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Wallpaper Designs For Living room  

We unwind in our living room, host parties, and feel at home there. A fantastic approach to personalise this space is using wallpaper for your living room as they are capable of fostering a special environment of well-being. 

Want to change up your living room or give it an extra boost? Wallpapers are your solution. It can add a lot of character and style to the room and there are countless patterns to choose from that can fit your personal taste. Consider an accent wall with wallpaper, which can be an easy way to add a contrasting and colourful touch to your home decor, and it also can be a lot more efficient than painting it in terms of time and effort.

Latest Wallpaper Ideas for Living room

1. Modern Living room Wallpaper Designs

Modern lounge wallpapers have strong colours used in dramatic combinations, amazing effects, and optical illusions. Modern living rooms are all about leading an authentic, straightforward life. But your home should unquestionably also reflect your personality, whether you're a full-on maximalist who enjoys clashing patterns and colours or a proponent of a modernist movement who favours a minimalist style. 

2. Classy Living room Wallpaper Designs

Classic wallpaper patterns are both timeless and modern. Baroque motifs, with their combination of various-sized ornaments can create sophisticated, flamboyant, whimsical, or hip styles. Art Deco wallpaper is striking with graphic elements, metallic sheen effects, and modern colour combinations. Likewise, Art Nouveau wallpapers with expertly arranged ornaments can give your living room an extravagant and sophisticated look.

3. 3D Living room Wallpaper for Walls

As individuals look for innovative ways to provide depth to their little rooms, 3D wallpaper décor appears to be growing in popularity. Everything appears passionate and alive in the third dimension, which allows for dreaming and magical delusions. Glitter and shine create a vivid or holographic appearance. The depth of impression produced by 3D patterns is astounding and beyond description and on the wallpaper, specialised metal foils produce this opulent effect. After all, who doesn't want their space to appear larger?

4. Luxury Living room Wallpaper Design

Luxury wallpapers possess certain features that are often associated with glamour and opulence, such as glitter, raised textures, elegance, and sensual appeal. These attributes can be recognised in certain wallpaper patterns, which can symbolise splendour, beauty, and extravagance. Popular luxury wallpaper pattern genres include Baroque, Art Deco, Modern, Geometry, 3D, and Jungle. Having said that, luxury is as diverse as life itself and is not always associated with a particular era or fashion. Modern wallpaper patterns might be abstract, geometric, floral, or drawn from old-world design components.

What are the wallpaper factors to make your living room appear spacious?

● Use light colours: They can make a room look brighter and more spacious. Pick shades of light blue, green, yellow, and pink to make your living room look spacious and airy.

● Add mirrors: Placing a large mirror in the living room can give the illusion of a larger space. 

● Opt for vertical patterns: Vertical patterns, such as stripes, can give the impression of a taller and more spacious room.

1. Wallpaper Patterns for your Living Room: For small rooms, delicate, evenly spaced, vertical wallpaper patterns work well when applied to all walls. Suitable designs include lines, dots, florals, or botanical elements. If you prefer a bolder or darker pattern, consider using it on a feature wall without windows or doors, while keeping the remaining walls in light, neutral colours.

2. Wallpaper Colours: A room feels larger when the wallpaper is light, neutral, and pastel. This effect can be seen in light blue, cool turquoise, green, violet, beige, grey, light wood tones, and marble white. Silver and white gold also elongate the space. Long, narrow rooms should have light-coloured long walls and dark-coloured short walls.

3. Shimmer And Shine, Metallic Effects Wallpaper: Wallpapers with shimmering, metallic, or reflective details can make a small room appear larger. For example, a metal effect wallpaper can create a sense of depth in a small room. This type of decor can be applied to all walls or used as a feature wall, or even applied to the ceiling for a unique design concept.

What is the best suited wallpaper for the living room?

● Bright colours or bold patterns should be used sparingly in the lounge as it should primarily serve as a relaxing space.

● Using a patterned wallpaper on one feature wall can effectively emphasise a specific style

● Choosing the right colours, materials, and wallpaper textures can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

● Wallpapers with wood-like designs, bamboo or cork finishes, and textile finishes can add a sense of comfort and well-being to the lounge.

Why choose Asian Paints for your living room wallpaper designs & installation?

● Asian Paints signature stores hold the ultimate repository of wallpapers for your home.

● Our colour consultants will walk you through the entire range and also help you find the right applicators.

● The wallpapers are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they remain looking great for a long time.

● We offer professional installation services by trained contractors, ensuring you get the best results with your living room wallpaper. 

What kind of wallpaper is best for living room?

When it comes to choosing the best wallpaper colours in lounges or living rooms, the options are virtually limitless, with the exception of overly bright or stimulating colours, such as neon. Popular choices include white, beige, grey, blue, and green. Dark, subdued shades of red or brown and black can also create a striking look.

How do I choose the right wallpaper for my living room?

Note the temperature and natural lighting in the space. It is safer to utilise a wide variety of hues, from light to dark, when there is a lot of ambient window light. The darker materials will feel far less intimidating in an environment with lots of natural light. Look at the hues and shades of the rugs, floors, light fixtures, and furniture. Consider the purpose of the space where the wallpaper will be installed as well. While it's not always necessary, it can give the overall look and feel of the room an added dimension.

Should I wallpaper all walls in Living room?

It depends on the style and wallpaper patterns, as well as the existing décor and furniture in your living room. A bold patterned wallpaper may overwhelm the room if used on all walls but could work as an accent wall if it complements the existing prints and colours. If your living room is already cluttered, it's better to avoid creating a feature wall, as it needs enough space to be a focal point.

What are the criteria for choosing the right wallpaper for the living room?

Consider the colour scheme: Choose a wallpaper that will complement the existing colour scheme in the living room.

Consider the room size: Choose a wallpaper that will make the room appear larger or smaller, depending on the size of the room.

Consider the amount of natural light: Choose a wallpaper that will reflect the natural light in the room.

Consider the texture: Choose a wallpaper that will give the room texture and depth.

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