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Shades of Off-White Colour by Asian Paints

Off-white colour signifies peace and calm without overpowering the senses. This colour suits both the interior and exterior walls. Unlike stark white, off-white hues have a softer and more welcoming personality that helps to set the tone for a cosy and comfortable home. This is the reason why this timeless hue is the go-to colour from many. 

Discover the many shades of off-white paint colours and learn how to make them work for your space. Asian Paints off-white colours are infused with unique undertones that make them stand out from traditional off-white colours.


What are the popular types of off-white colour paints for walls?

One of the most popular off-white colours is Zen, a creamy and soft hue that pairs well with both warm and cool colour schemes. Another favourite is Cream, an inviting shade that exudes sophistication while mimicking contemporary characteristics. If you're looking for a more subdued and subtle off-white colour, consider using Silence. This off-white colour has a slight yellow undertone. Whichever off-white wall colour you choose, be sure to pair it with complementary accents to create a cohesive and stylish look. It is best to work with cool undertones as warm undertones may be difficult to deal with.

1. Zen : Zen is an off-white colour that exudes a sense of calmness. This colour is also known for its calming effect on the mind and body. When it comes to choosing the right off-white paint for your walls, it's essential to consider the undertones. Some off-white shades have warmer tones, while others have cooler tones. Pair Zen with brown or orange accent or furniture to create a balanced look. 

2. Cream : This wall paint colour has a similar resemblance to beige. It is often seen as a combination of beige and white, is a lighter and softer shade which is perfect for walls, furniture, and décor. It is safe to say that Cream can be a good choice without sampling other off-white shades. It's a versatile colour that works well with a variety of other colours, making it ideal for any space. Cream looks good with Nickel Grey as it adds earthy hue to the room. 

3. Soft Glow : This colour stands loud even though it looks pale. This wall paint is one of the off-white shades that is ideal for all rooms. Be it kitchen, bedroom, pooja room or home office, this off-white shade has quite the charm of pairing with both cool and warm colours. Both traditional and modern homes can choose to paint this off-white shade and add layers of other off-white colours. 

4. Absolute White : A wall that enthrals your senses and evokes emotions – that is the power of Absolute White. It is a common yet refreshing off-white colour which allows other elements of the room to speak. This off-white colour for wall will look good with a side of potted plants and pastel colours accompanying the less stark version of off-white colour.

5. Soft Chenille : An off-white wall paint that transcends into a warm peachy colour – that is Soft Chenille. The undertone of this off-white interior paint ought to be a favourite as it easily pairs with other cooler or warmer shades. Off-white colour paint is a great choice for walls and false ceilings. It has a light, airy feel, and is perfect for creating a modern and sleek look. A complete look – without cluttering the elements of a room.

Which are the popular off-White wall paint combinations?

Just like white, one could assume that any off-white colour on wall can be used in any room. But only a few colours great after putting next to off-white paint colours.  
Here’s a list of colours recommended by Asian Paints which for sure can be a guide for popular wall paint combination with off-white shades. 

1. Brown and off-white colour : Cream and brown is a colour combination that’s made in heaven. Some prefer their walls to be both brown and cream, while others paint their walls cream and choose brown furniture and other décor accents. In any case, this is a pleasing combination to try. For a more enhanced look, combine a lighter shade of cream with darker shade of brown.

2. Grey and off-white colour :  Grey and cream complement each other just as well as white and cream. If you insist on using neutral colours in your living space, you can use subtle differences by combining grey and off-white wall paint. As grey is a warm colour, use bright off-white shades. This colour combination adds a tint to the room and makes it more welcoming. 

3. White and off-white colour : These colours evoke a sense of calm, which makes them a popular choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Off-white shades for walls can create a perfect space for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. Pairing off-white with white wall paint can give a room a clean and sophisticated look. All colours need to be checked in natural and artificial lighting, but white, specifically needs more attention.

4. Pastel blue and off-white colour :  The combination of off-white colour and pastel blue makes the place look restful together. It reminds of the cream-coloured beach with stunning blue waves crashing on the shore. It is a beautiful sight for the eyes; hence a living room or get-together area can use this colour combination. If the tone of the room is restful with a tinge of playfulness, then pastel blue and off-white colour combination is the one you should go for.  

5. Dusty rose and off-white colour : When you see stark white and dusty rose in a room, it ought to feel like a bold scheme of colours. Hence, it would be good to balance dusty rose with an off-white colour for wall. Here, off-white will create a depth and bring the room’s warmth together. One should also bear in mind that when two wall colours do not fit, they look cluttered, which is not ideal. 


Which rooms should have off white walls?

Off-white colours can be incorporated into any room of your home, regardless of the style or theme. In living rooms, off-white walls can create a calm and sophisticated backdrop for furniture and decor. In bathrooms, off-white tiles or paint can create a spa-like atmosphere. In bedrooms, off-white bedding and curtains can create a peaceful and relaxing environment. In kitchens, off-white cabinets and backsplash can create a clean and modern look. Be it any room or space, off-white brings clarity and comfort at the most and when the sun shines on it, there is magic for you to witness.

Which colour is off-white colour?

Off-white is a generic term used to describe colours that differentiate themselves from white. It is looks like a pale hue of yellow, grey or blue. There are a few names of off-white paints that make it easier to choose or map a colour. These names are ivory, cream, eggshell, etc.  

Is off-white paint good for walls?

Yes. If simplicity and all things alike are your favourite, then off-white colour paint is the one. It is mesmerising to the eyes of soul when paired with pastels, or ivory. It can make a great companion to navy blue or maroon too. Off-whites paired with blues can create a nautical palette.

What is the most relaxing shade of off-white?

Twilight Sky is the most relaxing shade amongst the other off-white shades. The colour walks with you and makes its presence felt. It changes the way an off-white colour is usually perceived, and the therapeutic effect is more felt than seen. This off-white paint colour promotes relaxation, so choose Twilight Sky and see the magical shade unveil itself. 

Is off-white a warm colour?

Off-white shades have both warm and cool undertones. If the colour has green or blue undertone, then it is a cool colour. Warm off-white wall paints have yellow or grey undertone, this helps it create a welcoming and unique to every room. 

How do you pick off-white paint?

Firstly, consider the undertones of the off-white paint and how they will complement your existing décor. Secondly, test the colour in the room you plan to use it in, as lighting can affect how the colour looks. Thirdly, consider the finish of the paint and how it will affect the overall look and feel of the room. Lastly, seek expert advice from Asian Paints. Safe Painting Service provides end-to-end services of wall painting, interior design and many more. 

Note: The Colour Shades displayed on this site are indicative and not precise representations of actual paint colours.