10 Attractive Colour Combinations for Bungalows

If you are looking for ways to create a unique and beautiful look for your bungalow, consider adding the right bungalow colours. The right combination of bungalow exterior colours can make your house feel more inviting, stylish, and homey. Here are 10 interesting bungalow colour combinations that will add a touch of elegance to your space.

1. White & Gray 

White and grey are timeless colour choices for bungalow paint colours that work in many different spaces. This is an easy-to-maintain colour combination for a bungalow that can be used in almost any room. Grey looks great with white walls, furniture, and accessories and adds an element of sophistication to the room’s design.

Beige and brown bungalow colour combination - Asian Paints

2. Beige & Brown

Beige and brown are one of the most popular bungalow colour combinations for traditional homes such as bungalows. It creates a warm atmosphere while still being neutral enough to accommodate any décor style or furniture piece you choose to bring into the home.

Blue and white bungalow colour combination - Asian Paints

3. Blue & White

Blue and white is another classic colour combination for a bungalow that works well with bungalows. Blue is known for its calming properties and can help make your house feel like a tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Mix blue accents with white walls or furniture pieces for a serene bungalow colour scheme in any room of your home.

Yellow and grey bungalow colours - Asian Paints

4. Yellow & Gray

Yellow and grey are one of the modern yet timeless wall colour combinations that work well in contemporary spaces such as bungalows. The bright yellow hue adds warmth while the grey tones down the brightness, so it isn’t overwhelming in the space. You can use this colour combination for a bungalow throughout your entire home or just as an accent wall or piece of furniture.

Green and brown bungalow colours - Asian Paints

5. Red & Orange

If you want something bolder than yellow but still want to keep things bright, try combining red and orange together! This vibrant bungalow colour scheme will instantly make any room feel alive with energy without being too overwhelming or bold for everyday living spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms.

6. Green & Brown

For a more rustic feel with modern bungalow exterior paint colours, you can opt for green and brown together in your bungalow! This earthy scheme of colour for the bungalow will add a touch of nature into any space while still keeping things cosy with the warm brown hues throughout the room’s design scheme!  

Black and white bungalow colour combination colours - Asian Paints

7. Black & White

Create maximum impact with modern bungalow exterior paint colours by combining black and white together! Whether you go all out with black walls or just stick with black accents paired with white walls, this high-contrast colour combination for a bungalow will be eye-catching.

Pink and gold interiors of a bungalow - Asian Paints

8. Pink & Gold

For something softer yet still sophisticated, try combining pink hues with gold accents throughout your home’s interior design scheme! The addition of gold brings glamour into the bungalow colour while still staying feminine thanks to the pink palette choice.


9. Red & Yellow

Red and yellow bungalow paint colours might not seem like they would go together at first glance but when paired properly they create an incredibly unique look that’s sure to draw attention to whichever room it’s featured in.

10. Purple & Green

Last but not least, the bungalow colour of purple paired with green creates an elegant yet playful vibe perfect for any family-friendly space within your home such as children's bedrooms or playrooms.

With these 10 interesting bungalow colour combinations, there's no limit on what kind of unique atmosphere you can create within your own home! From earthy tones to bright pops of colour, there's something here that fits every taste preference imaginable. So don't hesitate and get creative today by introducing some new bungalow colours into your interior design scheme today!


1. Which colour is best for a bungalow?

Common bungalow exterior colours include shades of whites and beiges, blues and greens, warm creams, and yellows. White or off-white can help create a timeless yet classic colour for a bungalow that gives a sense of cleanness without being overpowering. Shades of beige provide warmth while still providing a neutral look which allows you to combine other colours with ease. Blues are popular in urban styles like loft interiors while forest greens work well in warmer rustic settings such as log cabins or stone houses.

Creams give an elegant old-world feel while yellows convey cheerfulness and optimism. For an additional best colour combination for a bungalow, consider using accent colours such as burnt orange, ember reds, or dark browns against a neutral background to bring out unique contrasts between materials used in the interior design process such as wood trim or furniture pieces. These accents can also draw attention to architectural features throughout your home if desired. Overall, when selecting the best colour combination for a bungalow remember that each person has their style so make sure you incorporate elements that represent who you are into your space.

2. Which colour is best for an outside Indian house?

The best option is to select a hue that complements the surrounding environment. Since India’s climate is mostly warm and humid, lighter shades work well outdoors as they help reflect sunlight and keep your home cool. Popular colours used in India include beige, cream, grey and white. For a more vibrant look, you can also opt for bright pinks or greens that are often seen in traditional Indian architecture.

Other than these lighter shades of colours, there are some darker options like blues or browns which work great when coupled with contrastive whites or off-white hues like creamy whites with hints of orange that help break up the monotony and add visual interest. Furthermore, terracotta tiles have become very popular in recent times due to their increased availability in various materials like clay and metal along with different shapes as well as sizes – all of which help create distinctive yet durable solutions!

3. How do I choose an exterior colour combination?

First, consider the architecture of your home. Is it traditional? A Tudor-style house will look best with muted earth tones, while modern homes may look better with brighter colours or different bungalow exterior paint colours. Also, consider any architectural features such as shutters or trim for which you'll want to use complementary colours. Second, think about how much time you are willing to dedicate to repainting, do you want something that won't need maintenance every year?

The type of paint finish used will have an impact on this; flat paints often require touch-ups more frequently than satin finishes. Finally, don't forget about curb appeal! It is important to choose exterior paints that create balance and flow in both the interior and exterior spaces of your home so try some samples before committing to a colour painter and see how they look under natural light conditions at different times of day, not just when standing right outside the front door!

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