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Wall Colour Designs that turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

posted on 14.04.2016

From basic to bewitching – a guide to redoing your bedroom interior designs

The living room or dining area are the rooms in which we entertain the world. Most people put a lot of thought into these spaces and that is natural, because everyone wants to make a good impression on visitors. But your bedroom is the place you retreat to, the place you go to relax and be yourself. It’s important that this is a peaceful haven where your senses are soothed and your mind put at ease.

Here are some interior design ideas to turn this room into an inviting and serene zone:

  • Where is your bed? Move it into an optimum location for ventilation, light, and movement. It doesn’t always have to be against one wall, especially if you have a large room.
  • Rethink the bedroom walls. The wall behind your bed can be decorated in many ways. Hang an ornate mirror there to make your room look spacious. Use wallpaper or decals to make the wall pop, or put up a collection of framed photographs.Use bedroom wall colours combinations that set the mood for the entire room and is perfect for you.
  • Do you have a headboard? A headboard adds an element of luxury to a bedroom interior design, which is why most hotels have them. Whether you buy it or DIY it, you’ll be changing the room completely with a headboard.

  • Integrate plants or flowers into your décor. It’s a well-documented fact that having greenery in your home relaxes you and offers many health benefits as well. There are some plants that are known to purify air at night. It can’t hurt to have one of those in your room while you sleep.
  • Use a bedcover. Choose an appealing pattern, in a fabric that complements or contrasts with the rest of your décor, and your bedroom will always look organized and neat.
  • Provide options for lighting. While all bedrooms need ceiling lights for when you’re tidying up or getting ready to go out, you should also have options to use smaller lights for more relaxed times. Use a lamp on your bedside table or on your dresser for softer lighting.
  • Find unusual ways to hang lights. Placing a reading lamp on your bedside table is not the only way to introduce dim lighting to your room. Hang string lights on ladders or along a curtain rod for a deflected glow that warms a room and makes it look festive, year-round. You can also buy retro filament bulbs or vintage lampshades for more thematic lights.

  • Choose the right furniture. You won’t be able to relax if you can see a pile of dirty laundry waiting to be washed, or a stack of magazines gathering dust beside your bed. Invest in small, functional items that will help organize your bedroom: a laundry basket, a clothes rack, a magazine holder, etc. Clever storage is always important in a bedroom.
  • Add the finishing touches. An aromatic candle with a relaxing scent, a bottle of water beside your bed, a small tube or jar of hand cream or lip-balm beside your favourite book – all these thoughtful touches make your room even more comfortable.

And now that you’ve turned your bedroom into your own personal heaven, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to go to bed earlier, just to spend time there.

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