolises warmth, happiness, love, and relaxation, go for pink, not bright pink but a light or muted shade of pink. This colour is best in rooms facing south especially for bedrooms. It’s said that pink soothes everyone and even induces sleep. If there is a newly married couple, pink is said to help their blooming romance. If a couple is facing a lot of conflicts and problems, pink can even calm them and reduce irritability.

Note: The Colour Shades displayed on this site are indicative and not precise representations of actual paint colours.