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Shades of Brown Colour by Asian Paints

Brown colour seems to have an earthy tone for sure, but it is more than just a warm colour picked from the nature. The different shades of brown look elegant and functional on walls, fixtures and furnishings. Hence, brown wall colour paint, either light or dark, look good. The brown colour represents reassurance, security, and a small corner for hope. It has a grounding effect and reassures the core beliefs of an individual. Another interesting fact about brown colour – it has to be used sparingly. Interior designers recommend spilling tones of brown carefully around the space. This means – Brown wall paints (both dark and light) should not be used to paint large spaces of a room. You can always use brown colours which are a softer derivative of red.  


What are the popular types of brown colour paints for walls?

There are five common brown colour shades that are popular. The first shade is a warm, reddish-brown colour, also known as Nutmeg Sprinkle. It is captivating and pushes you to distant dimensions of the world. Probably, a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms. The second shade is Frosted Chocolate. This tone of brown colour is dark, mostly seen on the barks of trees. The colour is deep and nurtured, hence will suit the walls of a home office or a dining room. The third shade is Mud Brown, which is a lighter, earthy brown. It creates a calming and serene atmosphere that lasts longer. This shade is perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms, as it promotes relaxation. 

1. Nutmeg Sprinkle :

Starting with the first brown colour, which changes its hue from a peachy orange to softer brown. This light shade of brown draws inspiration from the earthy side of the brown. It has a tint of delicate red, mixing with hardcore brown. 

2. Ginger Root :

If you are looking for a light brown colour, this would be it. The colour sneaks up from the ground up and poses nature’s purity. It is quite light, as opposed to other brown colours, but not pale in its appearance. Whether used as an accent or as a primary colour, Ginger Root brown wall colour by Asian Paints is a great choice that brings comfort to any space.

3. Frosted Chocolate :
A gleaming drop of light falls on this shade of brown, the intensity of the brown shows up. This brown paint looks clean without cluttering the existing scheme of colours. It is a warm colour, which suits the energy of a living room on any given day. 

4. Botanica :

Botanica is a rich, earthy brown colour that is reminiscent of the fertile soil found in lush gardens. It's a warm, inviting shade that exudes a natural and organic feel, evoking images of sprawling forests and verdant landscapes. Overall, Botanica is a versatile brown colour by Asian Paints that is both grounding and soothing, making it a popular choice. 

5. Mud House :

Mud house wall colour is a warm, natural shade of brown that is reminiscent of the earth itself. It's a down-to-earth colour that evokes feelings of stability, security, and is often associated with rustic charm rekindled simplicity. This colour is often paired with other earthy tones like beige, green or terracotta.  

Which are the popular brown wall paint combinations?

1. Rustic red and brown colour combination wall paint

This rustic red and soft brown colour forms a melody when paired with wooden furniture. This creates a cocoon of layers and looks regal yet minimal before the eyes. Whether used in a living room, bedroom, or dining area, the rustic red and brown colour combination is timeless and a classic choice for those who want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in their homes. 

2. Cream and brown colour combination wall paint

When simple colours like cream and brown colour come together, they make for a contemporary colour combination. The space looks more open, airy and welcoming of its surroundings. With Asian Paints light brown colour, looks more refreshing instead of boring. This combination is perfect for those who want a modern charm to the space. 

3. Pink and brown colour combination wall paint

We're not talking about brown with Fushia Pink accents. Although this combination with brown looks appealing, a neutral/pastel pink with a light brown shade would look pretty. Neutral pink colour highlights on a brown base will make your living room much more exciting. Pastel Pink will liven up the space, making it look playful and whimsical at the same time. Living rooms or bedrooms could use a fresh coat of this colour combination. 

4. Teal and brown colour combination wall paint

Teal is a vibrant, striking colour with a well-balanced intensity. Though it is a cool colour, it can give a lot of vitality to a room. Teal goes well with many types of browns. Pair turquoise walls with softer brown furniture to create a lighter counterbalance. Light tones of brown and other colours with cold undertones work well together. Adding some cool white is also a wonderful idea: try clean white ceilings and wall trim! 

5. White and brown colour combination wall paint

You can comb a modern and sleek room with the help of white and brown colours. This combination suits many preferences and goes well with white ceilings and wooden furniture. If you are working with a smaller room, for example, a pooja room or study room, you can paint the walls white and have dark brown wooden floors accompanied by wooden accents. 


Which rooms should have brown walls?

Well, brown wall colour emerges from deep red to bright orange. Hence, there would be different shades of brown to choose from. Asian Paints brown shade card consists of all tones, light and creamy to dark and rich. One way to differentiate your walls is by using a brown texture wall paint. For example, a living room or a den can benefit from a rich and warm shade of brown, especially if paired with comfortable furniture and soft lighting. In a bedroom, a lighter shade of brown can create a calming and relaxing environment.  
Choose brown wall paints with cooler undertones for higher contrast or go with warmer browns for a warmer overall look. 

What 3 colours go with brown?

Grey, beige, cream and brick red look magical with different shades of brown. Irrespective of the look, you can choose a colour and a cool or warm tone of brown. If you are looking for a few more options from the range of Asian Paints, then choose brown with cobalt blue for a harmonious look. The combinations are endless with brown wall paints, but you should remember to have traces of brown and not an entire wall covered in brown colour. 

Is brown paint good for walls?

Brown is often recognised as a dull or boring colour, but recently brown is seen as a backdrop in many rooms. It cultivates a sense of warmth, which is required for all kinds of rooms. Try minimal or neutral shades of brown; they add contrast to the room. 

What is the most relaxing shade of brown?

Earthy brown gravitates towards humble beginnings and brings the room together. A small trace of brown colour – it could be a rug, furniture, curtains, or just an accent wall with brown trims. A tinge of brown flips adversity to serendipity. 

What is the most popular shade of brown?

Dark Almond is a popular shade of brown. It has the proper tinge of creaminess and a perfect amount of richness. Apparently, this darker shade of brown by Asian Paints suits both, dramatic as well as simple settings of households. It is quite intense, but does not overpower other elements of the room, hence a great choice for living rooms. 

Is brown a good colour for a house as per vastu?

As per vastu, light brown is a good choice. It suits the walls of bedrooms and kitchens. Both these rooms echo relaxation and growth of an individual, hence Asian Paints light brown colour looks good. Lighter tones work better as extreme dark brown tones would make the feel isolated and uninspiring.

Note: The Colour Shades displayed on this site are indicative and not precise representations of actual paint colours.