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Shades of Purple Colour by Asian Paints

No colour commands a room quite like all shades of purple. Whether it’s a dreamy lavender or a striking lacquered plum, the bold, gutsy colour makes a daring statement that is not for the weak-hearted.

The beauty of the colour lies in its versatility—you can easily find many purple tones that suit your home. Finding the right shades of purple colour can be tricky, but our several types of purple colours will save your day. 

From Muted Scarlet to Mulled Berry purple tones, Asian Paints has all shades of purple to match the personality of your room. 

What are the popular types of purple colour paints for walls?
  • Muted Scarlet 

It is one of the popular shades of light purple. When it comes to painting the walls of your home, try this light purple colour shade for wall instead of opting for neutral or off-white shades.

  • True Violet 

Although the name might suggest a darker and deeper purple wall paint colour, this shade is bright and playful. For us, this hue is one of the defining shades of the light purple spectrum.

  • Onion Peel

The beautiful purple colour shade for wall called Onion Peel is warm and inviting. If you want a purple hue that is a little bolder and darker than lavender, perhaps you should consider this shade of purple from Asian Paints.

  • Blue Plum

Although the name leaves something to be desired, Blue Plum is a beautiful and warm purple colour wall paint. If you like deeper tones, you are likely to enjoy this darker and bolder purple colour home paint. This purple is the perfect purple colour paint for wall.

  • Mulled Berry

This lovely airy purple hue is one of the shades of light purple. If you are looking for a colour to create a calming effect, you need not look any further than this Mulled Berry shade. 

Which are the popular purple wall paint combinations?
  • If you're looking to revamp the aesthetics of your living spaces and have a fondness for the captivating allure of the colour purple, you're in for a treat! Because the enchanting shades of purple meet other colours to create stunning and mesmerizing interiors. From serene and refreshing atmospheres to bold and stylish statements, these colour combinations with purple are sure to elevate the ambience of your home.

Purple with Green Combination

Purple colour home paint is one of the coolest colours that blends with green. Use this combination in brilliant, vivacious insides or mellow things with lighter forms to make a room look serene and refreshing. For instance, you can use a lighter tone of green for the bedroom or living room walls and choose purple accents and curtains. 

Purple with Red Combination

If you’re looking to turn heads with your home’s decor, you cannot overlook using red and purple together. When it feels like everything has been done before in your house, this colour combination comes to your rescue. 

  • Purple with Pink Combination

Purple combined with pink can be fashionable and feminine, especially if darker colours are used in the palette to add some contrast.

  • Purple with White Combination

If you choose to have a white and purple combination colour, choose the furniture in the room to be in a white tone to create a sense of comfort that looks inviting.  

  • Purple with Black Combination

A black and purple combination colour is sure to look appealing. Splashes of purple complement black beautifully. 


Which Rooms Should Have Purple Walls?

The three most popular rooms where purple colour walls would look great are bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms – all of which require some extra colour!


A purple colour wall in the bathroom is becoming increasingly popular. Purple shades can provide a calm, soothing, and striking design in the bathroom. By incorporating different shades of purple colour in your bathroom, you can add a dash of soothing romance and elegance to your interior home design.


The different shades of purple make beautiful accent colours for any space decorated in floral prints and in silvers, taupes, and neutral shades. 

Living rooms 

For cosy, relaxing spaces, such as living rooms, use purple shades with warm undertones that will create a sense of calm. Alternatively, try using those purple colour paint for walls like delicate lilacs or pastel grey purples for relaxing bedrooms and country bathroom ideas.

What 3 colours go with Purple?

When it comes to creating an alluring ambience with purple wall paint, the choice of complementary colours can make all the difference. However, the ideal purple colour combinations often depend on the specific pigment and shade of purple you have in mind. To achieve a truly harmonious finish, consider the undertones within the purple shade and opt for complementary hues that complement its unique character.

Soft Lavender Delight: If you have a light, pastel purple on your walls, it pairs exquisitely with gentle neutrals like soft lavender. This combination creates a serene and calming atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms or relaxation spaces. The blend of purple and soft lavender undertones infuses the room with a touch of sophistication and tranquillity.

Enchanting Mauve Magic: For a richer, deeper purple shade, like a majestic mauve, consider combining it with a touch of muted greens or dusky blues. This combination adds depth and complexity to the room, striking a fine balance between sophistication and cosiness.

Bold Plum Power: When dealing with a bold and vibrant purple on your walls, such as a regal plum tone, dare to pair it with sunny yellows or fiery oranges. This daring combination injects energy and vivacity into the space, creating a captivating and lively atmosphere that truly stands out.

Is Purple paint good for walls?

Purple wall paint colour is incredibly versatile, offering a wide spectrum from deep auberges to soft lilacs, making it a perfect choice for interior design. If you crave drama and a wow factor, consider using various types of purple colours like ultra-violet and royal purple. These playful and head-turning purple shades can transform entertaining spaces like dining rooms, add an element of surprise to entryways, and spark fun and colourful bedroom ideas. With purple colour combinations, the possibilities are endless, and your home can exude a captivating and enchanting charm.

What is the most relaxing shade of Purple?

Violet. Yes, that’s right. Violet has a blue base, so it makes sense that this colour can be considered quite calming. A soft shade of violet or lilac colour can also bring balance and inner peace. When choosing different types of purple colour, look for something soft without black undertones in it.

What is the most popular shade of Purple?

Lavender colour has long been a beloved trend in the world of interiors and for good reason. Its essence of purity and grace brings about a sense of calmness, liveliness, and royalty to home interiors. The cheerful allure of this hue opens up a world of purple colour combinations, particularly with greys, whites, and blacks. Whether you have a cosy bedroom or a grand one, incorporating lavender colour can infuse your space with a feeling of luxury, cosiness, and tranquillity. Embrace the versatility of lavender and create a truly captivating and harmonious atmosphere in your boudoir.

Is Purple a luxurious colour?

Yes, indeed. Centuries ago, the quest for purple dye was a challenging one, as textiles could only be coloured using natural dyes. The first purple shades required a laborious process, involving crushing the shells of a particular sea snail species, extracting its purple mucus, and exposing it to the sun for a specific duration. This rarity and complexity made the colour so scarce and costly that adorning it became a symbol of luxury, status, and wealth. Purple colour combinations became synonymous with exclusivity and affluence, leaving a lasting mark on the world of fashion and design. Today, while we have easier access to purple hues, their historical significance continues to add a touch of regal elegance to any space or outfit.

Note: The Colour Shades displayed on this site are indicative and not precise representations of actual paint colours.