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How to Furnish a Small Bedroom


A thoughtfully designed bedroom can become your personal have of solitude and a refuge from the world outside. We give you a broad framework for how to furnish your private space.

It’s a space within your home that is marked as your very own—where strangers cannot venture without express permission, where frayed nerves are soothed by a calming vibe, where you can find complete rest. Your house may be a showcase of how you live, but your bedroom decor is a personal statement about who you are.

Interior Design for Small Bedroom - Asian Paints
Driven by familiarity, comfort takes the driver’s seat in this small yet sufficient bedroom.

It is the one place in your house where you can simply be yourself. And a thoughtfully designed one can be a source of familiarity, indulgence and comfort. An ideal bedroom interior design is one that expresses your personality, is layered with comfort and soothes the senses. So, what would you need to achieve that perfect combination of factors when it comes to the interior decoration of your bedroom? Look no further to get inspired by some small bedroom design ideas!



Simplicity is key and easily accomplished if you keep the 4Cs in mind—clean, compact, cosy and comfortable. These are markers of a good bedroom interior design. As is the clever arrangement of bedroom furniture, including where that bed should go. Ideally, in the centre of the main wall rather than pushed on one side against an adjacent wall, so you have enough space to move comfortably around it. Other bedroom furniture, including the bedside table, cupboards, dressing table and bookshelves, should be ranged around the room in a way that keeps the space uncluttered and clean. 

Interior Design for Cozy Bedroom - Asian Paints
Clean, Compact, Cosy and Comfortable- this room is all things beauty in simplicity!

Good space-saving alternatives are collapsible beds that can be pulled open when needed and serve as seating arrangement at other times. This works best in children’s bedrooms or small studio apartments. It is also a good idea to invest in multifunctional bedroom furniture if space-saving is on your mind—a nightstand with a drawer instead of a dresser, or a mirrored wardrobe door instead of a full-length dressing table mirror. 




While choosing bedroom furniture design, aim for harmony among the pieces. For instance, try to get bedroom furniture with the same material and of the same colour or in a similar family of shades.

This bedroom décor idea is a good way to avoid a clash of colours or a discordant sense that could make your bedroom feel less tranquil. Cohesion is key in getting harmony and uniformity in your bedroom.

Bedroom Decor Idea - Asian Paints
Showcasing uniformity and cohesion, this family of blue brings a beautiful sense of quietude.



While a bedroom interior design would be best served by a colour scheme that plays into the idea of a peaceful, soothing haven, it should not stop you from getting creative. If you’re inclined towards bright hues, then bring them in as accents that complement your lighter-coloured wall painting design for bedroom.

Small Bedroom Interior Design - Asian Paints
An outlet for creativity, contrasting upholstery and complimenting shades furnish this bedroom tastefully.

Furnish the space with curtains, pillows, rugs and upholstery in contrasting or complementary shades. You can even go dark if that’s more your speed—charcoal grey, olive green or navy blue make for a remarkable colour scheme when used sparingly and cleverly.



Light, and plenty of it, is a must if you want to make your bedroom seem large and inviting. Use the opportunity to install lights that look sculptural, such as decorative overhead chandeliers or pendant lights. Be sure to add in bedside lamps, floor lamps (if you have the space) and reading lamps too.

Fairy lights are great if you want a dreamy vibe to your space. The key to having effective lighting while doing interior home decoration is to create lights for different moods. While artificial lighting is important, do make sure that the space receives enough daylight as well.

Home Decoration Ideas - Asian Paints
Ideal for reading, this staple bedside lamp helps you wind down after a hard day at work.



As bedroom design ideas go, this one’s all-important and easier to achieve than you imagined. You can hang the curtain as close to the ceiling as possible; it extends the line of sight right up to the ceiling, giving a sense of space.

Modern Bedroom Designs - Asian Paints
This strategically placed mirror is a timeless trick to give the illusion of a grand bedroom.

Another trick is to match the fabric to the wall paint used. The seamlessness thus created makes the room feel bigger. Strategically placed mirrors and shiny surfaces are, of course, age-old room décor hacks—they bounce off the light and visually widen up the place. Follow these tips and your compact nest can seem like a spacious oasis!



Another home décor idea that is a popular favourite is plants, naturally, which add a sense of vitality and freshness.

In fact, potted plants in different shapes and sizes also work some aesthetic into the space. Opt for plants like peace lily, golden pothos or a snake plant—they are good-looking and meant to be air purifiers too.

Interior Design Small Bedroom Idea - Asian Paints
Good for the soul and the environment, this potted plant brings vivacity to the space.



Combine all of that with colourful accents like bedroom wallpapers, artworks and photographs. Rugs in warm, bright colours will lend a cosy vibe to the room. You can always shop for items for home décor online and add statement pieces too if you’re so inclined. It’s a good idea to create a corner with photographs of your loved ones, quirky posters or inspiring quotes. They add a personal touch and reflect your taste, making the space your own.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Asian Paints
A pop art statement piece to humour this bedroom with a reflection of your quirks and character.

However, even as you do all this, remember that a great bedroom design idea is wasted amidst clutter. Therefore, design your small bedroom to keep it clutter-free. Your idea of a perfect bedroom may be a cosy cocoon, a romantic love nest, or an island of solitude—it is all achievable with the right colour, texture, furniture—and a hefty dose of creativity.


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